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Harrison Ford unsure about Star Wars return.


During an appearance on UK television's Graham Norton Show, Harrison Ford suggested that he hasn't quite decided whether he wants to return to the role of Han Solo after a 30 year break.

Although Ford says he is keep to do more Indiana Jones, he seems less keen to reprise the role of smuggler, scoundrel, and hero of the Rebellion Han Solo.

Ford's apparent dislike of the character has been evident since Return of the Jedi's release in 1983 when he stated that he thought Han Solo should have been killed off. In an interview in 2010 he repeated this view, saying that Solo was "not so interesting to me".

It has still not been officially confirmed whether any of the big three; Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, or Harrison Ford will return for Star Wars Episode VII, and we wonder whether a 70-year old Solo would be as quick with a blaster as he was in the classic trilogy. But one thing is for certain, his absence from the sequel trilogy would be disappointing to Star Wars fans.

Harrison Ford is currently promoting his latest movie, the big screen adaptation of Ender's Game, and has also recently taken on a role in the next installment of the Expendables.

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