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We all like freedom of speech, but please refrain from posting any racist, homophobic, sexist, or otherwise discriminatory, abusive, or threatening comments directed towards individuals or groups of members, or any material which may constitute an invasion of a person's privacy.

Harassment and/or bullying of other members (including staff) will not be tolerated.

We really would rather you didn't swear. If you feel you must you can; but if everybody hates you for it then it is your own fault. Please do not attempt to circumvent the word filter that is in place for a select few undesirable words.

Much like the old lady in the famous Monty Python sketch - we don't like spam: Please make sure your topic or post is relevant to the subject at hand.

If you have to bump an old thread, make sure you are bringing something new to the topic.

Try to avoid single-word posts or posts containing only emoticons as these may in some circumstances be considered as spam.


User Accounts

Your user account is your own; please only use one account and do not share your password with someone else or otherwise let someone else use it.

Your post count is not a status symbol.

Please be sensible with your signature: You are allowed images in it but please keep them to a reasonable size. If we think your signature is too big or inappropriate in any way it may be removed.


Keep it Clean

Please keep it clean! In all areas where a content rating is not specified, keep your posts at a level no greater than 12A/PG13.

Posting pornographic images, or links to pornography is not allowed for similar reasons.


Keep it Legal

Do not post anything that breaks the law, or informs others of ways to break the law. Galactic Basic does not want to be associated with such things and anything breaking this rule will be removed on sight.


Community Staff

Please respect our staff; they are volunteers who have donated some of their free time to help ensure Galactic Basic is a safe and friendly community for discussion. If you have any problems the staff will endeavour to help you in any way we can.


Disclaimer: These guidelines are not exhaustive and may be changed at any point with or without prior notice.

Important Information

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