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  2. Well, a bit of a directorial shake-up, eh?
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  4. Haha. Sounds a bit like me. Finally loaded up KOTOR 2 again. And after about a half dozen attempts to take out this one merc group on Telos, I gave up for the moment, lol.
  5. Saw Wonder Woman last weekend. It was amazing. Wow.
  6. Finished Dragon Teeth. And luckily the rest of my Dune books came in the mail today, so I have something new to read while I wait for others to come in from the library.
  7. Adam West. RIP Batman.
  8. Yeah, I've been watching the polling numbers. Good to see that Labour is surging after being behind so long.
  9. I was playing Final Fantasy XV, but I got distracted by Factorio again, whoops.
  10. UKIP have become a bit of a joke over here really. In their manifesto they want to ban EU flags and make June 23rd (date of the EU referendum) a national holiday called "Independence Day".
  11. Restarted What the Night Knows by Dean Koontz
  12. WHOOHOO! Dragon Teeth by Michael Crichton
  13. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and Ice Age: Collision Course
  14. Still haven't gone back to KOTOR2. I really should... Been doing mostly Sims 3 and ARK: Survival Evolved lately.
  15. Finally getting around to playing Skyrim.
  16. Holy ewok. Lots of deaths recently. Chris Cornell, Gregg Allman, Roger Moore, Jim Bunning.
  17. Finished Rebel Rising. Also read the junior book Guardians of the Whills. Can never have too much Star Wars. Now about 2/3 through Burn by James Patterson.
  18. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (Seeing that today!) Wonder Woman (next week!) Cars 3 (to a lesser extent and mostly because of the first two, well, first one, two was kind of lame) hate to say it because it does really look good and I'm partial to Tobey's take, but Spider-Man: Homecoming Justice League THE LAST JEDI YES STAR WARS STAR WARS Am on the fence about the new The Mummy. May wait for home viewing on that one. Also curious about the new Jumanji movie. Not on DVD, but I have Suicide Squad waiting in the DVR. And Independence Day: Resurgence.
  19. I re-watched it for Star Wars Day Week. Not on blu-ray though. But agreed, still epic.
  20. I'd like to bring up director Zach Snyder in this thread. I'm not sure if you have seen the latest news or not, about him dropping down from Justice League. But back in March his daughter committed suicide. And it just finally came out because he had to step away from the movie to be with his family. So love and prayers for him, his wife Deborah and the rest of his family.
  21. Yeah, but we're dealing with what you would get if the UKIP won.
  22. When will people learn that bombing each other just continues the cycle of hate?
  23. Aha, well we're headed the same way if the Conservatives win the General Election that they blatantly only called early because they believe they'll get a larger majority his time.
  24. Another goal I have is to 100% the achievements in at least one game. Far Cry 3, Fallout Shelter, Mass Effect 2, and Batman: Arkham City are possibilities.
  25. I think I need a drink due to the ginormous clusterewok that has become American government.
  26. What movies are you looking forward to seeing either at the theatre or on DVD/Netflix/BluRay? At this point, I would say It, The Last Jedi, and Valerian and possibly the new Spiderman and Thor movies.
  27. Took my mom to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 for her birthday. Two thumbs up.
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