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  2. Saw something today where John Boyega reported confirmed Last Jedi cameos: Prince William and Harry, and Tom Hardy. Seems likely all will be hidden as stormtroopers.
  3. Well, we're already getting confirmation of an Obi-Wan solo film, but now Variety via is adding two more films to the list: Boba Fett. And Jabba the Hutt. Boba had been rumored for quite some time, so I don't think it's much of a surprise. But reportedly the Jabba one was also rumored for a while (though I never heard about it?) and I think it's a bit more surprising. So which are looking forward to more? Boba or Jabba? I'm not much of a Boba Fett fan, but he's still more interesting than Jabba, I think. Disney could grabbed any other ancillary Star Wars character, and it would be more interesting than Jabba, personally speaking. Are there other characters you'd like to see get a spin-off?
  4. It's a go! Per the Hollywood Report via The long-rumored Obi-Wan movie is officially in development at Disney. Though this early, there is no script, and consequently, no cast. But I think they would be stupid not to get Ewan back. Unless for some reason he's not a fit (like if they go pre-prequel Obi-Wan when he's still a young padawan). I for one would prefer something between III and IV. What do you guys think? What storyline/era do you want to see? Which actor?
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  6. Gears of War 2
  7. Janet Evanovich - Smokin' Seventeen
  8. Thanks guys. It was a very long (but good) day.
  9. Congrats, Beeurd.
  10. Going back to my list of recommendations (based on other books I've read), I've started The Bone Collector by Jeffrey Deaver.
  11. Well, yeah, the props weren't cardboard boxes.
  12. Yeah, I've been reading on some of the stuff from the new EW magazine. Some is interesting, but some I just have to wait and see lol. FOUR MORE MONTHS! UGH!
  13. Congrats. I finally joined the human race, and got a smartphone. :o (Or maybe I am more inhuman now?)
  14. So... I'm getting married today. It's gone so quick! I should probably sleep...
  15. There are some new images floating around... I'm not sure what to think now, to be honest. The porgs are kinda cute, but then the praetorian guards look like plastic action figures, and the caretaker monks look like they've come out of a comedy. Maybe it's just me, I don't know.
  16. Looking like I might make the books as well.
  17. Slacker.
  18. There is apparently a famous American inventor with the name Andrew Beard.To make it extra awkward he also has the same middle initial as me. I tried rearranging my name to use my middle name as either my first name or surname, but they ended up being authors already. I came up with a few others who for various reasons weren't okay... two of them were pornstars. I think I have one now, but I'm not 100% set on it yet.
  19. Watched Power Rangers the other day, it was actually alright. Definitely not as cheesy as the original series.
  20. Agreed about new Spider-Man. And after the new trailer, am even more excited for Justice League. No shame.
  21. I got the DVD recently... but haven't gotten the courage to watch it again yet haha. Let's see... I've probably seen a couple since my last post. Cars 3 -- better than the second but not the first Finally watched Suicide Squad. I thought it was pretty decent. Spider-Man: Homecoming -- I enjoyed it. Great movie. Supporting characters had the best lines. (Tobey's still my Spider-man though :p) Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice -- was on HBO last weekend, so I watched it. That ending gets me in the squishy bits every time. Hmm... that's it I think.
  22. Ooh, I should read Sphere again... I like to go through all my Crichton ones every so often. I was actually thinking the other day which one I would read next... lol. Anyway, still working through God Emperor of Dune. But did have time to fit in three Stars Wars comics: Doctor Aphra vol 1, Poe Dameron vol 2 and Star Wars vol. 5. As well as another C.J. Box novel.
  23. *looks at list* Nope, lol.
  24. Eh, I don't know, there quite a few authors with common names, I think. But maybe something with initials? Finally can pop on here, after my wi-fi was being a butt, lol.
  25. Anyone else have any updates?
  26. Sphere by Michael Crichton
  27. Valerian does look cool. A bit strange, but definitely cool.
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