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  2. TheUnknown

    Prayers Needed Please

    Add to that my great aunt just died. And a friend from college lost his wife today.
  3. Last week
  4. TheUnknown

    Prayers Needed Please

    I just found out that someone I had known since middle school died last night. I wouldn't quite say he was a friend, but he was more than an acquaintance.
  5. We do have a smaller cinema company locally, but it's smaller in every way unfortunately, and I'd rather see films on a decent sized screen.
  6. Andy


    Just started watching Titans on Netflix, anybody else seen it? Only watched 3 episodes so far, and finding it pretty good. Can't usually get into DC series'.
  7. The theatres in the county where I live are not owned and operated by the major theatre companies (Regal, Carmike, AMC), so they do that. But I do think at least one of the major companies also has a loyalty program.
  8. TheUnknown

    What TV Shows Are You Looking Forward To?

    Project Blue Book, the upcoming series with Aidan Gillen, looks promising.
  9. I'd love to replay the Jedi Knight games, but the CD drive in my PC doesn't work. 😭 Really need to upgrade this thing...
  10. Andy

    Jurassic World Trilogy

    I got the blu-ray of Fallen Kingdom for Christmas, but I've not gotten around to watching it. Interestingly a lot of fans I know have not seen it yet either, including people that run or used to run major Jurassic Park fansites. 🤔
  11. Just watched Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald yesterday - took a bit to get going, I thought but got better.
  12. I wish cinemas round here did things like that. I end up missing most of the films I want to see.
  13. Earlier
  14. What sucks even more is nothing else looks appealing, unless somehow something like Aquaman or Bumblebee is still in theatres.
  15. I only get a free popcorn for my birthday.... But I have two weeks to use it. If I make it to the "celebrity" level on my rewards card I think it upgrades to a free ticket. But... I'd have to get 7500 points by the end of the year, and with 10 points per $1 spent, yeah.... probably not happening. I usually end up around 2000-2500 points at the end.
  16. That sucks. It seems nearly everyone around me is getting sick. I'm over here like, "Keep your pestilence away from me!" Anyways, the theatre near me has a deal where you can see a free movie on your birthday with ID. I was going to see Dark Phoenix. Then it got pushed back like four months.
  17. Shane and I have both had the flu First time in 5 years we made plans to go out for New Years Eve and we were both conked out on the sofa instead. Just about over it now, but can't shift this lingering cough we're both stuck with. 😡
  18. Andy

    The Nerd Calendar

    Looks like it's going to be another year of not getting to see everything at the cinema. Far too many things coming out that I want to see. :(
  19. Mara

    The Nerd Calendar

    DVR and Hulu keep track of my TV shows, so I'll just do movies for now... and I think I'll be spending a lot more this year than in previous years... This includes movies I really want to see, ones I'm interested in, and ones I don't particularly want to see but my sister will want to: January 18 - Glass March 8 - Captain Marvel March 29 - Dumbo April 5 - Shazam! April 17 - Penguins May 3 - Avengers: Endgame May 10 - Detective Pikachu May 17 - Men in Black International May 24 - Aladdin June 7 - Dark Phoenix & The Secret Life of Pets 2 June 21 - Toy Story 4 June 28 - Ford v. Ferrari July 5 - Spider-Man: Far from Home July 12 - Top Gun: Maverick July 19 - The Lion King August 2 - New Mutants October 4 - Joker December 20 - STAR WARS!!!!!! Yeah I'm gonna need more money.
  20. TheUnknown


    Damn, we got a bunch just today: Mean Gene Okerlund, the captain from Captain & Tennille, Bob Einstein from Curb Your Enthusiasm
  21. TheUnknown

    The Nerd Calendar

    I'm doing this to keep track of the release/premiere dates of stuff I'm interested in for the coming year. These are US releases. Movies: Captain Marvel: March 8 X-men: Dark Phoenix: June 7 The Lion King: July 19 The New Mutants: August 2 It: Chapter 2: September 6 Star Wars: Episode IX: December 20 TV Shows: The Gifted Season 2B: January 1 Manifest Season 1B: January 7 Game of Thrones Season 8: April 14 Stranger Things Season 3: July 4 Video Games: Anthem: February 22 Mortal Kombat 11: April 23
  22. TheUnknown

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    Welcome to GB!

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  23. I hope it's good. Cassian has a lot of potential and this show was the opportunity to show the more gritty side of the rebellion that we only got a taste of in Rogue One.
  24. Mara

    The Mandalorian

    YES! https://www.joblo.com/movie-news/jon-favreau-confirms-that-ig-88-is-joining-the-cast-of-the-madalorian
  25. Mara

    Entertain Us!

    Not bad, not bad.. Wish there was audio for the dialogue, though, instead of all that cheesy rock-n-roll music. lol
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