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  2. Mara

    The Clone Wars (TV)

    Well, now I'm gonna, because #clonewarssaved 12 more episodes, exclusively on Disney's new streaming service, sometime next year. *starts throwing money at Disney*
  3. Mara

    Star Wars: Battle Pod

    Went to Dave & Busters today (finally!) and this game is awesome!
  4. Earlier
  5. Mara

    Star Wars Episode IX

    BILLY DEE!!!
  6. Mara

    The Inebriation Station

    Happy birthday to our grand leader!
  7. I bought Injustice on the summer Steam sale... And just going through the tutorial, I realize, I suck at keyboarding hahahha. I had to skip past some of them. I think I will just have to play with brute force/random key strokes because these move combos are impossible for my fingers/arrow keys. (Not to mention a pain to remember).
  8. Mortal Prey - John Sandford
  9. Mara

    Star Wars Episode IX

    Well, I saw a story that Kerri Russell is up for a role in 9. Just more of JJ bringing back his friends? lol
  10. Rented Split last weekend. Now I'm all set for Glass!
  11. Probably 3. I need better characters.
  12. k.a.mara

    What's the last movie you saw?

    At the theater, Dead pool 2 😍I love Ryan Reynolds. At home, just watched Hidden Figures the other night, good movie.
  13. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd He's dead. Tier 4 next time or you want another wack at 3?
  14. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom It was good!
  15. I was wondering about that haha. Almost have enough to start the rancor one at III.
  16. i think i made a horrorable mistake. I started the sith tri angain at teir 3. After geting my ass kicked i'm wondering if we should abandon it and restart at like teir 1. What you think? (still up for teir 3 ith rancor)
  17. TheUnknown

    Death Stranding

    New trailer:
  18. TheUnknown

    The State of Star Wars Fandom

    Sometimes, I'm afraid of my fellow nerd, watching this sith or seeing people whine about there being a female protagonist in Gears of War 5.
  19. Solo, for the second time!
  20. Mara

    Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Yup, hahaha. Not sure why it spoiler-tagged the whole thing...
  21. Andy

    Jedi: Fallen Order

    So at E3, Respawn Entertainment's Star Wars game has been revealed as being set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. Apparently the player takes on the role of a padawan who survived the initial purge and is being hunted down by agents of the Empire. Not much is known about the game yet... Is this the Jedi Knight game we've been waiting for?
  22. Andy

    Jedi: Fallen Order

    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a video game by Respawn Entertainment. At E3 2018 it was announced that players will assume the role of a surviving padawan being hunted down during the Jedi purge. The game is set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope.
  23. Andy

    Solo: A Star Wars Story

    I kinda hope they do a sequel. I know it's not done particularly well at the box office so far, partly because of the inflated budget, but if anybody can pull strings to get it done it's Disney. But anyway, my sequel thoughts:
  24. Aha, yeah I did wonder that about Sidious, but he's pretty cool so I'll let it slide. 😆
  25. Andy

    Knights of the Old Republic

    Yeah, I'm waiting for "free". 😛
  26. Andy

    The State of Star Wars Fandom

    Exactly! Perhaps the fandom has always been this way and we just didn't realise. After all, Jake Lloyd quit acting after Episode I, and R A Salvatore received death threats after that major death in the first New Jedi Order novel. I guess I just feel that enough is enough. We don't all have to enjoy the new movies because Star Wars is vast enough that everybody can find something they like... I wish everybody could see that.
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