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  2. And the drama continues. Hopefully thing will get better soon. Long story short: Looking for somewhere to live... urgently.
  3. I've got stuck back on Minecraft, decided to do some of my texture pack that I'll never finish.
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  5. TheUnknown

    The Umbrella Academy

    So fitting given the lead singer of MCR is the co-creator of the comic series the show is based upon.
  6. Andy

    The Umbrella Academy

    Aha, that's brilliant.
  7. TheUnknown

    The Umbrella Academy

  8. TheUnknown

    What's the last movie you saw?

    Spiderman: Far From Home
  9. The newest edition for Lego Star Wars Ultimate Collector's Series, 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer is prepped for launch, and this one is the largest Star Wars set so far. The new set may have a small brick-count than the UCS Millennium Falcon, but it makes up for it in sheer length, with it's 4,784 pieces combining to make a model that is just over a metre long. As with the previous UCS Imperial Star Destroyer, the set includes a same-scale miniature of the Tantive IV, perfect for re-enacting the opening sequence of A New Hope. It also comes with a stand (trust me, you'll need it), plaque, and two Lego mini-figures: an Imperial Officer and an Imperial Crew Member. It will be available for Lego VIP members on 18 September, and for everybody else on 1 October. If you want to recreate the Star Destroyer fleet scene from the The Rise of Skywalker trailer then you might want to start saving: One of these bad boys will set you back around US$699.99, CA$849.99, £649.99, or €699.99, depending on your region. This is the fifth version of an Imperial Star Destroyer that Lego have released so far. 2007 saw a 1,367 piece set as well as the previous UCS set which clocked-in at 3,096 pieces. A Midi-scale set with 423 pieces was released in 2010 saw a Midi-scale set with just 423 pieces, and a 1,359 piece version was released in 2014. With 4,784 bricks, the new Lego UCS Imperial Star Destroyer is the largest and most detailed version yet.
  10. TheUnknown

    What game are you playing right now?

    Alternating between Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Pandemic: The Boardgame.
  11. Andy

    2019 Updates

    Trying to "modernise" the layout a little, it was looking a bit old fashioned. Hopefully I don't go too far. If you notice anything weird (like the "glow" on images like my forum sig that, I've just noticed), let me know. Because there has been changes to the styles & templates, some of the colours might flicker for a moment as the cache updates when pages are being loaded.
  12. Andy

    Jedi: Fallen Order

    I don't think it's even a thing over here.
  13. Classic Star Wars games, Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast and Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy have both been announced for the Nintendo Switch and Sony's PlayStation 4. Lucasfilm is working with developer Aspyr to bring the beloved Force-powered action/adventure games back to consoles. Both games will include the multiplayer aspect of the game as well as the single player story mode, and will support Gyro Aiming on the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons. Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast was the 2002 follow up to the equally classic Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, which followed hero Kyle Katarn on his journey from Rebel spy to Jedi Knight. Jedi Academy followed in 2003, and allowed the player to create their own character to take on the role of Katarn's apprentice. Both games featured a variety of multiplayer options, including Capture the Flag, Free For All, and various other team and solo-based match types. Jedi Outcast will release on Switch and PS4 on 24 September 2019, giving us something to do while we wait for Jedi: Fallen Order. Jedi Academy will release some time in 2020.
  14. Thought I'd share some quotes from J.J. and Daisy and John re: the Emperor, but will put in spoilers in case you want to stay complete spoiler-free (though they are pretty vague statements, obvs):
  15. Mara

    TV Series database

    I agree that it would be way too cluttered to do a separate timeline entry per episode... esp. for more long-running series like the Clone Wars. As for articles... one per season could be helpful from a discussion standpoint. While they probably will be all interconnected through the series, a lot of times one season will have its own "entity" per se. And since the Disney + shows particularly will be shorter - I think the Mandalorian is ten episodes? And Favreau has said he's already working on season 2. While I saw the Obi-Wan one will be a 4-episode/part miniseries - I can't imagine it getting too messy. Even for the six, soon to be seven, season of the Clone Wars, that would probably get a bit chaotic if all of them were mashed together.
  16. Andy

    The Skywalker Saga

    The Skywalker Saga is the collective name for the main series of Star Wars movies, comprised of the classic Star Wars trilogy, the prequel trilogy, and the sequel trilogy.
  17. Andy

    TV Series database

    So, I'm fiddling with the timeline / database as usual and with more TV shows fast approaching I feel it's time I tackle the way they are handled. So, if anybody has any opinions or feedback, it'd be immensely appreciated. Timeline So, a while ago I separated the database (information about films/books/shows etc) from the timeline, so I can organise them independently in their own way. For the Timeline display I'm thinking that only series as a whole should be on the list rather than each episode, because that would get messy real fast. Database At the moment I only have one article for (for example) The Mandalorian but I've already put in place the option to set sub-entries so a series can have a list of it's episodes, and each episode can link to the previous and following episodes, and back to the main series. I haven't done this much yet, but the comic Darth Maul - Son of Dathomir is already doing this. Now then, do you think I should make a separate article for each season? I guess if I don't it could get messy for long-running series' or if there are a lot of episodes per season. I've been looking at IMDb for inspiration, but I'm open to suggestions.
  18. Andy

    Galaxy's Edge: Black Spire

    Star Wars Galaxy's Edge: Black Spire is a canon novel by Delilah S Dawson. Black Spire acts as a prequel to the Galaxy's Edge Disney resorts theme park experience which takes place in Black Spire Outpost on the planet Batuu, and is set between the events of The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker.
  19. Whoo, they put the D23 footage online. I did read a summary, but this is much better! More a trailer for the entire saga than Rise itself, with much of Luke's voiceover from the first trailer, and a look back at all the films, but, there is a bit of new footage, and man... that last shot.... wow. Let speculation commence! Also if you don't get emotional watching that, I don't know who you are.
  20. Mara

    Obi-Wan: the movie??

    True enough. Maybe Q'ira cameo. Or something.
  21. Lucasfilm has released a Special Look trailer for the upcoming final instalment of the Skywalker Saga, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, which takes a retrospective look at the story so far along with a tantalising glimpse of things to come. The trailer reveals a few new scenes and locations via some previously unreleased clips; some of which are more intriguing than others! Check out the D23 Special Look below: A new poster has also been released earlier this week, featuring a climactic duel between Rey and Kylo, with the Emperor looming in the background. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits cinemas this December.
  22. Andy

    Obi-Wan: the movie??

    Well, we don't need to see Maul himself, but it'd be nice if his criminal gang got a mention to tie it all together.
  23. Andy

    The Mandalorian

    They literally haven't said anything at all as far as I know. 😕
  24. Andy


    Beckett is a one-shot Marvel comic following Carson Beckett before the events of Solo: A Star Wars Story
  25. Channelling Trump there, I think. 😛
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