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  2. Respawn and EA have released an extended cut of the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order gameplay footage. The new video adds extra depth to the gameplay demo, revealing a little more of the story driven aspect of the game as well as showing a few sneaky tidbits that we missed out on the first time around. Jedi: Fallen Order game director Stig Asmussen has responded to criticism that the the gameplay seems to lack depth, saying that the demo footage didn't show the complexity of the combat system as it shows a more focused play-through to better show the narrative and attention to detail that has been put into recreating the Star Wars universe. He also reiterated the game's inspiration from other titles such as Metroid and Castlevania, which wasn't clear from the demo footage either. Check out the extended gameplay footage below: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will be released this November, and is already available to preorder.
  3. Yesterday
  4. I finally pulled out my Sims 3 disc, and got out my Zoo Tycoon 2 one, and have been messing around with that a bit.
  5. Mara

    Jedi: Fallen Order

    Haven't played Force Unleashed yet... but I have heard that. And from the bits I have seen. Haha I saw the whining about the dismemberment too. It's kind of ridiculous. They should be happy about the no mictrotransactions and no loot boxes bit.
  6. Last week
  7. Andy

    Jedi: Fallen Order

    Yeah, I do get a bit of a Force Unleashed vibe, but I'm not complaining. People are still moaning about the lack of limb dismemberment. I don't see the big deal - the environments shown so far looks the part to me, so if the gameplay is enjoyable and the story is engaging, then dismemberment is just a little extra flavouring that I'm not going to miss. The way people go on about though you'd think that Star Wars was just arms and legs flying off all over the place. 🙄
  8. Andy

    The Inebriation Station

    Oh, that's good that she's been able to go home... Being stuck in hospital can be quite demoralising on it's own.
  9. I love Cities: Skylines, but it runs crap on my PC so I tend to watch other people's YouTube videos about it instead.
  10. Lucasfilm has appointed Michelle Rejwan to the post of Senior Vice President of Live Action Development & Production, to oversee the future ofof Star Wars live action TV and film projects. Rejwan has worked with JJ Abrams on Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the upcoming final installment of the Skywalker Saga, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Her other film credits with Abrams include Star Trek Into Darkness and Super 8. The Mandalorian and the untitled Cassian Andor series are currently under production for Disney+, and more Star Wars films are in the pipeline, so Rejwan will undoubtedly have input into these projects as she undertakes her new role within Lucasfilm.
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  12. TheUnknown

    The Entertainment Challenge 2019

    Thanks to Game Pass, I'm probably going to complete my video game goal for the first time ever.
  13. TheUnknown

    Jedi: Fallen Order

    Anyone else get a bit of a Force Unleashed feel?
  14. TheUnknown

    The Inebriation Station

    Thanks. She got to go home and is eating a lot better.
  15. TheUnknown

    What game are you playing right now?

    Ori is pissing me off, so I've taken a detour and started playing Cities: Skylines.
  16. Andy

    The Inebriation Station

    I wish I could say something that would make you feel better, but it's one of those crappy situations where it's difficult to predict what will happen. I've seen your updates on Facebook and it sounds like she is getting the care she needs, so fingers crossed for good news soon.
  17. Andy

    Jedi: Fallen Order

    As much as I like to think I'm part of the PC Master Race, I think my PC would melt so I'll be getting it on PS4. I should have upgraded by then anyway, but I don't have the money I used to to be able to spend on building a top spec gaming rig.
  18. Yeah, LucasArts used to churn them out so ther's quite a few to go through if you missed them the first time round
  19. TheUnknown

    The Inebriation Station

    I went to the nourishment room near the nurse's station to hear that another patient in the oncology section just died. I heard the nurse calling the coroner I guess. He was younger than my mom by a few months. I'm sitting beside her watching her sleep and noticing she looks like my grandpa who died of yet another form of cancer four years ago. I feel like crying.
  20. Reminds me, I have yet to finish Dark Forces lol! Stuck at the end of level 2 or 3 I think. (And of course you have to keep starting over at the beginning!) (Never mind all the other old SW games I have on Steam I haven't played yet...)
  21. I came across one on Steam the other day I'm kind of excited for. It basically looks like an updated Zoo Tycoon 2.
  22. Their explanation for GoH is that since it's like a cantina tabletop game, it's sort of just all fantasy lol. And I'm not sure if the mobile games are supposed to be canon anyway? *shrug* I've only played this one and Puzzle Droids (obvs. not canon really).
  23. Mara

    Brandon Sanderson (Cosmere)

    Haven't heard of him... but have been meaning to find a new fantasy series to get into ever since the last one I was reading ended, so will definitely look him up.
  24. I just got the big ol' giant coffee table-sized (only slight exaggeration) The Star Wars Archives, by Paul Duncan. I mean, this thing is HUGE. (I weighed it; it's over 14 pounds). Well, actually the library got it for me, so it was free. (But I may end up getting myself a copy later anyway... hopefully for less than the $120-140 it's retailing at ugh). Also reading through Bullseye by James Patterson.
  25. Last week, Dark Phoenix. Today, Men in Black: International.
  26. Mara

    Jedi: Fallen Order

    Watched the gameplay vid the other day... looks super cool! Just hope my PC can run it lolz.
  27. Mara

    The Inebriation Station

    There is a reason I haven't signed into my Facebook account in over two years... LOL
  28. Howdy, glad to have you around!
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