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News and information from a Galaxy Far Far Away, and sometimes a little closer to home.
    Ewan McGregor has confirmed that filming for the Obi-Wan Kenobi series for Disney+ will begin in March 2021.
    The reveal came during McGregor's appearance on the BBC's Graham Norton Show this Friday.
    The series is a six-episode limited series set in the time when Kenobi was exiled on Tatooine between the events of Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, 11 years before the Battle of Yavin.
    Production has been delayed due to the Covid-19 outbreak, and although no release date has yet been announced it is expected to premiere on the Disney+ streaming service in late 2021 or early 2022.
    The official trailer for The Mandalorian season 2 has been released ahead of the new debut of the new series on 30 October.
    The new series promises new adventures across the Star Wars galaxy as Pedro Padcal's Mando searches for clues to return The Child with his own kind.
    The Mandalorian season 2 hits Disney+ on 30 October 2020.
    As we eagerly close in on next months release of the upcoming space combat game Star Wars: Squadrons, EA has released a visually stunning CG animated short to introduce us to the world that awaits us when we enter the game. 
    Neel Upadhye directed the animated short, titled Hunted, which was created in collaboration with Squadrons developer Motive Studios and Lucasfilm, along with a dash of expertise from skilled visual effects artists at ILM such as Star Wars veteran John Knoll.
    Squadrons features a single-player story mode featuring new and familiar characters and starships from the Empire and the Republic, as well as a squad-based multiplayer dogfight mode that will see the factions face off against each other in the aftermath of the Galactic Civil War.
    You can read more about Hunted on the official Star Wars website here: https://www.starwars.com/news/star-wars-squadrons-hunted
    Star Wars: Squadrons launches on 2 October 2020, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and on PC via the Origin, Steam, and Epic stores.
    Last year The Mandalorian helped push Star Wars to a new audience on the Disney+ steaming platform, and the service has finally revealed that the premiere date for the highly anticipated second series will be 30 October 2020.
    The previous series ended with Mando escaping from the clutches of the Empire with a promise to safeguard The Child, affectionately known to fans as Baby Yoda.
    Little is known about the second series, but part of the story arc is expected to revolve around the legendary Darksaber, which somehow ended up in the hands of Moff Gideon. It has also been rumoured that Temuera Morrison, who portrayed the bounty hunter Jango Fett in the prequels may make a cameo appearance as his cloned "son", the long time fan favourite Boba Fett who first introduced us to Mandalorian armour in the Star Wars Holiday Special and The Empire Strikes Back.
    Kessel Run Podcast has announced that Solo: A Star Wars Story's Donald Glover is to reprise the role of Lando Calrissian for a new Disney+ series.
    The rumour, which has not been confirmed but Disney or Lucasfilm, puts Lando as the lead character and mentions a possible title for the series being the Calrissian Chronicles, which are also referenced in-universe as Lando's self-narrated record of his adventures.
    During Solo we briefly see Lando dropping references to the former Star Wars expanded universe novels by L Neil Smith, which were grouped under the Lando Calrissian Adventures banner and would be an ideal source for any adventure series featuring Lando.
    So, will we be seeing Lando Calrissian visit the Starcave of ThonBoka? Perhaps, but the system of Oseon and the Mindharp of Sharu have already been absorbed into canon so it's entirely feasible that we could see these adventures realised in a Disney+ series.
    The series may even be the unknown series announced on Star Wars Day earlier this year, which was said at the time to be lead by Leslye Headland who previously co-created the Netflix drama-comedy series Russian Doll.
    We will watch this rumour with great interest.
    Lucasfilm has today announced a new Star Wars animated series for the Disney+ 2021 lineup.
    According to Lucasfilm, the new series entitled Star Wars: The Bad Batch will be a spin-off of the critically acclaimed animated show Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and will follow the eponymous Bad Batch of clones in the aftermath of the Clone Wars. The Bad Batch were introduced in the final season of The Clone Wars, which premiered on Disney+ earlier this year.
    The Bad Batch were a squad of experimental clones with very different training from their fellow clonetrooper comrades, who turn to the mercenary life after the end of the Clone Wars. 
    The show will be executive produced by a host of Star Wars alumni including Dave Filoni (The Mandalorian, The Clone Wars), Athena Portillo (The Clone Wars, Rebels), Brad Rau (Rebels, Resistance) and Jennifer Corbett (Resistance). Carrie Beck (The Mandalorian, Rebels) will also serve as co-executive producer, with Josh Rimes (Restistance) joining as a producer.
    You can read the official announcement here.
    The trailer for their next Star Wars video game, Star Wars: Squadrons, has been revealed today.
    Developed by Motive Studios and published by EA, Squadrons is a starship combat sim set after the events of Return of the Jedi, during a period where the Empire is still a credible threat to the fledgling New Republic.
    The game features a singleplayer story mode for both factions, as well as a 5v5 multiplayer dogfight mode. According to the details revealed so far the game will allow you to customise your pilots for the Republic's Vanguard Squadron and the Empire's Titan Squadron, and will feature original characters along with cameos from characters we are already familiar with.
    Further information and footage is expected to be revealed at the EA Play event on 18 June.
    Star Wars: Squadrons is set for release on 2nd October 2020, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and on PC via the Origin, Steam, and Epic stores.
    The chances are that this has already been spoiled for you, but in case you are at least trying to avoid spoilers for The Mandalorian season 2, this is your last warning: SPOILERS AHEAD!
    Sources have revealed to Hollywood Reporter that an iconic character will return to our screens in the second season of the lauded Disney+ Star Wars TV show, and it's one that may have already been teased to us in season 1.
    At the end of episode 5 "The Gunslinger", we briefly see a mysterious figure approach the body of Fennec Shand, who was dispatched by the wannabe bounty hunter Toro Calican, but we never see who this character actually was. It's reasonable to assume that this was Moff Gideon hot on the trail of Mando and the Child, but it could just as easily have been another bounty hunter. Wearing distinctive spurs which can be heard in the character's previous appearance in The Empire Strikes Back, could this mystery figure have been none other than Boba Fett?
    Well, this casting leak seems to lend more weight to this take on the scene, as it has been reported that Temuera Morrison will be donning Mandalorian armour once more. Morrison previously played the bounty hunter Jango Fett in Attack of the Clones, so it makes perfect sense that he would return to play his own clone "son" Boba.
    But wait, isn't Boba Fett dead? Well, that's complicated. Boba Fett first appeared in the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special, but most people remember him from his big screen debut in The Empire Strikes Back. In Return of the Jedi Fett was rather disappointingly killed off during the fight on Tatooine, and while various books and comics showed that he had survived his fall into the Sarlacc Pit they have all been decanonised in the Disney era. The Mandalorian season 1 takes place 5 years after the Return of the Jedi, and episode 5 took place on Tatooine - coincidence? 
    To celebrate Star Wars Day 2020, Respawn Entertainment and EA Games have released a free content update for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The update is available now and contains several new features that have been borne from player feedback and add extra replayability to the game.
    The major new combat feature is called Meditation Training, where Cal can visit any meditation point to battle waves of enemies in a Combat Challenge or use the Battle Grid to design custom encounters featuring any enemy or bosses.
    Another much requested feature which has finally arrived is the New Journey + mode, allowing you to restart the story but keeping your collectables. So, no more getting sidetracked hunting for those pesky ponchos! Although skills will need to be earned as your new journey progresses you will still keep your unlocked lightsaber parts, so at least you can slice through the Imperial scum in style.
    Among the new collectables added to the game are new skins for BD-1 and Cal, new lightsaber hilts, and the oft requested red kyber crystal. Some of these are only available through the New Journey + mode, though, so you'll need to have completed the game once already to make use of them.
    For more information, check out the official announcement and release notes.
    The award-winning virtual reality experience from ILMxLAB Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series is coming to PlayStation VR this summer, it has been revealed. The three part experience is classed as official Star Wars canon and will be available as one single purchase. 
    Vader Immortal has links to classic multimedia project Shadows of the Empire and takes us back to Vader's castle on Mustafar, enabling you to get up close and personal with the Dark Lord of the Sith himself. 
    You can check out the trailer for the original VR experience below:
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