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Republic Commando re-release coming April


Classic LucasArts game Star Wars: Republic Commando is being rereleased for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation4, it has been announced.

The fan favourite game, set in the prequel era and told from the perspective of a Republic Clonetrooper, was originally released in 2005 for Xbox and PC.

Lucasfilm Games and Aspyr have teamed up to make Republic Commando's return possible, with Lucasfilm Games executive producer Matt Fillbrandt, who worked on the original game as well as the rerelease version telling StarWars.com that he looks forward to the game being enjoyed by a new generation of fans.

Republic Commando sees the player take on the role of a member of Delta Squad, a Clone Commando unit during the Clone Wars, and features a single player storyline with tactical team-based action, with the player able to issue commands to their squad such as identifying targets for attack or healing an ally, across iconic Star Wars locations like Kashyyyk and Geonosis.

The game was also accompanied by a series of novels by Karen Traviss, and almost had a sequel. Despite now being considered part of the Legends continuity Republic Commando retains a foothold in Star Wars canon through Delta Squad, who appeared in an episode of The Clone Wars, and served as inspiration for Dave Filoni's creation of the show.

Star Wars: Republic Commando will be released on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation4 (PlayStation5 compatible) on 6 April 2021.

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