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Princess Leia comic launches March

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Star Wars: Princess Leia, launching this month, is a five-issue Marvel comic series following the leading lady of the Star Wars trilogy.The new comic series is set immediately after A New Hope and sees Leia finally get the chance to deal with the aftermath of the destruction of Alderaan and being the last Organa.

The comic, written by Mark Waid and pencilled by Terry Dodson, sees Leia recruit a female X-wing pilot names Evaan and head out in search citizens of Alderaan who managed to avoid the devastating attack by the Death Star.

Waid has stated that even if he hadn't been offered the job of writing this comic it would have been his first choice, as he loved how the character of Leia was set up as in a classic damsel in distress scenario, only to take charge of the situation. "That was so unique at the time, and sadly, it's still a little unique", he said during an interview at San Diego ComicCon last year.

You can find out more and see a preview of the comic over at USA Today.

Click here to view the article

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