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Lightsaber props under construction for VII?

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New reports suggest that lightsaber props are currently being created for use in Star Wars Episode VII.It was inevitable that the new Star Wars movie would mean new lightsabers, but new information suggests that prop artists are hard at work constructing new Jedi weapons for use in the upcoming filming due to start later this year.

The report from Den of Geek indicates that security has stepped up at Pinewood Studios as construction begins on not only props but sets, too. Well, one set in particular: It was rumored a long while back that a full-scale set of the Millennium Falcon had been designed, and it is now rumored to be being assembled at the studio.

There has also been news that much of the model making crew has been hired on 7-year contracts, lending weight to the theory that director JJ Abrams wants a sequel trilogy that is more authentic to the classic Star Wars trilogy, with more practical effects.

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