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LEGO Star Wars: Microfighters now on iOS

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LEGO Star Wars: Microfighters jump from bricks to bytes to become the latest mobile game to release onto iOS.You may already have seen LEGO Star Wars: Microfighters in your local stores, but now you take control of your microfighters in the new iOS game out now.

Microfighters provides arcade-style action and lets you zoom across familiar terrain, such as Ender, Hoth, and Geonosis, and use your ships to blast enemies and objects to collect the ubiquitous studs, as familiar to anybody who has played a previous LEGO game as rings are to Sonic.

There are a number of microfighters to choose from, from the rebel X-Wing to the mighty Death Star, and a multitude in between. Don't worry, of course the Millennium Falcon is there too.

LEGO Star Wars: Microfighters is currently priced at $0.99 / £0.69 and is optimized for both iPhone and iPad.

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