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Galactic Basics - A basic guide to the Star Wars universe

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A new feature I would like to get going for GB is a series of basic guides to the Star Wars universe.

With a new trilogy on the way, there are likely to be new fans looking for an insight to Star Wars that they might not be able to glean simply by watching the films.

The first guide I'd like to write is about the Force, and give examples of dark and light powers, quotes from characters an other useful tidbits people might find good to know.

I have a few ideas already but if yo u think of anything that should be included, or ideas for other guides please leave your suggestions below!

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It could be fun with all of the people starting to play Edge of the Empire, to have some sort of nod towards that.  One of our players in our group doesn't know much about the Star Wars universe and could use some guidance on other things that were going on during the original trilogy that wasn't covered in the movies.

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I feel like I should know what that is... lol

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      In a universe where a civilisation can span a galaxy, there needs to be a way to communicate clearly with friends (and enemies) across the stars. In the Star Wars universe this language is Galactic Basic, also known as Galactic Standard or simply 'Basic', which has it's own alphabet known as Aurebesh.
      Basic is spoken across the galaxy and was the primary langauge of the old Republic and the Galactic Empire, although it is not the only common language; some factions have their own official languages, such as Huttese which is used by the Hutts and is common within their territories. Wookiees, among other species, are unable to speak Basic due to their differing physiology but can still learn to understand it.
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