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The Poetry Thread

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Maverick Again

I didn?t want it to happen again.

I didn?t want to be alone again.

But it happened and what can I do?

I?m a maverick again.

Why did it have to happen?

Was there no way to stop it?

I couldn?t believe it happened,

but when it did, it hit so hard, yet it was as clear as day.

It hurt so much.

I thought this part of me was gone.

I thought it was dead,

It came back to haunt me, it was always gnawing at my life.

It calls at me.

?Maverick? it whispers again and again. ?Maverick, you are alone again.?

It tells me I can?t forget that I was a maverick,

That I was a hawk flying alone in the clear sky, away from all the others.

It tells me I will always be a Maverick,

that I can never escape.


I can escape it, I can destroy it.

It doesn?t have to be this way.

I may not be included in a lot of things,

I may keep my opinion to myself a lot of the time,

I may just be sick of people, but I can beat it!

It won?t get me this time.

I know I won?t be a maverick because my true friends will be there for me.

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I sit and wait, wait and sit

for you to simply exist...

At times its seems you are simply a dream

teasing me with a relationship and love so profound

so unthought of... and then i wake up... lonely, cold, forgotten

the phone rings and a voice from my past rings clear, im glad your happy

things are working out for me....

its only been a day or two and it seems like ive lost you...

i look and look and continue searching... not to find you anywhere near

my love if thou art but a dream i wilst sleep forever...

but if thou art life and the raw form of beauty thee possesses wouldst verily out shine the angels in heaven... oh love, lost, love, where are you when i wish to hear your sweet voice....

so i retreat to my home... adieu my love, if thou truly art true, and sleep for only there can i hold you in my arms...

i sleep and wait... holding you in my dreams... my love

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they've taken it all

i have nothing left

or so it seemed

at the time

when i asked them,

they had no answer

and i couldn't just stand by

so i took it into my own hands

and they hurt me,

they cut me down,

they took all i had going for me

then a light started blinking

and i looked up and saw

there was a path,

and there was a light

showing me where to go

and it grew stronger

the light got brighter

as i got closer,

and then i came to see

the light was you

and all was not lost

and there was a glimpse

of all that i am going to be

no regrets,

i take a step closer

to tomorrow

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in my being upset yesterday...i came up with this.


foul creatures of youth.

you say we have a coloured conscience

what gives you that right?

we don't compromise our beliefs

not from media

what's wrong is wrong-we know

don't twll me what i know is wrong

you don't have that right

no man has.

yet you tell me i can't say it's right

when you do the oxymoron

we are not corrupt.

God can judge, what say do you have in it?

who are you to say we live in sin?

you was what people see

is most important

"we don't want to offend."

isn't everything offensive to someone?

so don't live and don't die

you're bound to offend

don't force your views

and tell us we're wrong for free thought.

you offend me

by forcing the information

and telling me my ideas are wrong

so what about you?

what if you were wrong?

perception is everything

you aren't righteous.

i worry for your wellbeing, o teacher.l

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You are the best that can be,

Always there for me.

I don?t know what I?d do

without these wonderful girls.

I know when I?m hangin? out with you,

I?ll have the best time

Cuz that?s just the way you decide to be,

And I couldn?t imagine it any other way even for a day.

I can?t believe we?ve only been friends

For a few short years,

It?s seems so much longer.

And I?m glad I met you..

You?ve helped so much,

So many times,

I don?t know what to say to you.

All I know if it?s great to be friends with you.

Without your help, I?d be somewhere that wouldn?t be good.

I gotta thank you for where I am today.

I like it this way,

So all I can say is thank you.

Thank you for all your help,

Thank you for being there.

And thank you just for being my friend.

I would say more, but I can?t because there is no words or anything I can do, to thank you.

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No! This isn?t fair at all!

This isn?t happening!

What did I do to deserve this?

This, this betrayal.

The word alone is disgusting and terrible.

But that doesn?t sum up half of the way I feel.

I feel sick.

I felt sick since I found out.

I want to cry.

I want to scream.

I want to know why.

Why did I do to deserve this?

I thought we were friends.

I guess we aren?t.

Everyone told me to end my friendship with you.

They said all you?d do was hurt me and was bad news.

I didn?t listen.

I still believed in you.

I still believed that you were my friend.

I guess I was wrong.

I felt terrible.

Did you realize that?

Did you think of that?

This really hurts, still hours later.

Did you, mean to hurt me or what?

What happened?

What did I do to deserve any of this?

Anything? Anything at all?

I was betrayed.

By who I thought was my best friend.

I just don?t know anymore.

I?m not sure what to do.

But I really don?t know anymore.

(I would LOVE to know why she did this to me :( )

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In the light of the days morning rays,

I venture forth on my journey these days

To prove to all I can make it throught and be something

No one ever knew

But you did, when you found me you knew

you knew my soul had a fire, wanting to burn

you sparked it and set it ablaze,

now theyve taken you from me,

the one that saved me and you expect me to

sit here quietly and wait...

wait for all that ive done against this demon

you now call our friend, time is the enemy that kills

no thrills in its infinite ways only God can conceive of

its many waves..

and you want me to wait, infintesimally wait for who knows when

for us to be together again...

what you ask is hard indeed... but without you i am not freed

you have my heart and you know my soul. I could never let you go

I love you now as i will always, my lily, i will wait... but not quietly..

I plan to scream, and be raged and annoyed at them tearing you from

me, the time we spent hasnt come to an end, anything in my power i will use

to simply be able to hold you...

Lily, my love, i will wait until my last breath... but i will fight and scream until that day that i am with you, always....

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this poem is intended to be a lyric (based on a dream), but i really don't have much of a melody at the moment...

slowly i open my eyes

hoping my worst fear hasn't come true

i turn over on to my side

and am comforted at the sight of you

my dreams have betrayed my mind

now there are nightmares where pleasantry was

i wanted to scream as i dreamed last night

but i couldn't i didn't even know what was the cause

and now i sit here and wish i hadn't ever dreamt

that i was alone and you were gone

so i got out of bed

and i walked towards a light

that was shining out in night

as you woke...and watched me go away

now you've followed me,

you feared your nightmare was real

and as i sat there crying,

you held my hand

and told me things were alright

'it was only a dream

but it felt so real

i thought you had gone away

and left me for the one

who you were talking about today'

i looked at you and tried so hard not to cry

and my mind was racing with pictures of you

and you smiled at me

'i'll never let you go

not as long as we are alive

and together we'll be one

with a love that never can die

they told us we were wrong

and look where we are

we're here...together...

so take my hand,

and come back with me

there's nothing and no one who has me as entranced as you.'

and with that smile

i remember why i love you

and as hand in hand we walk back together

i wake up from my dream...

and wait for the day...

when i am with you

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put aside your fears and worries my love,

there will never be one to entice me as you...

not one who knows me as you or loves me like you

why, how do i know this, before you no one would dare get to know me

or know my soul.... yet you embrace me...

no one dared loved me... for fear i would hurt them... and even tho

past mistakes still linger now and again... you know i would never leave you again

not for any one... save a cat named buddha... but id bring him back... i love you and miss you dearly with none to bide my time with not even my greatest friends

my felines that depend on me... without you i am merely a shell... with out you and them i am nothing... i exist on simply hope... hope that this terrible misery will end.. and i can hold you again...

but never worry and fear not, i will never leave you...

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once said to be the food of the weak

now it is the heart of the strong

to overcome is to achieve the greatest goal

to be the one who makes it further than your enemy

distance is the enemy

and we are over it

now the silent killer is making his move

but there is a defence

a force stronger than time

and distance

and those who've gone before.


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hope, my love, yes....

patience and hope, as it is written love is patient, love is kind....


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Behind The Sunglasses

Those sunglasses,

hide my dark eyes.

They hide more than that though.

They hide the way feel.

On the outside, I may appear cool and calm.

But behind those sunglasses,

So many different emotions are going on,

But I?m glad I have those sunglasses on.

I don?t care anymore.

I don?t want people to know the way I feel..

Why should I bother?

Does anyone care?

And that is why

I wear those sunglasses

To hide my emotions.

Cuz I don?t care.

And I don?t think anyone else does anymore.

So those sunglasses,

Can hide the way I feel.

They hide my frustration and anger.

But just barely my anger anymore..

It hides my fear,

It hides my sadness too.

It hides my hurt, it hides my pain.

But even without the sunglasses those are pretty much hidden.. no one understands anymore.

Can?t they tell?

Can?t they feel my pain?

I guess they don?t care.

I guess I?m alone.

I don?t care.

These old sunglasses also hide

The respect I feel.

Or the respect I felt.

Affection is hidden too.

So he?ll never know anything.

But whenever I?m angry, hurt, or sad,

The sunglasses hide it and no one will ever know.

Not that they?d care.

I don?t care.

The sunglasses are permanent now, even when I?m not wearing them.

There is always a darkness over my eyes, you can?t see the truth anymore.

Not that anyone would care.

(Wow..this poem is really bad)

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The Team

I really thought,

That our friendship was better than this.

That we were best friends,

And like an adopted brother and sister.

I didn?t think I?d be used.

Or that I?d feel this way.

Why didn?t I realize this,

One second before, or one hour before?

Everyone said it was true.

But I didn?t believe it!

How could I?

We were such great friends!

But then I realized it too late.

Too late, because when I realized it,

You hurt me so bad.

It made me simply feel like

That I had been punched.

And boy, did it hurt!

I want you to know something though.

You hurt so bad.

I want you to know that I hate you!

I never thought that I?d hate you.

I don?t know what I thought.

I thought that we were best friends,

A team.


Not a team.

But the team.

And I thought it?d stay that way.

I guess not.

I don?t know what you thought.

But I guess now, I?ll just have to disappear.

And I don?t think you?ll ever forget me.

I won?t forget you, I just don?t know if I?ll ever speak to you again.

I don?t know if I should.

I really don?t know what to do.

This hurts so bad!

What made you do this to me?

Why am I even thinking this way?

I hate you.

Not that you?d care anymore.

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I didn?t think that

It was true.

But I loved you.

Maybe you loved me too.

But you were with her.

And you said that you loved her.

I didn?t believe it.

I thought you had feelings for me,

Maybe you do, but just don?t know it yet.

It wouldn?t surprise me.

Just because of the way you acted around me.

You had a smile, whenever I was angry.

Whenever I would laugh, you?d laugh too.

And you told me, you made me laugh,

Just so you would hear it.

I didn?t let any emotions show,

But that made me smile.

But right now, you are with her.

And we can never be.

Until you and her are over.

And then, will you smile at me and say, ?I want to be with you.??

I can only hope.

Every time you call me that annoying nickname,

It makes me wonder if there is something there.

But for now,

While you are with her,

I?ll just stay back and disappear.

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ode 3

it's all gone by so fast

who knows how long we've had

but so it goes, and so it goes

time's come to pass and here we are

is it the begining

or is it just the end

heh, life hasn't even started yet

i guess now's time the time to begin

so take my hand

and we'll do it together

things will all work out

there's more to come now

the harder things of life

they're all i can see from now

but that doesn't mean we'll lose the fight

there will be the share of good times

and the share of evil as well

we just need the courage to carry on,

a little light on our faith

so remember you're not alone

our bond cannot be broken

so just remember now

but do not dwell,

that will only lead to sorrow

but look to the future

and look at today

for that is where it lies

i guess what it all comes down to

is one word plain and simple

but yet, the four small letters are always misunderstood

we don't even have the grasp

but we can see what it means

and we've learned through the years

so don't give up on love

and don't be blinded by falsehoods

it will just take a little time

a little faith

a little hope

but the greatest one, love.

do not abandon the past

but do not forget to look ahead

remember what we have

and we'll have it to eternity.

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yes but im greedy and i want it now... time has taken from me the little things i cherished... the times i could hold you and not worry about you leaving... but now as time passes by it seems an eternity is slipping away without you by my side... and yet its only been a few weeks...

damn perception....

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so soon we learn

the time will grow

and further, we'll seem

but i don't know

don't trust my word

but do trust this

i seal my promise

with this everlasting kiss

i don't know what tomorrow brings

and i'm not sure if i want it

but tomorrow will come

and tomorrow we may get

i can't promise then

but i can promise for now

your love keeps me alive

some way, some how

i devote my self to you

it's yours for you to keep

just promise to care for me

and no more will tomorrow make me fear...

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now, a quick word on this piece...i was in a weird mood, and i was thinking about things i didn't want to think about...so this is what came out so i could get them out of my head...and it helped a bit...so i come of a little angry...sorry...

We met. It was fated, I know. It had to have been.

Something was right, and she introduced us.

I had made my first friend in you and we smiled.

True friends, and then something happened.

The change in you wasn?t expected; you made me what I was.

And then it happened, I knew I loved you. And you loved me, too.

We went our separate ways, and I didn?t think I?d see you again.

But I did. Fate led me to a place where I could speak to you.

And we?d talk, and we planned that fated day.

It came, and we knew it, the love was shared, I loved you.

You were leaving where you were, back to where we met.

I?d see you all the time then?and then something happened.

Did you even bother to consider how much it hurt?

I?ve spent my life devoting my self to you and you threw it away.

But when you came back to me, I crumbled and together we were.

And you did it again. And again. And again?until that one day.

You told me you were leaving, and never coming back.

I died that day. I looked for help everywhere.

No one could help me. I spiraled.

Yet, as a good actress, I went on and tried to have fun.

Then I heard the song, and I cried into his shoulder.

He held me in a way that felt so familiar; I didn?t want it to end.

I let go, and he asked what was wrong?so he knew?he knew you left me.

He looked into my eyes the rest of that night.

And even though he was ?with? someone else that night, he held me,

And told me things would be all right.

I didn?t want to believe him that night, but I did.

And I called you to ask if things were all right.

You yelled at me, called me another, and you hung up in anger.

My friends were lost, what were they to do?

My father was sick, and we were alone, what do we do?

I spent that summer, drowning my self.

I went on with my life, had a few kicks, and met a few guys.

Sure they were nice, one even foreign, but they only wanted me for one thing,

And that was the end.

Then they told me the news, ?dad?s getting relocated.?

Quick and in a rage, I lost all senses.

Telling everyone I knew to hope, to pray, that I would still be here,

And I was. Even you, the one I didn?t think cared, you came through.

More and more went on and we were talking more and more.

And you encouraged me to write?to you. And I did.

One thing led to another, and on my birthday, the unthinkable.

Half an hour of reading and rereading the message, I answered your plea,

One word was written; it was all I could think to say, ?yes.?

And things were normal again, to a point.

We were talking, laughing; things were going great, I thought.

Then you changed. You seemed bitter, lonely, annoyed.

Something wasn?t right. And then it happened. That one fated night

That February night. Something in me died that day.

One of those feelings that something will go wrong?and it did.

It all went wrong. You turned into her. Bitter, uncaring, you felt alone.

?What did it matter?? ?It?s all too much to bear.?

I regret that night?I did so much wrong.

I pushed them all away; I tried to push myself away.

I lost a friend that night, I lost a lover, I lost my soul, and I lost that one last innocence.

The rest is a blur, and so much hurt that summer.

We all grew up, some grew apart?I lost so much that summer.

And then it came. That sorrowful response from us both.

I was sorry I did what I did, you were sorry you said what you said.

And we moved on.

I grew up and bridged the gap between us all.

And then you gave me the news.

?I?m tired of being here, I want to be with you.?

Then plans were flying.

The bus, the place, the things you needed, and your goodbyes were soon said.

And you were here, and I had lost someone in the process.

In truth I lost two, my timid self, and the one good friend who was there?

He hates me now, and he?ll never forgive me?

But you?re here, and that?s all that matters.

We met you that one day, out on the street.

I jumped out and off the moving wheels just to see you, to hold you,

To know that you were real, I kissed you, and we wouldn?t let go.

You came with me that day, and we became inseparable.

Then once it was too much again, with me always gone.

And you hurt me that time, I cried so much alone. I felt so betrayed.

Then it came. A party for both in two places, we spoke again in the bathroom,

And with words exchanged, we became an inseparable soul again.

Now we are here, and we are unbeatable.

You started over, I started over, and soon it will all be done.

Together forever isn?t so far off any more.

I loved you, I love you, forever, always, and more.

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I Didn?t Know

I really didn?t know.

And I didn?t think it was true.

So I decided to

Give up on you.

And where has this led us to?

No where.

But we could?ve been somewhere..

Somewhere nice, somewhere good,

And somewhere where you could be mine.

Well now I screwed it all up

For me and you.

Why can?t we go to a different day?

Where things could?ve been okay.

But I didn?t know, and couldn?t believe that it could?ve been true.

Maybe I should?ve been with you.

I could?ve been too,

If I would have believed that it was true.

Now what can we do?

I thought I should give up on you,

But now I don?t know what to do.

I?ve decided that I care for you,

And someday I?ll be with you!

But I didn?t know that this would be true.

And someday I'll come for you.

And someday, I'll be with you.

Yeah, someday, somehow, I'll be with you and I know that's true.

Edited by SoftballJedi

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In the greyness

and drizzle of one despondent

dawn unstirred by harbingers

of sunbreak a vulture

perching high on broken

bone of a dead tree

nestled close to his

mate his smooth

bashed-in head, a pebble

on a stem rooted in

a dump of gross

feathers, inclined affectionately

to hers. Yesterday they picked

the eyes of a swollen

corpse in a water-logged

trench and ate the things in its bowel. Full

gorged they chose their roost

keeping the hollowed remnant

in easy range of cold

telescopic eyes ...


indeed how love in other

ways so particular

will pick a corner

in that charnel-house

tidy it and coil up there, perhaps

even fall asleep - her face

turned to the wall!

... Thus the Commandant at Belsen

Camp going home for

the day with fumes of

human roast clinging

rebelliously to his hairy

nostrils will stop

at the wayside sweet-shop

and pick up a chocolate

for his tender offspring

waiting at home for Daddy's return ...

Praise bounteous

providence if you will

that grants even an ogre

a tiny glow-worm

tenderness encapsulated

in icy caverns of a cruel

heart or else despair

for in every germ

of that kindred love is

lodged the perpetuity

of evil.

This one was in the GCSE course i took this year, and i always thought it was one of the more thought provocative poems in the anthology.

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Have You?

Every day, just may seem the same.

But it?s not, oh no, it?s not.

At least for me it?s not. But I feel the same pain every day.

Because I feel, my world crashing down.

I could be oh so happy one moment but the next someone say something that would bring me down.

And it hurt, I hate the pain.

Have you ever felt so alone?

Have you ever felt the pain of being alone?

Have you ever wondered if they?d come back to you someday?

Or if something would go right for you.. for once?

It seems like every day, that?s all I feel.

I try to tell myself, that everything will be okay.

But it never seems to be.

It hurts so much.

I wish things wouldn?t be this way.

I don?t know what to do anymore.

It hurts so much, things can?t change.

I wish they would.

I may sound immature,

I may sound stupid,

But it?s true, what can I do?

No one ever responds,

I always get an answer ?no?.

Or something planned always gets messed up.

Have you ever felt this type of pain?

Do you know deep inside what this pain feels like?

What I go through every day?

I try to change my ways.

But when everything feels okay, something makes me feel terrible again.

I don?t know what to do,

About this pain inside me.

I guess someday I?ll be okay,

Someone will find me and save me.

Until then I don?t know what I?ll do.

I guess I?ll survive one more day, yeah, I?ll survive..

But have you ever felt this pain?

Did you ever find a way to make it go away?

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This might be a bit of a strange piece..it might seem jumbled together but that's because I've been feeling this way for a couple days and it just occured to me to let it out in a poem! lol Well, doesn't every just love the jr.high drama?


3 years, I knew you.

And the thought never crossed my mind

That I could like you.

But you sat down right next to me, and smiled at me, and it still didn?t cross my mind!

Yet one day, it did.

I took a glance at you and I just knew.

You were the only one

That I could have eyes for.

I thought that you cared for me too.

You said something to me,

Just a suggestion,

Not entirely out of the blue.

I agreed and I went there because of you.

Then I found out something that made my whole world come crashing down.

You liked her.

Her. Not me.

Her. One of my friends!

That broke my heart.

I didn?t know what to do.

All I knew was that I needed you.

That I, could never get you out of my mind!

Thinking about you hurts me so much now.

All I can think about now is you.

I don?t know what I?d do without you.

I know that my feelings for you are so different than feelings I?ve had for any other guy!

When I liked other guys, there was always another guy in the back of my mind.

But not with you.

With you, you are the only one in my mind.

No other guy could capture my eye.

Except you.

This is crazy.

I don?t know what?s happening to me.

But I know I?m falling for you.

I don?t think you even meant to,

But you already broke my heart.

Every time I see you, my heart skips about three beats.

A simple glance at you takes my breath away.

Who would?ve guessed?

One day, you were a regular guy and

the next day I can?t stop thinking about you!

I don?t know what happened.

I don?t know what I?m going to do.

Could it possibly be that I?m falling in love with you?

But you?ll never take a glance at me.

Because you still only have eyes for her.

I don?t know what to do.

Perhaps I should fade in the background?

Either way, you won?t see me.

Why did you fool me?

Or why did I have the hope that you cared for me?

I should?ve known, oh I should?ve known..

This could?ve never been true.

Thinking about you hurts so much..

Yet it brings me such a joy..

The feelings I have..

They won?t die out.

A single thought

Lit the candle

That made me realize how I felt for you.

It?ll take more than a single thought to stop this crush on you.

Even if I wanted to.

As long as this candle still burns,

I still have these feelings for you.

But love is more than a candle.

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I just wrote this last night, for my poetry class assignment, lol.

?Bad Sandals?

Rubbing, chafing

What kind of evil can this be?

Pain and more pain,

Pain begins to move up her foot

Up into her leg

What kind of cheap thrill

Did some mad person make?

An oozing, bloody mess

All over.

Pain, all over.

Band-Aids are not a cure all

For what enough fresh air can cure.

Bad sandals create


Chaos on your feet.

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Something everyone wants.

Something one won?t get.

I think it?s me

So paranoid, wondering what?ll happen if I say or do something wrong.

So, I ask everything now. Isn?t that sad?

But it?s the safest approach.

I analyze too, which isn?t that great.

It?s not like that with one person, it?s with everyone now.

What made life go this way?

What did I do to deserve this?

To deserve being ignored, never being invited, never getting a simple hello when I know you can see me?

And getting phone calls only for school questions?

I?ll admit it.

I?m jealous. I?m jealous of seeing the other girls who have a normal, friend-filled life.

Who get the phone calls, helloes, and the invites.

Which I don?t get.

I wish I could change.

I haven?t fallen that far yet.

I?m still there.

I just can?t help myself anymore, I?ve done all I can..

If anyone can-

I know someone could-

Help me, save me, I haven?t fallen that far, I?m not to the bottom yet!

Help me. I want to have true friendships.

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Another assignment piece..


Light dances in the sky

Sparkling upon stars

Flowers burst unto darkness

Thundering like mortar shells

Thuds rattle glass towers

And thrum swarming bodies

Oohs and aahs whisper across

Joining a few ?hell yeahs?

The finale lifts high

Energizing the crowd

Faces lean forward

Absorbing bright flashes

With a final loud clash

The smoke fades and the canvas clears.

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