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Sith homeworld changed in Clone Wars episode


Leaked plot details from the upcoming final episodes of The Clone Wars television series appear to introduce the Sith homeworld... but not as we know it.

Korriban has been enshrined in the Star Wars expanded universe as the homeworld of the Sith race and littered with ancient temples dedicated to the Dark Lords of the Sith, but The Clone Wars seems set to establish the Sith homeworld as "Moriband".

Originally the Sith homeworld was said to be Ziost, but this was later clarified (or maybe retconned) to be a later capital world of the Sith Empire, with Korriban being their planet of origin. Dromund Kaas has also the distinction of being a Sith capital world.

Could Moriband simply be another of several major worlds in the long history of the Sith? Or is this a sign of things to come, as major alterations to Star Wars canon creep their way into the mainstream media.

Disney have remained tight-lipped on the changes to the expanded universe so far, but there are whispers that almost everything past Return of the Jedi is to be wiped clean, with major characters being used as templates for characters in the new sequel trilogy and all-encompassing continuity.

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