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Stan Lee supports Marvel crossover


Can you imagine Luke Skywalker teaming up with the Avengers? Well Stan Lee can.

In an interview with Big Issue the creator of many of Marvel's mightiest heroes appeared enthusiastic about the prospect of a crossover between the Star Wars and Marvel franchises. With Disney owning both universes it's not totally impossible, although it does seem an unlikely pairing.

"Can you imagine Spider-Man saying 'may the Force be with you?' It may come to that!" Lee says, explaining that if there was a demand for it then the studio would find a way to make it work.

Spider-Man recently rejoined his fellow Marvel characters under the Disney banner after previously being solely useable on the silver screen by Sony Pictures, and will appear in the upcoming movie Captain America: Civil War.

With the Lucasfilm Story Group keeping a tight leash on the direction of Star Wars canon it's unlikely we will see such a crossover any time soon, although Marvel and Star Wars characters can be found mixing freely in the Disney Infinity video game.

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