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Marvel Star Wars makes major Han Solo revelation


If you're avoiding spoilers then you may not want to read this article about the latest reveal in Marvel's Star Wars comic series.

Since Disney swept away the old Star Wars Expanded Universe authors, such as those responsible for Marvel's new fully-approved official canon Star Wars comic series, have had a lot more freedom with the characters and storylines. 

This is especially apparent now that Marvel Star Wars #6 has revealed that everybody's favourite scoundrel, Han Solo, may actually have been married during at least part of the original Star Wars trilogy. The shocking revelation comes when a woman introducing herself as Sana Solo arrives, announcing to Leia that she is his wife and stating "Han Solo belongs to me".

It is unknown whether Sana's claims are true, but the pair were definitely not on good terms, and she had spent a great deal of time travelling the galaxy trying to track Han down.

Marvel Star Wars is an official canon comic, slotting in the gap between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. This means that while Han was busy trying to woo Princess Leia he had a wife who was trying to track him down. The storyline isn't yet finished, so things will certainly become more clear soon enough.

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