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    • The Inebriation Station
      By Mara · Posted
      My mom gave me her cold, blergh.
    • Fallout
      By TheUnknown · Posted
      I want to try this series.  Any recommendations on where to start?
    • Michael Crichton
      By Mara · Posted
      Haha, it kind of was. But better.   I actually had delayed reading it for a while, unsure, because I knew M.C. hadn't written the whole thing... but I finally cracked and read it. And it was good. I couldn't really tell where Crichton left off and Preston began.   Will be interesting to see if this ever makes development and gets a green light, though. DreamWorks had also bought the rights to Pirate Latitudes back in 2009, and nothing's happened with that yet, so... lol.
    • Minecraft.
      By TheUnknown · Posted
      Yeah, Gamestop didn't have any pre-owned editions when I was there.  The trade-in value is still pretty reasonable.  I'm trying to get one last achievement so I can 100% it and trade it in (I can always switch to the Xbox One edition when I want to).  The problem is I have to play with someone else to get said achievement.
    • Star Wars Battlefront closed alpha sign-up opens
      By Andy · Posted
      Yeah, nobody likes Origin.
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