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So, I'm fiddling with the timeline / database as usual and with more TV shows fast approaching I feel it's time I tackle the way they are handled. So, if anybody has any opinions or feedback, it'd be immensely appreciated.



So, a while ago I separated the database (information about films/books/shows etc) from the timeline, so I can organise them independently in their own way. For the Timeline display I'm thinking that only series as a whole should be on the list rather than each episode, because that would get messy real fast.



At the moment I only have one article for (for example) The Mandalorian but I've already put in place the option to set sub-entries so a series can have a list of it's episodes, and each episode can link to the previous and following episodes, and back to the main series. I haven't done this much yet, but the comic Darth Maul - Son of Dathomir is already doing this.

Now then, do you think I should make a separate article for each season? I guess if I don't it could get messy for long-running series' or if there are a lot of episodes per season.

I've been looking at IMDb for inspiration, but I'm open to suggestions. :)

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I agree that it would be way too cluttered to do a separate timeline entry per episode... esp. for more long-running series like the Clone Wars.

As for articles...    one per season could be helpful from a discussion standpoint. While they probably will be all interconnected through the series, a lot of times one season will have its own "entity" per se.    And since the Disney + shows particularly will be shorter - I think the Mandalorian is ten episodes? And Favreau has said he's already working on season 2. While I saw the Obi-Wan one will be a 4-episode/part miniseries - I can't imagine it getting too messy.  Even for the six, soon to be seven, season of the Clone Wars, that would probably get a bit chaotic if all of them were mashed together.


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