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News: Marvel Comics to take over from Dark Horse

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It has recently emerged that production of Star Wars comics will move to Disney-owned Marvel Comics from 2015, after an almost 25-year run with Dark Horse.In what is perhaps not the most totally unexpected move Disney is to bring Star Wars comics in-house to Marvel, bringing an end to a licencing deal that first started with 1989's Dark Empire.

Dark Horse have been given until 2015 to wrap up their current productions before Marvel take control. Marvel themselves are no stranger to Star Wars, having published the first comics for the franchise from 1977 until 1986. Mark Richardson of Dark Horse remains upbeat despite the obvious disappointment of losing the Star Wars comics licence, and stated that they have many other exciting projects in the works.

With the reorganisation of the Star Wars expanded universe, and the release of Episode VII and the other sequels in the next few years it is sure to be an interesting time for Marvel's new foray into a galaxy far far away.

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