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What's in your "To read" pile?

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I've got a nice backpile to read.


Here's my list:

The Last Jedi

Red Harvest

Old Republic: Fatal Alliance


Shadow Games


Old Republic Deceived

The Force Unleashed II

Daw of the Jedi: Into the Void

The Jedi Path

Old Republic: Annihilation

Old Republic: Rean


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I need the get everything read from the second half of the third Force Heretic book all the way to the Fate of the Jedi series.

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Your list is bigger than mine!

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That's what happens when you haven't read SW in almost a decade.

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:O Blasphemy!

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I'm closing in on a decade too, probably! Canny remember if I started Legacy or not yet...

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Bad furday

Lol, I should probably finish that Legacy of the Force/Fate of the Jedi/ whatever that enormous 9? 10? 11? book story arc was...the one that everyone panned as an excuse to stretch the books out as much as possible :p    Could probably get the last few books really cheap now :p





I've got Scoundrels to finish ( so good! :D )

And Mercy Kill is waiting for me on the shelf...

And a collection of short stories called Robots Have no Tails that I picked up at CVI, but never got around to.. :p

And I'm putting Kenobi on my Must Get when Paperback list.  Filling in the gaps between Episode 3 and 4! Though, to be fair, they did a it in Darth Vader, Lord of the Sith ( Obi Wan in a bar on Tatooine, seeing Darth Vader walking around on a Holonet broadcast and reacting with horror, because he knows....

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Oh you've got to finish Mercy Kill.  I talked to Allston about it at CVI

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