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Tom Baker joins the Star Wars family?


Tom Baker has casually let slip to fans that he has signed on for a voice-over role in an upcoming Star Wars project. 

Baker's best known role is as the fourth incarnation of The Doctor, the enigmatic and often eccentric focus of the long-running British television show, Doctor Who, and he has voiced numerous commercials and other shows, such as the comedy sketch show Little Britain, and his last on-screen appearance was in Doctor Who's 50th anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor.

“I’m going down to record some voices for this new character they’ve created for me,” he told fans as he signed autographs at a Doctor Who convention in Slough, UK, earlier this month.

There has been no hints as to the exact role Baker would be taking on, or which exact project he would be involved in. With The Force Awakens due for release within the next few months, it is more likely that Baker's role would be in a different production, such as the animated show, Star Wars: Rebels.

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      Dunno where, I'm kinda looking forward to the new Dr Who series. lol.
      Did Dr Who ever get popular in the US or anywhere?
      It's a BBC sci-fi creation that pre-dates even Star Trek. bwahhahaa!!

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