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Lucasfilm Story Group to redefine canon

Bleeding Cool has reported that a new Lucasfilm Story Group has been set up to define a single more consistent version of Star Wars canon that future stories can work around. This is in contrast with the previous stance of creator George Lucas, who insisted that his movies and the expanded universe formed two separate continuities.

The current system of Star Wars canon is based on a hierarchy with the movies at the top and other media having less importance, and being ignored when it contradicts anything above it in the pecking order.

The new Lucasfilm Story Group has been convened to sort out the inconsistencies in the current hierarchy system and create a single definitive version of canon. Leland Chee, long-time keeper of the Star Wars expanded universe holocron continuity database is part of this new team, along with Pablo Hidalgo.

Does this mean that reports of Episode VII ignoring the expanded universe are untrue? If Disney and Lucasfilm are hoping to create a single version of canon then the only other way to achieve this would mean scrapping huge swathes of the expanded universe altogether, a move which would be likely to anger fans.

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