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TR-8R: Stormtrooper's identity revealed

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Lucasfilm has confirmed the identity of the First Order stormtrooper dubbed "TR-8R" by internet meme artists after he yelled "traitor!" at Finn in The Force Awakens

The stormtrooper's true designation is FN-2199, and he was one of Finn's squadmates prior to the hero blasting his way out of Starkiller Base and joining the Resistance. Dubbed "Nines" by his friends, he trained alongside Finn (then known as FN-2187) before joining a riot control squad that uses betaplast shields and lightsaber resistant Z9 batons for subduing crowds at odds with the First Order's regime.

Nines appeared in the Greg Rucka book Before the Awakening, which includes a nifty illustration by Phil Noto showing the red-haired stormtrooper sat in the background. On the big screen, he was voiced by David Accord, a sound editor from Skywalker Sound, while stunt actor Liang Yang gave him his moves.

It has been hinted that we may not have seen the last of Nines...


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Yeah, I saw this, too. I hadn't realized the "traitor" thing had become so viral, ha.

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I guess the Star Wars fandom has a habit of latching onto minor characters: Kit Fisto's grin in AotC earned him more attention than the script called for, and even Boba Fett didn't have a great deal of lines when he made his debut.

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Yeah, I suppose. But I'm not really a social media hog, so I don't catch this stuff. :p

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