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Episode VII filming in Abu Dhabi?


Recent rumors suggest that some filming for Star Wars Episode VII may be done on location in Abu Dhabi.

The Hollywood Reporter first published a few days ago a rumor that Star Wars was headed to Abu Dhabi, possibly to create scenes based on Tatooine. Now, Abu Dhabi newspaper The National has revealed what it claims are photographs that prove this rumor, showing some set detail from the upcoming movie.

None of this proves that the Abu Dhabi desert is portraying Tatooine, the childhood home planet of both Anakin and Luke Skywalker, which has previously only been seen on film as Tunisia. It may well be that Abu Dhabi is playing host to another barren planet of the Star Wars galaxy, either newly created or already existing in canon.

It may be worth mentioning that it has previously been rumored that the ancient Sith stronghold of Moraband/Korriban could feature in Episode VII, and is also known to be a largely barren desert planet.

The National's article describes the large round object as bearing a resemblance to the escape pod used by R2-D2 and C-3PO in the original 1977 film, but to me it looks more like the bottom of an AT-AT's foot. Most intriguing.

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