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Player housing coming to The Old Republic


BioWare has released a video announcement of a new player housing feature for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

BioWare Community Manager Eric Musco teased players with a video showing what appeared to be player housing during a Twitch livestream yesterday. This confirmed what dataminers had recently posted on Reddit, showing that additions to the game code and assets pointed towards this feature being implemented.

Today it was officially confirmed with this announcement trailer, captured from the development livestream:

Player housing is a feature missing from many recent MMOs, and amongst fans who played Star Wars Galaxies especially this has been a much requested feature that is sure to prove popular.

Player-owned structures in Star Wars Galaxies could be placed almost anywhere on a planet, with some player controlled cities becoming busier than areas built by the developers. Houses allowed players to sell merchandise and show off their possessions, as well as provide valuable storage space.

It is currently not clear what kind of system The Old Republic will be using but more details are sure to emerge soon.

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