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Found 5 results

  1. Andy

    Updates 2017 #1

    I've been doing a bunch of background improvements to GB which should mean a more reliable and secure connection to the site, and have been working on a few features. Star Wars Canon Timeline I have separated the canon timeline from the Legends timeline. As usual it isn't complete, but I am happy with the results so far and it should still look great on mobiles. I will continue to add items to it as I get chance, and I'm still not certain how to handle individual TV episodes. Check it out here: https://www.galacticbasic.net/star-wars-canon-timeline I'll update the legends timeline soon, since it isn't growing any larger now. HTTPS A little while ago I enabled a site-wide security certificate on GB, meaning that all data between your browser and the server is encrypted. You might have noticed the padlock icon in your address bar already. A caveat of this is that some older posts with embedded images will now be unable to display the image if it isn't available by a secure method. New posts with unsecure images will be automatically upgraded though. Static resource improvements Previously, every file and image would generate a cookie, even if it didn't need one. I've moved all static resources to a cookieless subdomain, which should be better for performance. Probably not a major one, but every little helps!
  2. Andy

    Updates: Autumn 2016

    So, not much has happened in the way of updates really, but I have managed to renew the licence and update the site to the latest version, so that's always nice. An unintended side effect of this is that the long-expired Blogs function has also been renewed. Sadly the old blog content has not survived, but we have been many years without it so it's no big loss. If anybody wants to stay a blog, feel free. Other than that, I'm currently looking to move hosting and obtain a free SSL certificate to enable secure connections on GB.
  3. Andy

    GB Updates: Spring 2016

    It's Easter weekend, and what better time a for a spring clean. You may have noticed some of the changes as they appeared, but here's a summary of what's changed so far this year. Updates now live A Star Wars "Media Library" has been added for reviews and information about publications. Star Wars Timeline has been tweaked. Rather than contain full information itself, it will link through to the Media Library. Media Library allows visitors to rate and leave their own reviews. Font changes using Google Fonts: Body text is "Open Sans", page header is "Marcellus". Notification area popup colours have been tweaked to fit with the theme. Android/Windows/Apple mobile browsers now change colour to fit the theme (where supported by the browser/OS). Removed the instant messenger usernames section of member profiles, because we don't really need to know each other's ICQ numbers in the 21st century. Added silly warning pop up for EU cookie law for people who don't know that cookies are all over the internet. Tweaked colours of tags... The orange was getting too much. Updates planned Further tweaks to Timeline and Library sections, potentially to allow users to add/edit content wiki-style. Revist the Calendars - I'm not sure I like the separated lists, and it's a pain to maintain. Find a way to add forum activity, timeline entries, calendar events, and media library entries to the front page. Review display of news articles
  4. Merry Sithmas everybody! I hope Darth Santa brought you some lovely things this year! I have decided to post a "monthly" update with the latest changes to GB, so without further ado here are the latest updates (more may be added in due course). Updates now live New main navigation menu system New look for featured articles on homepage Articles no longer post a topic to the forum or share comments with forum threads Calendar events no longer allow comments Calendar split into: Community / US Release Schedule / UK Release Schedule Star Wars Timeline offline for maintenance Updates in progress Restyle Star Wars Timeline New look for recent articles on homepage Timeline entries will use reviews instead of comments Timeline reviews must be approved. Calendar to be updated with upcoming release schedule Calendar to be distributed as iCal feeds Updates planned Restyle article view Restyle article list pages Any comments or suggestions are welcome as always, .
  5. See what I did there? No? Oh, you will! This is just a heads up that I'm currently working on upgrading our trusty old Invision Power Board forum software from IPB 3.x to the flashy new IPS4. Now, d'ya get it? This version is a big leap from the current version so expect numerous changes, hopefully for the better. I will be attempting the final switch next weekend, so everything should be ready for May the 4th.

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