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Admiral Daala

Politcal Debate 20003-It is suppesod to be humor

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Admiral Daala

Ok, I got the idea off of theforce.net. It's a politaclal debate, it has Padme, Bail Organa, Palpatine, and Nute Grunay. A/A are married, Luke and Leia are born, Ani doesnt go onto the Dark Side, Palpatine does, and Bail is Ani best friend, Bail is also married to Padme's sister Sola.

Droid:Welcome! This is the deabate that, most people will choise who they want to vote for! We welcome for the Imperail Party Palpatine, for the Trade Fedartion Party Nute Gunray, for the Jedi (i just made that up) Amidala Skywaler, and for the Freedom Party Bail Organa!

Palpatine: Hey! Amidala is no Jedi!

Amidala: My husband is one and my twins are one, I am the diaoplamtic (sp) of the family and the Jedi gave me permision to do this!

Droid: Now that's over, Let us begin!

Nute: I was uh *ahem* just going to suggest that!

Bail: Riiight

Droid: Nute Gunary do you think the corrupation in the Senate is importent?

Nute: I didn't no there was any.

*Amidala raises eyebrow's at him*

Droid: Amidala same question

Amidala: Yes, it should be destoryed immedaltley.

*Palpatine snorts*

Droid: Palpatine, what do you think about the Jedi?

Palpatine: They are evil!! *evil laughter*

Anakin (who is in the stands) What! *reaches for lightsaber*

Obi-Wan: Uh Anakin I don't think that you should try to kill ole Palpster' here in public, with Leia sitting on your lap. I have Luke on mine remember?

Anakin: Oh yeah.

(Ok I am gonna leave you there for now, tell me if you like it)

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Admiral Daala

*Commerical voice* Here's a nice cool new drink it's called Planet Pop, when you drink it explodes in your mouth, just like a planet......

*Back in the Debate*

Droid: Bail Organa what do you think about the Jedi?

Bail: My brother-in-law is a Jedi and I KNOW that if I say I hate them and they

are scum he'll kill me so I think they are okay.

Droid: Amidala Skywaker? What if I told you that a Death Star was going to destory Alldrean (sp?) and your son would get his butt fried by Palpatine what would you say?

Amidal:First I would destory you, and kill Palpatine.


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LOL! I like it...

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Admiral Daala

Commerical Voice: You haven't gotten one? Why I outta.......

Droid: Now then questions from the audince here is one from Jedi Master Yoda! Err wait a minute it is in Yoda-speak, I got to translate it. Ah here it is in Baisic: How do you feel about the ways of the Jedi?

Palpatne: I personally feel the Sith should take over......

Amidala: We know that old Palpster!

*Bail Organa shakes head sadly*

*Nute faints*

Droid: I think we need a nice litte commericial brake.....

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