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A Reason Why I DON'T Want Lucas To Make The Sequel Trilogy

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Okay, I have a pretty liberal definition of "canon." Basically, anything that doesn't contradict the movies and/or has the Infinities seal is canon to me. I believe that if Lucas didn't want everyone excapting other authors' events, characters, etc., the greedy nerfherder shouldn't have liscenced the rights or should have taken a more active role in the writing process. I also accept anything where a contradiction can be explained logically (ie. Boba Fett not dying).

Anyways, I've heard that if Lucas were to make Episodes 7, 8, and 9, he would NOT go by the books and comics and would instead come up with something different. That worries me because, what if it casts a major part of the EU into apocrypha (sp?)? I would hate to have to reject The NJO or something like that.

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