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Brothers All (Republic Commando Roleplay, can't post poll on taptalk. Need 5 people. Info/discuss/ character profiles.)

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Okay. Note that some of the things in this roleplay are my own inventions, not from the cannon, and based on partial knowledge of the lore.

The Commandos. The most elite unit in the republic army. They are trained from birth to be the best of the best by a group of bounty hunters assembled by Jango Fett. Some of these were men, others woman, all were templates for new clones, the commandos. There were several squads that were made, all of which counted in the greek language. Alpha squad, the first. Beta squad, delta squad, epsilon, omega, and zeta. Alpha, Delta, and Omega were the best of the squads. And you are the new recruits of Omega Squad, training, meeting, and preparing to go to Geonosis.

Okay. We are commandos, male or female, it doesn't matter. And we are Omega squad. We will have a limit of five spots. My character is the squad leader. We will start when they first met on Kamino and then fast forward to Geonosis, when they're 25.


Designation: (For instance, mine: 01-312)

Nickname: (For instance mine: Scout






Template Name:


Do not include history, as it is pretty much we trained in Kamino and are being sent to Geonosis. Or personality, we'll discover that in the roleplay.

Sorry that I can't post a poll.

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Hey, glad you're interested in roleplaying on GB, we haven't been as busy lately as we used to be so I'm not sure if there will be enough interest to start a new RP at the moment...

You're welcome to bring in friends or other people from elsewhere to RP with you if you want to. If it proved popular I could make a new subforum for you. :)

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