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News: Get Jedi Academy on Android!

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2003 so the most recent instalment in the fan favourite Jedi Knight game series, Jedi Academy. Now, thanks to the efforts of an independent games company you can bring the classic Star Wars gaming experience to your Android device!Belok Games have created a way to port your existing Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy game data over to an Android device, enabling you to relive this classic Star Wars game on the go.

Their app, Jedi Academy Touch, does not include the original game data from LucasArts and Raven Software, but provides a way for your Android device to handle the PC game data into a format your device can understand. It's hard to believe that Jedi Academy is now over ten years old, but the original game can still be picked up for relatively low prices, including through digital download service, Steam.

If you own both Jedi Academy and a compatible Android device, instructions can be found on the Google Play app page, but be warned that the developer recommends you have at least a dual core device in order to play the game.

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