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Radioactive Isotope

Young Justice (Spoilers ahoy!)

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Radioactive Isotope

Anyone else watching this on Cartoon Network? If not, you should be. Great animation, great story, engaging and nuanced characters, and plot twists you don't see coming. This show is a great successor to Batman: The Animated Series and Justice League; it has a similar feel with a great blend of humor and not being afraid to go to the darker places in the story. I think my favorite character is Wally West/Kid Flash. And I always adore Robin.

Season 2: Invasion is currently running. You can catch up online although it might take some digging since CN doesn't seem to have full episodes ( :( ). I just finished the latest episode and was absolutely floored by the twist that was built off another twist. The writers are doing an amazing job. I can honestly say I have yet to see an episode I didn't like.

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