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James the Defender

The Trumpet's Call

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James the Defender

This story takes place on Retal, my own dearly held planet. It's a small, out of the way planet that, at this point, has just joined the GA. If it sounds plenty like earth, it's because Retal has plenty of advancement, but it is also backwater. I'll start with the Dramatis Personae in this post and then have the prologue in the next post.

Accompanying this, before the DP, is the list of what the craft alpha-numeric descriptions entail.

R=Retallian. All the ship classes are the same for the Uletallians, except the R will be U instead. These ships are listed from large to small.

RB=Retallian Battleship

RH=Retallian Heavy Cruiser

RL=Retallian Light Cruiser

RD=Retallian Destroyer

RS=Retallian Submarine

RW=Retallian Watch Boat

Dramatis Personae

(Note: All characters are from the planet Retal. The place name at the end of each Dramatis Personae entry is that person’s region on Retal.)

Retal Forces

Cen Lelenner; Admiral in the Retallian Navy (human female from Creslian)

Session Niisiie; Seaman aboard Retallian Muscle, RB-12 (human male from Operii)

Finee Reliira; Specialist aboard Pride, RD-4 (Native Retallian male from Swilkee)

Kore Rendirriie; President of Retal (human male from Creslian)

Ston Renner; Commandant, Commander of the Retallian Navy (human male from Tanii)

Airyl Sinkron; Commodore, Commander of the First Division, First Fleet of the Retallian Navy (human male from Tanii)

Ronsee Tendirii; Senior Deck Officer aboard Blood Red Sea, RB-62 (human male from Lokken)

Lensii Ternasaa; Fleet Admiral, Commander of the Second Fleet (Native Retallian from Sercom)

Selon Tokkel; Fleet Admiral, Commander of the First Fleet (human male from Creslian)

Gren Trenarii; Senator from Retal in the Galactic Alliance Senate (human male from Lokken)

Tek Trenolia; Captain of Sovereignty, RH-35 (human male from Creslian)

United Uletal Forces

Yeo Rety; President of UU (human male from Uletal)

Del Risp; Lieutenant Commander aboard Separatist, US-1 (human male from Uletal)

Ranner Telera; Ensign aboard Freedom, RB-4 (human male from Uletal)

Lin Tonna; Commander of the Uletallian Navy (human female from Uletal)

Tern Yilliner; High Seaman aboard Birthright, RH-17 (human male from Uletal)

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James the Defender


The twelve inch guns of Blood Red Sea, RB-62, lowered with a mechanical whine as they targeted a ship designated on its radar as red, an enemy. With a mighty roar, the main batteries on the bow deck opened up, sending six shots toward the ship.

Likewise, Bird of Prey, RD-12, sent four shots from her six-inch bow guns to destroy the foe. The four shells, though of smaller power than Blood Red Sea’s, were guided and they hit home, whereas only four of the six of the larger ship’s hit.

The enemy craft remained silent. It did not return fire, nor did it attempt to move from the hail of fire. Instead, the old battleship, the former RB-1, Big Shot, absorbed the shells and waited for more punishment.

Sentry, the Retallian Watch Boat designated RW-12, swept in and fired her forty-millimeter gun with armor-piercing rounds. Though ineffective against the hull armor of the ship, the rounds were effective against the anchor chain. The boat also fired three torpedoes from its front launch tubes. After this, Sentry sped away.

The old battleship now started to drift, but the impact of the torpedoes allowed it to take on water. Soon, it started to sink and despite the fact it had no anchor, the weight of the water kept it sinking in place.

The crew aboard Blood Red Sea began to holler at Sentry. The small ship was not part of this and had come from nowhere to take glory away from the larger ships. With quick motion, belying its size, the large battleship turned broadside and unloaded with all four of its turrets. The twelve explosive shells all hit home on the deck armor of the target.

The old battleship now crumpled under the barrage of overkill fire from the newer battleship. Stress lines could be seen along the hull armor and she began to sink ever faster. There was no hope for this ship as it slipped below the waterline, only to be seen again by sonar scans and the numerous amount of sea life in the ocean of Retal.

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