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James the Defender

Red Nova section

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James the Defender

This is part of a novel-length work. A little background: the Galactic Alliance finds itself embattled with a rebellion of planets known as Red Nova. This rebellion has had the far superior starfighters up until this time. This is the first battle where the Alliance has enjoyed superiority from their Space Superiority Fighters. Sword and Truth is the name of Sayr's fighter. Talons are also Alliance fighters. Retal is Sayr's home planet.

I think that's enough background.

How I wrote this is a big break from my normal writing style. I don't normally write with this much imagery, but this just kinda flowed. It is one of my favorite sections of writing I've ever written. Please, read it carefully.

Here it is...I'z nervous, lol

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James the Defender

Sayr coursed with the ebb and flow of his brand new fighter. He played the concerto of red laser lances and the hauntingly high-pitched aria of torpedoes firing. Every instrument was in harmony and even his astromech, R2-J7, tootled with the stream of beautiful music that was Sword and Truth.

The war was reduced to a battle of orchestras and Sayr flew his own solo. He dominated the other embattled band and conquered their solo sections. One by one, they lowered their instruments in defeat as their heads they hung in shame.

Sayr Airyl, was, in this moment, conducting the entire symphony. Each embattled aria and ensemble was his to own. He controlled the pace and tempo of the battles, he dictated to the enemy fighters when and how to end their section of the song.

This battle was an aria, that one an ensemble, yet the other one was a sonata. Each song ended and led into the next one. Sometimes the next song was intense and unrestrained; sometimes the next song was slower and moved more progressively.

All were beautiful; all heralded another song.

The symphony was long, but it was mesmerizing, haunting, beautiful, and lovely. It was the symphony of which a fighter pilot dreams.

Sayr and the rest of the Galactic Alliance were now enjoying the wonderful work of music and art Red Nova had previously enjoyed.

Each explosion was a dash of paint; each red lance meeting with shield sent out a blue spark of fury. Each torpedo launch opened a new can of paint onto the canvas of black, oily space and tan, sandy soil of the planet below.

The red lances of laser, the blue trails of ions, and the ruby wash X-wing drives mixed with the green lances of light, orange drives, and yellow trails from missiles of Talons. These colors set to the backdrop of stars and planets intertwined to create brush strokes of color set in an easel of armor and energy shields. These colors absolutely dominated the weaker colors of Red Nova.

Colors were blended together on the edges, creating beautiful lines and intricate colors found only in the painting of the battle above Tatooine. In the hands of its skilled artist, Sword and Truth became not only a tool, but a tool of mastery. Its pilot controlled the colors to be blended, the painting to be molded, and the colorful masterpiece that was taking shape.

He, Sayr, was the master painter. He was the artist. He was the conductor. He was the man in charge of it all.

He, to himself, created this masterpiece and it all unfolded at his command. A dash of orange paint here from an explosion, a long solo from the brass section as he sent screeching torpedoes at his enemies. He controlled the music. Yes, indeed, he controlled the painting.

Sayr had entered the realm of a true master pilot.

Painting met music in the space and skies above Tatooine. Never again would Red Nova be so able to control space superiority. Never again would the Alliance starfighter lines be so beleaguered.

As Sayr let loose another set of JL Mark III Stage II proton torpedoes, he thought about the tide of the war. This was it! They had the war!

As his torpedoes impacted the shields and superheated the armor of the bird-of-prey-shaped craft in front of him, he thought of Retal and how beautiful it would be to reside there once again after this war was finished. He had visions of sitting on the beaches of Tanii with his wife, tanning in the noon sun.

That vision, and the sight of the Red Nova craft exploding, brought a smile to his face. With this smile part of his visage, he whipped his craft around using his X-wing’s thrust vectoring option and zoomed off to find another piece of Sithspawn on which to unload his next torpedoes.

Edited by James the Defender

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