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Best of Craigslist

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So, craigslist is hilarious.

My favorite section is Missed Connections. Its ridiculous! A radio morning show by me does "missed connections of milwaukee" every morning :lol: .

Post funny findings of your own!

05 Dec 2009 - nyc - 1500 live ladybugs, accidently bought while drunk, feels bad.

So, after consuming pot brownies and getting a little too drunk on thanksgiving a friend and i decided to buy 1500 live ladybugs from amazon, which was a great idea until they came in the mail. Now they're sitting on my windowsill and I have nothing to really do with them. If i set them free they'll die in this weather, if I leave them on my windowsill they'll die.

So, if you have a greenhouse or some kind of animals to feed them to it'd be awesome. I don't want to ruin 1500 lives.

Email me and tell me what your'e gonna do with them, and if you can come pick them up. And they're yours.


22 Nov 2009 - chs - To the guy who probably though I was a stalker - w4m

On Saturday night (technically Sunday morning) at about 2:30 am, I follow you down King Street starting at somewhere around George Street and until Broad Street. Judging by the number of times you turned around, you probably thought I was stalking you. I promise I'm not some creeper, but I will admit I was using you. I apologize and feel like I owe you an explanation. I periodically make the poor decision to walk home from the bars alone. However, I have have a two-part safety system that has thus far worked out quite well. You were unwittingly part one of my plan.

Part one: Quasi-group up with someone/some people. I prefer a group of at least one guy and at least one girl, but I settled for you last night. I keep the perfect distance from my quasi-group. Far enough back so that you can't easily get me, but close enough so that if **** goes down, you can hear me struggle or scream and (hopefully) come help.

Part two: the raptor claw. You played no role in this part of the strategy, but I thought I'd share so you can fully appreciate what you were unknowingly involved in last night. I make a fist and put my house key in between my fingers and backed up to my palm. Like a stealthy raptor, I plan to stab an attacker with my killer claw. Secretly, I always take a couple of practice raptor claw strikes and sometime roar in my head. You have no idea how entertaining this is when you're drunk.

I don't expect you to respond. I sure as hell wouldn't if some crazy girl talked about being a dinosaur. I just thought you deserved an explanation since you might have prevented an attack. A raptor attack. ROAR

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