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The Republic Rangers - Hiatus

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Dramatis Personae

Thomas Anderson

Vernet Boney

James Brehm

Claire Lieussink

Arnaz Ver?eth

?Ok, what are we susposed to do? Are we on hiatus or something?? James Brehm asked, sitting in a Green room, waiting for something to happen.

?I don?t know.? Thomas Anderson said, sitting opposite of him, reading a datapad. ?I never got any notices from the producers or my agent.? He sighed. ?I need to get paid? I got a new place not too far from here and the payments are crazy.?

?We?re getting paid.? Said Claire Lieussink, eating a bagel. ?I got my paycheck yesterday, so we?re getting paid to sit around and do nothing.?

?Where?s Winters?? James asked.

?You mean Ricard or the writer?? Tom asked.

?The writer, because I need to at least work or I might as well go do another project or something.? He looked at Claire. ?Do you know anything??

?Just because I?m hot doesn?t mean that people actually talk to me? they tend to just look at my boobs? or my ass?? Claire said, putting cream cheese on her bagel. She sighed. The door opened and a creamy haired Bothan with a group of other Bothans following right behind him.

?Hey Arnaz.? Tom said, waving at him.

?Hey? what?s your name again.? He said

?It?s Tom, we work together?? Tom said, with comtempt.

?OH! YEAH! That?s right.? He extended his hand. ?Arnaz Ver?eth, nice to meet you.?

?I play your executive officer??

?No?. I would know.? He turned to James. ?Hey, do we have a script??

?No we don?t, do you know what?s happening??

?No, entourage, do you know anything?? He asked the group behind him. They shook his head. ?Ok, we?re out.? And the Bothan left.

?I hate him.? Claire said, biting into her bagel.

?Well, he adds the star power? plus not many Bothans would play this role for some reason?? Tom said with distain.

James sighed. ?I just want to work? I mean? I?m supposed to be marrying Claire.?

?Three months!? Claire squealed.

?Anyway, I think I?ll go home, wanna join me Claire?? James said, getting up, she walked to join him. ?I?ll see you tomorrow Tom, say hey to the wife.?

?Will do.?

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