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Character Profiles

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The X-men / Xavier's Students:


  • Colossus - Piotr "Peter" Nikolaievitch Rasputin (CANON)
    Abilities: Able to transform body into a form of organic metal. While armoured has superhuman strength, durability and stamina, near invulnerability to most physical attacks and some magical
    Age: 24
    Bio: Once part of Magneto's Acolytes. Peter returned home to Russia after Magneto's apparent death. He returned to join forces with the X-Men when Apocalypse attacked the Earth. After the battle, he joined Xavier's school and completed a few college-level courses. He also learned combat training from Wolverine and picked up acrobatics while training with Nightcrawler. He later moved to California with Scott, Jean and a handful of students to establish a new academy there. He is in charge to school security. In his human life, Peter tends to keep to himself. He tends to segregate himself from others at the school, feeling as though he's different from the others both for being Russian and once a member of Magneto's Acolytes. However, his fellow mutants are slowly cracking his tough emotional armour.
    Over the course of the two and a half years since the mutant school's opening, Peter has continued on as the combat and fitness teacher to the younger students there. He continues to keep a vigilant watch for Brotherhood activity.
    Played by: Drake


  • Calvin James
    Age: 17
    Abilities: Fire creation and manipulation.
    Bio: Calvin's parents were killed when his home burnt down when he was 10; he was the only survivor. Since then he has been a victim of the fostering system, passed around various foster parents in the nearby city of Hill Valley. After accidentally burning down his last foster parents he ended up in the care of the people at Xavier's, mainly out of worries that the Brotherhood would corrupt him due to his potentially destructive powers. He is into video games, and basketball, and can a bit of a trouble maker.
    Played by: Andy
  • Catalyst - Ken Sparx
    Abilities: Can reroute any energy source.
    Age: 20
    Bio:Ken was born May 19, 1988 to Tom and Gretchen Sparx. Ken was originally from Mass. but moved to his grandmother in New York when his parents realized his ability to reroute energy. For example, he would put one hand on the microwave and one on his games to keep the battery charged. Because they thought they couldn't control him if his powers got beyond his control. His grandmother took great care of him and didn't fear his power but let him grow with them. She then sent him to Professor Xavier in New York to better develop his powers.
    Played by: Kirbz
  • Flare - Adam Wolfe
    Abilities: Absorbs, stores and expends solar energy/radiation. Up to three minutes in direct sunlight grants increased physical attributes. Three to seven minutes is harmful to humans within a maximum range of 120 feet (at the full seven minutes), flammable objects will ignite. Over seven minutes, the air around Adam turns to solar plasma and explodes (can destroy up to 1.2 kilometre radius). In order to sleep, Adam must be in complete darkness. Artificial electric lightning supplies Adam with a safe level of energy, allowing him to live comfortably indoors.
    Age: 27
    Bio: Quinn Sterling used to serve as a First Lieutenant in the United States Armed Forces in Afghanistan. He was part of an offensive against an insurgent-held village when his powers manifested. At first, his increased strength and speed gave him an advantage over the insurgents but, after a few minutes, the effects started turning dangerous. The enemy, as well as Quinn's troops, began developing severe sunburns and lesions on their skin. Anything not made of stone or metal began to burn. Realizing it was coming from him, Quinn ordered his men to run. It didn't matter as, a few minutes later, the entire village was consumed in a ball of superheated plasma.
    S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in the area were alerted to the explosion and managed to arrive at the scene before the army. They safely extracted Quinn, who had become comatose by both the shock and instant release of the pent up solar energy, and brought him back to the States. Quinn was kept in a secure facility where he could be studied and kept from unintentionally harming the public. At first, Quinn was reluctant and angry with S.H.I.E.L.D. for holding him but, as a soldier, he eventually understood their reasoning and soon accepted his fate. He received counselling for the incident in Afghanistan and buried it. His official records showed him as dead, KIA in the explosion that took the rest of his unit, so he was given the name Adam Wolfe, plus accompanying documentation, and ordered to never speak of his past life again.
    Over two years, Adam became a member of the S.H.I.E.L.D. organization, albeit in an indoor capacity. In safe environments, he was allowed to train himself in controlling his powers. It wasn't until he was visited by Tony Stark, however, that Adam could finally go outside. Stark brought with him a state-of-the-art suit that would, using neural commands and failsafes, regulate the amount of sunlight reaching Adam's skin. Additionally, the suit allowed Adam to focus his solar energy through palm and foot emitters for weapons and propulsion. His codename was Flare and he became more proactive in battling evil.
    Played by: Drake
  • Ghost - Chase Mitchell
    Abilities: "perception filter", enhanced perception, telepathy, can sense others' moods.
    Age: 19
    Bio: Identical twin of Danny Mitchell. His "perception filter" gives him the ability to go unnoticed. The perception filter ability gives him the alternate effect of being able to see through other people's disguises and spot things others would miss easily. He is also mildly telepathic, although he hasn't had much chance to develop his abilities. His personality is somewhat self-critical, overly-sensitive and angsty ( he's emo, basically ).
    Over the past two years he has been developing his telepathic skills under the instruction of Jean Grey.
    Played by: Andy
  • Kataclysm ? Katherine Gordon
    Abilities: Telekinetic Disintegration, Super strength, Flight
    Age: 17
    Bio: Katherine is a bit of a rebel without a cause, never afraid to say what?s on her mind, something which gets her in trouble more often then not. That's okay though, because she likes trouble. Katherine doesn?t listen to anyone that doesn?t have her respect (a very short list indeed), hates rules, and relies almost entirely on her own judgement over anyone elses. And so of course, fate gave her the power to blow things up with her mind.
    Played by: Chickenman
  • Lila Mercer
    Abilities: Electrokinesis
    Age: 18
    Bio: Lila, having been at the institute for a couple of years, finally feels she has somewhere to belong. No longer feeling like a freak of nature, she is mostly emerged from her reclusive shell (she is however still shy when meeting new people). Her past of stealing money from the ATM is behind her, and she has found herself helping others fix their computers for money instead.
    Played by: Ayingel
  • Shadowscream - Silas Breckenridge
    Abilities: Sound manipulation, Extra Sensory Perception
    Age: 17 (15 in the current chapter)
    Bio: Silas grew up on the rain-soaked streets of Seattle, his mother having died giving birth to him and his father having never been caught for making her pregnant in the first place. He adapted to life on the street, knowing how to fight but also knowing when to run, becoming proficient at both. Over time, he discovered he had unusual power over sound as well as a dash of ESP, and minimal control over either of them. This causes him to occasionally unleash these powers in public, something that further ostracizes him from society. He has finally found a home at the Xavier Institute.
    Played by: Chickenman
  • Silence - Jaime Paige
    Abilities: - The Ability to walk through any solid object and quick reflexes
    Age: 20
    Bio: Jaime was born March 23, 1988 to Jeff and Angelica Paige. Jaime?s powers first started at 7 when she would descend to her kitchen in her sleep through her floor in the middle of the night. She realized her powers for the first time when she fell through her door while leaning on it. Jaime?s parents upon finding out about her power decided to protect her and help her control her powers. So they sent her to Xavier?s Institute in New York. While at the Institute she met Jaysin and they became great friends. So when Jaysin was set to leave and help at the West Coast institute she decided to tag along as well.
    Played by: Kirbz
  • Synergy - Jaysin Arguil
    Abilities: Control over Kinetic Energy
    Age: 21
    Bio: Born May 7, 1987 to Ben and Miranda Arguil. Ben was one of the most prestigious Lawyers in all of New York. Miranda was a school teacher at a local High School. They resided in Worcester, MA. He figured out his powers while playing a Mortal Kombat game in an arcade. As he became entranced in the game his hands began to glow bright white then the game exploded, slamming him into the adjacent wall. He woke up strapped into a hospital bed, he became enraged and scared again causing his hands to glow the same bright white. He then yanked on the straps and they exploded into shreds freeing Jaysin. At the age of 18 his parents gave in a 2002 White Ford Ranger and 2000 dollars knowing he wanted to run off on his own and live the way he intended. He drove to New York and stowed away in a small rundown apartment. He didn?t pay rent, because well simply no one knew he was there. He lived there until picked up by Professor Xavier who directed him to go to the Western Coast School to help out with kids like him.
    Played by: Kirbz
  • Tempest - Kelly Reed-Elliot
    Age: 21
    Abilities: Air/wind manipulation + flight
    Bio: Married to Lance Elliot, a non-mutant, Kelly is co-owner of The Cove. She understands and knows how to manipulate the air and wind around her, and has the ability to fly. She enjoys surfing, but makes sure that her hobby takes a backburner to her husband and hanging out with her friends, making sure everything is balanced correctly in her life. Though she tried very hard to keep an open mind to both sides, and stay neutral during the arguments between the X-Men and the Brotherhood, Kelly finally had to officially join the X-Men, if for no other reason than to keep Lance safe from the Brotherhood due to his connection with her.
    Played by: Marking Twain
  • Tremor - Hailey Hudson
    Abilities: Manipulation of earth and stone.
    Age: 18
    Bio: Hailey is the daughter of Canadian inventor and engineer James Hudson and, his wife, Heather McNeil Hudson. She grew up in a town outside of Toronto, Ontario. Hailey was sent to California as part of a student exchange program. Secretly, her parents sent her there to join Xavier's new school. She has short brown hair and brown eyes.
    Hailey's powers are fairly advanced for her age. They were developed and honed through training with her parents, her godfather Wolverine, and the other members of Alpha Flight.
    After he first year at the high school in California, Hailey returned home for the summer to Canada to spend time with her family and further her mutant training. When she finished her schooling, Hailey decided to remain with the California X-Men.
    Played by: Drake

The Brotherhood of Mutants:

  • Mystique - Raven Darkholme (CANON)
    Abilities: Shape-shifting, Regenerative Healing Factor, Immunity to diseases, Ageless, Superhuman agility, Skilled hand-to-hand combatant, Master strategist
    Age: Unknown
    Bio: Mystique has been growing forces for Magneto in the form of the Brotherhood of Mutants. The woman is growing bolder in her attempts to not only wage war with the Xmen, but work with Magneto to start a war on a larger scale.
    Played by: Rogue
  • Danny Mitchell
    Abilities: improved hand-eye co-ordination and strength, learns skills quickly just by watching, quick healing.
    Age: 19
    Bio: Despite being the identical twin of Chase Mitchell, he has a slightly different set of abilities and a different personality. He is 'immune' to Chase's abilities. He learns new skills quicker than most and, due to his improved hand-eye co-ordination and strength, devotes this ability to learning combat techniques, such as various martial arts and sword fighting. In contrast to his brother he is outgoing, confident, enthusiastic, and he loves a good party. Over the past two years he and his brother have grown apart.
    Played by: Andy
  • Fusion- Neil Travis
    Abilities: Absorbs and stores kinetic energy within his body that he then manipulate in a variety of forms.
    Age: Early twenties
    Bio: A cocky, self assured runaway. He's loathe to authority. The very kind of person that most people stay away from. He was born in Ireland, discovered by Magneto, and has since travelled around the world doing various missions as a part of the Brotherhood of Mutants.
    Played by: Rogue
  • Sonic - Sean Reynolds
    Abilities: voice/sound wavelength manipulation, sonic voice; internal polygraph/soothsayer
    Age: 29 (birthday: midsummer)
    Bio: Sean has short brown hair and prefers to leave his face with a little stubble. He's of average height. Dresses in regular clothes, preferring to stay in jeans and a T-shirt. He also wears small ear plugs disguised as hearing aids. He has a rather outgoing personality with his friends and people he knows, but is wary of new people. Also tends to be a bit OCD at times.
    Sean was born out of wedlock to a teenage mother on the East Coast and was quickly sent off to be raised by his grandmother and other family members.At a young age, he discovered his mutant abilities and yielded no self control on them, preferring to use them in private when he could and for his own purposes.When his grandmother discovered him one day, she quietly sent him off to Xavier's Institute, under the guise of a real boarding school. Unknown to her, Sean had escaped from the train, never making it there.
    For over the past decade, spending a good share of the time schooling and training at the Brotherhood, Sonic has been working mostly undercover in various areas around the U.S., checking for mutant activity. His most recent location has been Southern California.
    Played by: Mara
  • Stampede - Marcus Connor
    Abilities: Can shape-shift into any animal he has ever touched before. Has a kind of "sixth sense" for finding other mutants in proximity to himself.
    Age: 19
    Bio: Marcus is cocky and sarcastic. He knows that he's different from everyone else and feels that he's better than them. He enjoys using his powers but understands the need to keep them a secret, especially at school. He first became aware of his mutant powers, at the age of 15, while on a camping trip. Marcus got turned around in the forest and was attacked by a bear. The instant the bear touched him, Marcus became the bear. Startled by the sudden change, the animal ran off, leaving Marcus with the realization that he was something special. Since then, he has been trying to expand his abilities by finding more animals to touch and become.
    Over the course of two and a half years, Marcus continued his downward spiral into the Brotherhood of Mutants. Ever since his crush Natalie moved away, he has taken on a darker attitude, no longer seeming to care about others, save his fellow evil mutants.
    Played by: Drake
  • Steel - Sam Kage
    Abilities: Super Strength and Superhuman Durability
    Age: 22
    Bio: Sam was born August 12, 1986 to Dave and Jessica Kage. At the age of 14 Sam and his sister were riding bikes up and down the street. When Sam?s sister Kayla fell into the street in front of an oncoming truck. Sam dove in the way and pushed her out of the street. The truck hit him and stopped as if it had jammed on his breaks. Sam stood up without a scratch. His parents were amazed and so was his sister.
    Sam resided in Los Angeles, California until he was recruited to be part of Professor Xavier?s West Coast school for the gifted.
    Played by: Kirbz


  • August Buchanan
    Abilities: Precognitive danger sense; enhanced reflexes
    Age: 19 (birthday early fall)
    Bio: August has a head of natural blond hair and bright blue eyes. She is of medium height but on the thin side, due to her genes. She also wears clothes of the latest fashion, sometimes before they even hit shelves in Los Angeles.
    Despite her deeply preppy appearance, August is quite a shy girl. This partly because anything intellectual or studious seems to come easy for her, and also because she doesn't feel she fits in with all the other young Greendale airheads whose parents are in the same circle as her own. Sometimes she tries to hide how smart she is because of this.
    August is a typical child of a very upper class Greendale family. She lives with her mother and stepfather, but sometimes spends a weekend with her father but tends to avoid this because she doesn't like her father's endless train of girlfriends. Generally at home alone, she likes to spend her time working on her drawings and artwork or reading, mostly ignoring the strange sensations she's been having ever since starting high school 5 years ago.
    August is currently enrolled at USC in the art program, despite strong encouragement from her family to go into business, which also helps her keep her focus on other things. While she lives there during the school year, she still comes home for the summer.
    Played by: Mara
  • Natalie Brook
    Abilities: Enhanced hearing, sound reflective mapping. Signal disruption. All of which are just emerging. (New power will be emerging soon)
    Age: 18
    Bio: Natalie is a good person with a good moral compass.She is confident, outgoing, smart, and mature for her age, and is the kind of person who gets along with most everyone.
    She was a surfer, and a pretty good one too, on the verge of going professional. A survivor, and an optimist despite the various familial situations she's been in, with her brother and mother both dying. Everything changed when her abusive father decided Greendale wasn't a good place to live, and uprooted the remnants of their family to Denver Colorado, where Natalie has been since.
    Played by: Rogue
  • Samaru Kashiro
    Age: 34
    Abilities: Gravity manipulation within localized areas. Flight. Highly trained and skilled with firearms, swordplay and martial arts.
    Bio: Agent for the Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate (aka S.H.I.E.L.D.), an extra-government intelligence and security organization dedicated to protecting the nations and peoples of Earth from all threats, terrestrial or extraterrestrial. Sam has been working for the California branch of S.H.I.E.L.D., based out of Los Angeles, for four years. Recently, he has been tasked with monitoring emerging mutants in the Greendale area.
    For his work in Greendale, Sam was promoted to a senior agent position and now works in Los Angeles, at the S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters there. (I'll still be playing him just not frequently)
    Played by: Drake


  • Joseph Sanchez
    Abilities: N/A - civilian
    Age: 20 (birthday late summer)
    Bio: A true California beach bum, he has deeply tanned skin and dark hair. Has a muscled physique developed from years as a summer lifeguard at the local beach. When not in school or at home, he can generally be seen wandering the boardwalk with just his swimming trunks or shorts on.
    His personality is very outgoing, and he is friends/friendly with most everyone at the local high school and surrounding community. One of his more redeeming qualities is that fact that he doesn't notice cliques, and flits between many of them, talking to his friends. But once he's in class, he becomes serious and one of the school's most studious students, not wanting to let down his mother.
    Joseph is the third son of a single mother who scrimped and saved everything she had to send her sons to the local schools a town over in Greendale, to get the best education she could pay for.
    After graduating valedictorian of the class of 2008(?), Joseph went on to UC Berkeley with a full-ride scholarship in the pre-med program. While school keeps him busy, he still finds time to visit his mother, and, of course, goes back for summers, when he lifeguards for some extra cash.
    Played by: Mara
  • Lance Elliot
    Age: 23
    Abilities: N/A
    Bio: Married to Kelly Reed-Elliot, a mutant, Lance is co-owner of The Cove ? a local hangout located on the beach. It has food and beverages and is just a place to hang out ? much like a coffee shop on the beach in terms of atmosphere. It's a very open place with a true beach atmosphere. He knows and understands her powers, and readily accepts her mutant abilities, not shying away from them at all. Instead, he thinks it's pretty cool. Realizing that he?s not safe from other mutants that distrust non-mutants, however, he helped convince Kelly to join the X-Men and move into the mansion with them. He is just like a kid at Christmas with all of the mutants around, and is in absolute awe of it all when he gets to see their various powers in action. He also has a personality that makes him pretty easy to like and get along with, allowing him to fit in pretty well. He even puts up with the pranks of some of the mutants without hardly any complaint.
    Played by: Marking Twain


  • Brett Radcliffe
    Age: 20
    Abilities: Lumokinesis (light manipulation) + invisibility
    Bio: Somewhat stuck up, Brett has the ability to manipulate light around him, and tends to use that to his advantage. Rather disdainful of people in general, he's part of an airsoft team in the area, having become a very good shot with various weapons and using his ability to manipulate light and virtually disappear to his advantage, allowing him to get things accomplished without worrying about being found out.
    Once finishing his education, Brett joined the Army and has been drafted into covert ops due to his skills.
  • Catalina Santiago
    Age: 21
    Abilities: Reflexive mimicry + super speed
    Bio: Having learned from an early age that she could watch a movie and pick up moves from the actors, Catalina enjoys working on martial arts. Daughter of Mexican immigrants, she's fluent in Spanish but also has impeccable English. She's pretty outgoing and enjoys a good laugh, and is rather easy to get along with; however, she dislikes having to act like she works hard at fighting skills.
    After school, Catalina returned to Mexico to be a self-defense instructor, and a teacher in a poor school district.
  • Cyclops - Scott Summers (CANON)
    Abilities: Fires concussive force beams from eyes
    Age: 21
    Bio: Scott has a strong sense of right and wrong, and would probably be described by many as a "boy scout". He is competitive and eager to assume a leadership role. His competitiveness sometimes clouds his better judgement though. Cyclops is unable to control his optic blasts while his eyes are open without the use of a special visor or glasses. Scott has a brother named Alex who he recently reunited with after believing for years that Alex died in the plane crash both were involved in. Jean Grey is the target of Scott's affection and as time go on both have grown closer together. He and Jean were chosen to open the new Academy, and raise the next group of X-men.
  • Gertie Hughes
    Abilities: N/A
    Age: 19
    Bio: Gertie, the former terror of Greendale High, is attending UCLA on a cheerleading scholarship. She doesn't come around Greendale except of breaks, and when she does, she's still the shameless flirt she ever was.
  • Jean Grey (CANON)
    Abilities: Telepathy, telekinsis
    Age: 21
    Bio: Jean was one of the most powerful mutants at the Institute. She is also intelligent, strong-willed and a naturally gifted athlete. She bears a crush on Scott Summers, that he shares, neither of them brave enough to tell the other. She's a brilliant girl, studying to become a doctor as she teaches at the institute.
  • Nightcrawler - Kurt Wagner(CANON)
    Abilities: Teleportation, Enhanced night vision, Superhuman acrobat/gymnast, Prehensile tail, Ability to stick to walls, Blending into shadows. Skilled in martial arts, hand to hand combat and fencing
    Age: 19
    Bio: Nightcrawler is the joker of the X-Men. He is often in high spirits and ready to have fun. He is probably the most sensitive to the emotions and attitudes of others, even though his demonic appearance forced him to lead a relatively secluded life. After joining the Institute Professor X provided Kurt a special holographic projector so he could take on the appearance of a normal human when needed. This allowed him to attend public school and engage in other public activities without drawing unwanted attention to himself.
    Recently graduated and moved back to Bayville, NY to be with his girlfriend. He occasionally returns to spend time with his friends in California.

Greendale High Teachers

  • Principal Warren
  • Ms. Doran - Mathmatics
  • Mr. Johnson - Biology
  • Mr. Ralston - Physics
  • Mrs. Schmaltz - Art
  • Miss Evans -- art: sculpture
  • Mrs Jones/Mr Reynolds -- introduction to art/art appreciation
  • Mr Bateman -- ecology
  • Ms. McPhearson - ?
  • Miss Wertz - World Literature
  • Mr. Schaffer - Literature

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