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Blood Borne

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Part I

Jessalyn Stewart tossed her gloves in the garbage and wiped the sweat from her eye and leaned back in her chair. As much as she love her job working in a busy bloodbank, she got so sick of putting the gangbangers back together again when it seemed like all they wanted to do was kill each other. She smiled at the night shift tech who was seated across from her. Gabriel, ?call me Gabe,? Rodin had been working in the bloodbank for as long as Jessalyn could remember, and it intrigued her as to why he preferred to stay on nights. ?That was a close one Gabe. It amazes me how much younger these victims are getting. It?s like these gangs have no respect for life.?

?They don?t Jess. To them its all a pissing contest about dominance.? Gabe let his dark gaze wander over Jessalynn?s petite body and his smile widened over her mop of curly hair. She was so young, so innocent. ?The way of life on the streets is often kill or be killed, almost like the lions from the African plains.?

She leaned forward with her elbows on the bench. ?I understand that but it doesn?t make sense. These kids have to learn that pissing on everything around you doesn?t make you the king. What they need is to go through Doc Marten?s Real Deal program and check out the morgue and see one of their friends laying on a slab with a toe tag. Maybe that will scare them straight.? She looked up at the clock. ?Twenty-three hundred, I?m out of here Gabe. Have a good night.?

?Have a good one Jessalynn and be careful out there, we haven?t gotten the retaliation shooting yet.?

?Careful is my middle name Gabe.? She stood and washed her hands then hung up her lab coat. ?I?ll see you on Monday.?

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It was dark and eerily still outside as Jessalynn walked out to her car. It wasn?t cold outside, but she still shivered, something just felt wrong. There was no warning, just the feel of warm breath on the back of her neck and a hand that pulled her hair, jerking her head back, exposing the long line of her neck. ?Don?t scream girlie or I?ll kill you.? Jessalyn nodded her head as much as she could. It would be her luck to run into a gangbanger in the parking lot. Her attacker was so strong that she assumed that he had to be hopped up on drugs or something, no human could be that strong. She had to stall him. ?Look buddy, I don?t know who you are, but you don?t want to do this to me.?

?Silence human! I am the king of the night and I am here to make you my queen.?

Jessalynn did all that she could to not laugh in his face. Figures that she?d run into a crazy drunk druggie in the parking lot, it was Thursday night after all. She only had to wait a few seconds longer and security should be making their rounds. Hell, on a Thursday night, the parking lot should be full of police too, since the lab shared parking with the Emergency Room. Her attacker seemed to be reading her mind because he leaned into her. ?No one can see you or hear you scream. You will be mine.?

Jessalynn stiffened. She remembered from her self-defense class that she couldn?t let him take her with him, that?d be an automatic death sentence. If she could stall him, then she had at least a chance of survival. ?So, if I?m going to be yours, I guess that I should at least know what to call you. What?s you name??

?I am Guillermo, the Dark Lord of the Night. All fear me!?

?Dark lord. So you?re like some Sith Lord. God, I shouldn?t have had that Taco Bell for break tonight.?

?I do not know these Sith creatures that you speak of. Now submit to me and your life will be much easier.?

?Submit? Dude, if you want me to be your queen, then you better expect a partnership. I?m not gonna do that whole gold bikini slave girl thing from Return of the Jedi.?

?Silence! It is not your place for you to question me!?

?Okay. Sheesh Mo, don?t get your panties in a twist.?

?What did you call me?? Guillermo thundered. ?You shall call me either ?My lord? or ?Guillermo the Great.??

Jessalyn realized that her current strategy was getting her nowhere, so she went limp against Guillermo, hoping that her dead weight would slow him down. Unfortunately Guillermo used that to his advantage. Pain unlike anything that Jessalynn had ever known exploded from her neck. She screamed until she was hoarse and continued screaming in her mind. Gabe! Help! Suddenly weakness took over and she started to pass out for real. Guillermo said something harsh in a language that she didn?t understand and then blackness took over.

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Gabe swore and dropped the basket of blood that he was holding. He?d thought that Jessalyn was psychic, she always seemed to know when things were about to go to hell, but he hadn?t had those thoughts confirmed until he heard her scream in his mind. He needed to get out of there and check to see if she was all right. There had been some weird energy in the air earlier that had set him on edge and now there was this. He knelt to pick up the units of blood and saw Tina, who was working in hematology, staring strangely at him. ?Is everything all right Gabe,? she tilted her head and asked him as her sharp green eyes analyzed him.

?Yeah, I just came off the adrenaline rush from that trauma earlier. Jess worked her butt off before I got here and we really weren?t sure that the guy would make it through OR.?

Tina shook her head, setting her ponytail shaking. ?Oh Gabe, Jessalynn would hurt you so bad if I told her that you were calling her Jess behind her back.? Gabe smirked as he walked over to the fridge to put away the blood that he?d just checked in. He had of think of a way to get out of here and get to Jess. Suddenly an idea hit him. He doubled over in pain and let out a groan. Tina rushed over to his side and helped him to a sitting position on the floor. Gabe managed a pitiful groan. ?Are you sure that you?re all right Gabe?? Tina?s eyes were full of concern.

?Actually, it appears that the sushi that I had before coming in tonight was no good. I think that I need to get home and be near the bathroom all night.?

?You do look a little pale. Go, and I?ll cover for you tonight. Things are uneventful enough.?

?You?re a doll Tina. I?ll make this up to you when I can.? Gabe shifted to a half-standing pose and stumbled out of the lab. When he was out of sight of everyone, he took off with supernatural speed for the roof, to be able to scan better for that malignant energy that he felt earlier. He had a bad feeling that Jess was in grave danger.

When Gabe got to the roof he ran to the side facing the parking lot. He reached out with his senses and felt a blank spot. Looking down at where he felt the blank spot he just saw a fuzzy blur. He inhaled slowly and smelled a familiar stench. ?Guillermo. How many times must I kick his ass before he learns?? Gabe glanced around to make sure that no one was looking, made himself appear as a haze just in case and leaped off the roof in the direction of the blur. He landed on Guillermo?s back and wrenched his head to the side. ?Let her go, now!?

Guilllermo dropped Jessalynn as he snarled and elbowed Gabe in the stomach. Gabe grunted but kept his grip on Guillermo?s head, he twisted and Guillermo?s neck snapped. Gabe stepped back, kicking Guillermo in the back and knocking him to the ground. Gabe knelt down on Guillermo?s back, but Guillermo bucked and sent Gabe flying. ?Breaking my neck won?t kill me Gabe, you know that. And now you won?t get close enough to kill me. The human is dead anyways.?

Gabe hesitated; Jessalyn was still bleeding from where Guillermo?s fangs had nicked her artery when Gabe had grabbed him. She couldn?t survive much longer at the rate she was bleeding, and no ER doctor would be able to save her. The scent of her blood was intoxicating to him and overpowering his willpower. Without a second thought, he scooped her up, took two running steps and leaped into flight. He had to get Jessalyn home to save her. ?Don?t die on me Jess. Please don?t die.?

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I've made a few changes and put my story on a blog. I'm working on the next part now.


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