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Dr. Randy Pausch "The Last Lecture:"

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I'm really not sure if a lot of you know who this man is (I really didn't until recently). His name is Dr. Randy Pausch, and he died last month from pancreatic cancer. Last August, he was told he had three months to live. Obviously, he was able to pull through a little longer than most people diagnosed with this deadly cancer (there hasn't been much research done on prevention, treatment, etc.) I finally took the time this morning to watch his final lecture "Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams", and I have to say, it was hard to watch, knowing the circumstances of his life. But it really is a great lecture. It's one of those things that every person should watch. And I don't want to sound cheesy, or like I'm trying to be some "above and beyond" person, but it's inspirational (or at least I found it so with what I'm dealing with right now). I've embedded it down below...and if you have the time (1:16:24 is the timing of this video) please watch it.

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