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Darksider / Teltan

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I'm still undecided on whether to alternate between past and 'present' or not, so I'll just do it from the past and see what happens. lol

Chronicles of Darksider



3,956 BBY

Markus Teltan

Zeltron male, aged 33

Sidway Linn

Human female, aged 25


Feeorin male, aged 280

30 ABY

Jayden Sedri-Rakd

Human male, age 27

Ben Aatar

Human male, aged 26

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3,956 years before the Battle of Yavin

Markus Teltan stood sombrely as he watched the Battle of Rakata Prime from the observation deck of Millennial Crusader. The situation was desperate; Republic forces swarmed the Sith battleships as the two navies fought it out for control of the system. Those with the Force could sense another battle far more important than the petty squabbling of the starships. Master versus apprentice; the age-old problem of the Sith.

Deep within the Star Forge Revan faced his former apprentice, Darth Malak, the duel had been going on for quite a while and then suddenly it was over.

Revan had been a good friend: It was Revan who led them to war against the Mandalorians while the Jedi were content to sit and do nothing, and it was Revan who had hoped to finally bring order to the galaxy. Revan had become a traitor to the cause he started.

"Malak has been slain," Markus Teltan announced with no hint of sorrow.

"With no apprentice to take his place as leader of the Sith, I might add," commented Sidway Linn. Teltan's right-hand was a Sith Assassin by trade, and stood slightly behind him, clad in a tight black combat suit that contrasted with her pale skin.

Teltan was amused at her tone. "Are you suggesting I take on the challenge, Linn?"

"Why should you not? There must always be a Dark Lord of the Sith," the assassin replied, "you are one of few who has been with this cause from the very beginning; you have the power and the knowledge."

"Are you telling me you cannot feel the atmosphere in the Force?" Teltan turned to face Linn.

"I feel the heat of battle; the battle is not yet over."

"Soon enough, it will be." Teltan gazed back out of the viewport, at the maelstrom of lasers and starships gathered arround the ancient space-station. "Any moment now, the Star Forge is going to be destroyed: I have foreseen it. All around me I feel the eagerness, the anticipation, and the hunger for power of the other 'Lords' around me. Every Sith Knight out there is going to be reaching for that title, grasping at it like a greedy child would snatch candy from its mother. And the Republic will have won this war."

Teltan new he was a powerful asset; he had been instrumental in bringing many Jedi over to the Sith. As a Zeltron, he had a natural ability to read and provoke emotions. In the hands of the fallen Jedi, this natural ability gave him extra bargaining power when it came to recruiting, and before the young Jedi knew it the dark side was unlocked.

Sidway Linn stood patiently by his side.

Teltan snorted. "Inform Captain Skaro to set course for Korriban. There is much to do."

"Yes, my Lord," Linn bowed and left silently.

Teltan simply stared at the Star Forge, and waited a while then turned and walked away down the corridor, his black cloak billowing out behind him. As the observation deck door slid shut, a brilliant light filled the space outside as the Star Forge erupted into a blossoming explosion.


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Officers of the Millennial Crusader backed away to let Teltan passed, even though he was their commander they were afraid of the Sith Knight.

Teltan smiled slightly as he entered his quarters; having been in command of the starship for several years he had been able to accumulate various war trophies and filled his spacious suite to capacity. Sith relics and d?cor lined the once clear walls, along with scrolls, tablets and holocrons: Most of which charted Exar Kun's rise to power around 40 years previously.

He paused to look out of the viewport and shook his head at the display of disarray from the Sith forces as the battle plan dissolved with the destruction of the Star Forge, the charred hulk of which loomed burning in the background, slowly beginning to fall from orbit. The view shifted as the cruiser changed course, showing two Sith vessels firing at eachother; in the wake of the Jedi Civil War began the Sith Civil War.

"That was quick," Teltan muttered to himself as he stared at the scene only half surprised.

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3,986 years later, 30 years after the Battle of Yavin

The miniature hologram of a figure in rough work overalls shimmered into existence on the polished desk of the office.

"This is Telcor Surveyor 9, we've made a discovery," the tinny voice explained. The Telcor Surveyors were tasked with finding traces of the previous civilisation on the planet. There was almost no information available, and as the entire planet was covered in a dense cloud it was impossible to discover anything except via the hard way, with communication having to be passed back to the base through a cable, shielded from the elements.

"Another tomb?" Ben Aatar asked as he leant back in his chair. He hoped not; when you've seen one Sith burial chamber you've seen them all. Not to mention that the Sith had a habit of leaving nasty surprises behind for whoever discovered their last resting place. One team of archiologists had been driven insane by a crazed Sith spirit and ended up half killing eachother before being rescued.

"It looks like something bigger," said the surveyor, "a lot bigger. We are going to need a bubble generator to push the cloud away before we can tell how big. It looks like we could have hit the jackpot here."

"This is excellent news, transmit your co-ords and I'll have a team sent down at once with a generator."

(tbc. Sometime...)

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