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Darksider: Double Agent

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I've been planning this for a while... It's going to be loosely based on the Official Galactic Basic RPG, chapter 1. Obviously, from Jay's point of view. :)

I will ignoring and changing a few characters, for the purpose of the story... Changes and credits are listed below the characters list. So, apologies if I write your character out (if you can even remember that for back, hehe).




Jay Darksider

16 year-old human male

Kotor Ami

61 year-old human male

Dark Lord


37 year-old human female

Dark Jedi Instructor

Luke Skywalker

38 year-old human male

Jedi Master

Dan Qal Strum

22 year-old human male

Jedi Knight

Michael Car'das

21 year-old human male

Jedi Knight


14 year-old human female

Jedi Apprentice


22 year-old human male

Jedi Knight

Cariista Dentar

17 year-old human female

Jedi Apprentice


Kotor Ami is based on a character created by Grand Moff Tarkin

Dan Qal Strum is based on a character created by Corran_Horn2

Michael Car'das is based on a character created by E-wing

Melinda is based on a character created by Rogue

Haladar is based on a character created by Haladar

Cariista Dentar is based on a character created by tahiriveila


Dan Qal Strum has aged a few years... 16 year old with an apprentice? I think not...

Michael Car'das has been drastically altered for the purposes of realism... lol

Rakhrbakhr clan Kimbakh (Czulkang Lah) has been omitted for pointlessness as he died early on in the RPG.

Aurora Decora (MsSolo) doesn't add anything to Jay's side of the story; some of her parts will be transferred to my own character, Trepe.

Karyyyncca (sarah) has been omitted because I have too many characters to manage.

Ka'al Tykor (MJade) has also been omitted because I have too many characters...

Maerthan Relsan (StarStripe) has been omitted due to the redundancy of the character.

Raana Dre'lon (Sticks) has been omitted because she seems to inexplicably vanish halfway through.

Official GB RPG chapter 1 can be found here: http://www.galacticbasic.net/index.php?showtopic=151

Character profiles thread is here: http://www.galacticbasic.net/index.php?showtopic=123

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Jayden sat meditating outside on the the top of his ship; he hated being the new student. He breathed in deeply, inhaling the fresh air of the jungle atmosphere, and opened his eyes; Yavin loomed overhead, it's red hue a sharp contrast to the blue of the sky and the green of the jungle. He had been here for several months now, and couldn't deny that Skywalker had chosen truely beautiful place for his Jedi Praxeum.

Realising that someone was calling him from the ground he snapped out of his meditation and he turned to see Haladar, one of Luke's Jedi Knights.

"Hey kid, Luke wants us in the main audience chamber," Haladar frowned. "Something's up, you better come quick."

Jay grabbed his coat and lightsaber, and clambered down from the hull of the starship, dropping deftly to his feet and followed Haladar into the Great Temple. "What's going on?" Jay asked as they walked through the hangar.

"I don't know," replied Haladar. He paused to press the button to summon the lift, "but this meeting has been organised in a hurry, and with a lot of Jedi off-world on other assignments it looks like we are going to get the action.

When they arrived in the huge audience chamber they found that they were the last to arrive, with just two empty seats in the circle that had been set up for the meeting. Master Skywalker himself was not present, however.

Haladar greeted his fellow Jedi, while Jay just sat quietly down next to Cariista Dentar, a girl a year older than him.

"Anybody know what's going on?" Cariista asked the room.

"Not a clue, Riista," Jay replied, shaking his head. He was glad the spare seat had been next to her, as he found himself growing fond of her company recently, starting from when she was the only student at the academy that didn't just see him as 'the strange new kid'.

She turned to Jay, causing her streaky blonde hair to fall in front of her face. She brushed it back behind her ear and smiled, "Well that makes two of us."

They glanced around, but everyone was chattering amongst themselves looked as lost as they did.

"Who are we still waiting for?" Someone asked. Jay recognised her as Melinda, Dan Qal Strum's apprentice.

"Me, I should hope," said Luke Skywalker as he entered the hall and walked towards the circle of chairs.

"Thank-you all for coming on such short notice," he began, before his expression turned slightly more serious. "I've called you all here today to assign you to a very important mission. Master Katarn has detected a dark presence on Coruscant, and with most of the Jedi already on assignments elsewhere it will be up to you to investigate this further."

"A dark presence?" Dan asked.

"We don't know much about it, other than that it appears to be located in an old residential district of the planet."

"So this is an reconnaisance mission?" Dan interrupted again, "what are our assignments?"

"Patience, Dan," Luke sighed. "I would like you to get a good nights rest and start first thing in the morning. Then, I would like you and Melinda to rendezvous with Master Katarn on Coruscant to try to uncover further information."

Jay looked over at Melinda and Dan, Melinda looked pretty excited to be recieving her first proper mission.

"Haladar," Luke continued, "I would like you to stay here with Jay and Cariista and do as much research as you can from here, based on the little we already know and the new intelligence as it comes in."

What? A boring office job? Jay thought to himself. He slumped back in his chair and sighed, he'd been hoping to get out for a break.

"It's not that bad," laughed Cariista at his obvious dismay.

Haladar merely nodded his acknowledgement to Master Skywalker.

"Dan, If you encounter any trouble, I want you to return here immediatly. Your job is to gather information, not to engage any forces you discover; not if you have a choice," Luke clarified. "Of course, this is top secret. Any questions? No? Then you are dismissed. May the Force be with you."

( tbc... )

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After the briefing Jay headed back to his room and lay on his bed thinking about his assignment. He was there to feedback to his Master about the Jedi's plans but hadn't bargained on being part of those plans himself, although the thought of being a double agent gave a certain sense of satisfaction.

He would have to play it carefully though, because he knew a lot about the threat the New Republic were about to face so he had to find the right balance between looking like he knew too much or looking like a complete dumb-ass. It was going to be tricky, he knew that much.

It was hard enough hiding his dark presence in the Force from the others. His fake history had been enough to convince Master Skywalker that his troubled past was a weight on his mind, but other Masters had been wary at first. Jay figured he was an amicable enough guy as long as he resisted the temptations of the dark side. He knew he was doing an important job for his Master, and soon they would reap the rewards.

He checked his chrono and decided it was about time for bed. He got undressed and carefully set his lightsaber down on the side; the third weapon he had built himself. His main weapon was hidden in a secret compartment in his ship as the mission would be a greater risk of discovery had Jay been parading around with a red-bladed lightsaber with suspiciously Sith-like designs engraved into the hilt. He wasn't fond of this one, it was too shiny with it's chromium plating and deep blue blade. He sighed and flicked the switch for the lights, and got into bed and soon fell asleep.


Jay's comm woke him up. He rubbed his eyes and yawned before answering it groggily, "Hello?"

"Jayden, where are you?"

"Ah, kriff!" Jay realised he was late getting up and now had to answer to an impatient Haladar, "Uh, I'll be right down sorry."

Jay hurriedly dressed himself and sprinted to the library where he found Haladar looking very unimpressed, and Cariista grinning back at him.

"And what happened to you?" Haladar said sternly.

Jay scratched the back of his head, "I overslept, I guess..."

"A Jedi must always be prepared," Haladar reminded Jay. "Do you think Master Skywalker would have defeated Darth Vader if he'd overslept?"

"No," Jay answered meekly, although he found the question pretty irrelevant given that this was harldy a battle situation. "So, what did I miss?"

"Not a lot," Cariista filled him in, "Dan and Melinda are on their way to Coruscant, so hopefully they can send us something back."

"The latest from Master Katarn suggests that it is some kind of Sith cult." Haladar sighed, "Hopefully not the Reborn again, that's getting a bit old now."

"Well, I'd have thought those wannabes would have given up by now," Jay commented. His Master had been following the actions of the Reborn and had found them most unsatisfactory, Jay recalled.

"So, what do you make of this, Jay?" Cariista ventured.

"Oh, I don't know," Jay sat down in at the desk next to her and flashed a sly grin, "I only just got up; good job I'm not fighting Vader!"

The two of them laughed, provoking a glare from Haladar, who had taken a seat opposite them.

* * *

Dan Qal Strum and his apprentice, Melinda sat next to the viewport of the Golan-3 orbital space station where they were due to meet Kyle Katarn, her blue eyes staring out of at the cityscape below; as someone who grew up in Coruscant's lower levels Melinda found the view of Coruscant from this height was breathtaking.

"We're going to have to get you into more suitable clothing," the Jedi Master said as he walked into the conference room, "might look slightly suspicious having a group of Jedi walk up to a Sith base."

"Master Katarn," Dan stood and extended his hand, "Dan Qal Strum, it's an honour to meet you."

"Please," he shook his head, "just Kyle will do: I never liked titles."

"And this is my apprentice, Melinda."

"Ah, Luke tells me you are a very promising student," Kyle smiled at her. He had expected her to be slightly older, she looked barely into her teens. "Right, well if you'd like to follow me to the shuttle I'll explain everything on the way; we have a change of clothes ready for you."

Dan and Melinda followed Kyle as he lead them out of the room towards the shuttle bay.


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