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The Republic Rangers - The Beginning - Act Two, Scene Four

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Thomas Anderson was sitting down in his office, doing the most glorious thing in the Republic, paperwork. In front of him was a makeshift desk that was manned by Ricard Winters, and he was doing a glorious thing as well, more paperwork. Despite the glory that is to be had on the battle field, everyone who lives and dies needs to have paperwork done.

?Love or hate paperwork Lieutenant?? Tom asked.

?Neither, it has to be done, sadly.? Ricard said, sighing. They continued their paperwork, sitting in silence, until the door opened and admitted Claire Lieussink.

?Do you, ah, do you mind if I talk to you privately Captain?? She asked. Ricard got up, saluted, and walked away. Claire saluted as well, ?Forgive me.?

?Nah, it?s ok, you only have to salute when in front of a non-Ranger officer.? He walked over to her and offered her a seat. ?What do you want to talk about??

?James, I mean, Major Brehm.? She said, shyly.

?What exactly do you want to know about James?? He asked, walking around the desk and leaning on it, looking at Claire.

?I wish to learn more about him,? she replied softly.

?Why?? He asked hardly, rubbing his eyes, wishing for sleeps. ?Sure, I guess. Whattayah want to know??

?I don?t know?? she said shyly. ?I was hoping you?d tell me stuff.?

Tom grinned. ?You like him, don?t you??

?Well yeah, kinda.? She looked away, blushing. ?He?s not married or dating anyone, is he??

?Other than to the Republic and now the Rangers, no.? Tom looked at Claire, who turned back toward him. ?He hasn?t spent a great deal of time with the lady folk.? Claire raised an eyebrow.

?His life, overall, has been very good. He hasn?t had many of the misfortunes that others have faced; he?s been blessed with a relatively uneventful life.? He paused to rethink what he just said. ?With the obvious exception of the Army.? Tom paused again. ?He?s only made ONE,? he lifted a single finger to add upon it, ?Mistake.?

It was at that moment that I walked in.

?Ah! James! I was just telling Claire about your only mistake!?

I walked over to Tom?s new desk, pulled a chair up from mine and sat down beside Claire. ?Oh? how foolish I was??

It was during one of the many Imperial Balls?

?You?ve gone to the Imperial Ball?? Claire asked.

?Yes, I?ve gone eight times, all of them in the two years I was my father?s aide.?

?I?ve always wanted to go to one? but then I think I?m looking at it in a romantic air.?

Anyway, it was the last one I attended, I was just accepted into the Imperial Academy at Cardia, and I just wanted to have some fun.

?Wine sir?? a woman asked, holding a tray of wine glasses filled half way with a red liquid. She wore a beautiful green and gold dress, as did most of the waiters andslashor waitresses; it worked so well with her red-gold hair and fierce green eyes. Overall, she went well with the theme of the ball.

?Which was?? Tom asked.

?I don?t know? fertility or something? I never paid attention to the actual theme, just the color scheme, which was green, gold, and copper/rust.?

?This is your mistake? You and a her in a closet or something?? Claire pressed.

I laughed. ?Hardly! Despite not being that type of guy, I wish! No though.?

She was a real beauty? ?Ah, no? thank you though.? I smiled.

?Look for me if you need some. I know the good stuff.? And she winked. ?Lucky man!? Tom yelled. ?Stop interuping? I countered. She then turned and walked away, and again, despite not being that type of guy, I have have to say? I enjoyed? seeing her? walk? away?

?James? you?re?? Tom said. Claire then cleared her throat in a very loud fashion.

?Huh? Oh yeah, sorry?? I said, looking at them, blushing.

Then, across the room was a woman of amazing beauty, although I should have chased the waitress, but alas, I chose this woman.

?Who was it?? Claire asked, on the edge of her seat.

Tom laughed. ?Wait for it??

Sure, she was taller, which I tend not to gravitate toward littler, ahem, I mean, shorter women? but she was a fine, dark-haired with a sense of intelligence?

?Wait for it?? Tom said, raising a finger.

Although she had a few distinguishing features.

?This is good??

She had two locks of white hair on the front of her head, one on each side.

Claire had a ?thinking? look on her face and Tom was smiling.

And she had one blue eye? and one red eye?

?No!? Claire exclaimed.

?Yes? Iceheart herself??

Yes, Ysanne Isard? one of the most evil women in the galaxy, beside whoever broke Palpy?s heart and made him go all evil dictator on the galaxy, and I was all goo goo eyes over her.

I called my dad over. ?Dad!? A taller man in a gray suit walked over.

?Yes James, see a girl you want me to introduce you to?? I then pointed to Isard, ?Her? No? No? she?s? she?s not good for you? How about Nashal Ryell,? he pointed to a brunette with curly hair. ?She?s a real nice brunette girl from Corellia??

?I?d rather you introduce me to her, not anyone else.? My father sighed, giving up the good fight. We walked over there, me trying to pull up my best material and my father looking glum.

?Ms. Isard, I would like you to meet my son, James.?

She wore a magnificent blood red dress that showed off her figure, a figure that certainly did not match her personality.

?So, this is the Jaes Brehm that I keep on hearing about?? She said, turning to show the two feared eyes.


?Your pre-lim scores for the Academy.? She gave me a hard stare. ?They?re perfect for Imperial Intelligence, providing you keep them up.? I smiled and she smiled back, although it was one of those cold artificial ones?

?Would you like to go on a walk??

?No, it?s Jaes, yes??

?It?s James.?

?Anyway, you need to drop any romantic notions you have concerning me.? She stared coldly at me. ?You can never win over my heart.?

?She has a heart?? Claire asked.

?Only to pump the blood around.? Tom replied.

?Nah, she?s not human, she uses pure hate to pump the blood around her body, her cold, icy blood?? I added.

?Well, when I see something I want, I go for it and I get it.?

?With that attitude, you can do almost everything,? Isard said. ?Except get my heart.? She finished with biting sarcasm. ?Now go away and stop bothering me.?

?Why?? I asked. ?Why are you just saying no??

She pulled my arm and stared at me. ?I know who you are and I know what you?re doing here. I know that you?re going to the Academy to become valuable to the Rebellion. I know that you think that the Emperor is wrong and that the Rebellion is right. I know that YOU are a Rebel at heart and you put up with everything JUST so you can strike back at us when you?re able.? She pulled me through the thicket of the people and tossed me to the emperor. ?THIS man is a Rebel.? She said to him.

?Who is this?? He asked.

?This man is??She started. He waved his hand, cutting her off.

?Let him reply.? He said, he then turned to look at me and asked ?Who are you??

?James Brehm. Son of Ricard Brehm.?

?Yes? forgive me for not remembering.? He got up from his raised seat and approached me. ?Are you a Rebel my son??

?No sir. I would never betray you!? I stood up at attention that was too perfect for a civilian. ?The day that I betray you, the Empire is doomed!? I said with confidence.

?See Ysanne? he is no Rebel. If he was, he would simply state his loyalty. He would never show how loyal he was, he was just state it.? He grabbed me by the shoulders. ?I trust him to the end of the galaxy.? He then turned to her. ?He is the son of one of my most loyal advisers, naturally, he would be as loyal, if not even more so, than his father.? He then smiled and walked away.

Isard then walked toward me. ?I?m watching you Brehm? if you?re not as loyal as you proclaim to be!? She then walked away. The red-haired waitress came around again, with a single glass of wine, avoiding people grabbing at it as she walked to me. I grabbed it.

?Thank you?? I grabbed it and drank it all in one gulp. ?You have??

?Yes I do.? She said with a smile. My dad came around to talk to me.

?Now? let me introduce you to Nasha Ryell.? He pulled me around and led me to her. I turned back to her and saw her wink and me, and that?s the last time I saw her.

?Wow?? Claire said.

?Yep. It?s bad; not only did I fall for her, but she almost outed me to the Emperor? the mumping Emperor.? I said. I sat against my chair and sighed. ?I don?t have any feeling for Isard, thankfully, but I always wonder about the red-haired waitress. But alas! I have other fish to fry and focus on.? I turned to Claire and she smiled.

A moment went by and Winters entered the room. ?We have the list.?

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