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The Republic Rangers - The Beginning - Act Two, Scene Three

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I jumped into the cockpit of the X-Wing simulator that we received. It was one in a row of twelve, though I was in the only one being used.

I certified for the X-Wing in what seemed like many years ago, when I joined the Rebellion five years before. The last time I was in an X-Wing was the Battle of the Rebel Fleet, not long after the Battle of Yavin. They just sent everything they had out. I became an instant ace, getting an amazing seven kills, six TIE fighters and one interceptor. I was approached to join Starfighter Command, and even caught the eye of Luke Skywalker, but I said no, I preferred to stay on the ground.

However, of late, my body?s been itching to fly? in space? well, I can?t deny that I had fun.

?You ok Major?? I heard over the starfighter trasciever.

?Uh,? I replied ?Yes Control. What?s the mission??

?Basic dogfight; two vee two. I wanna see how good you are.?

?Very well Wes? Whose my wingman??

?Winters, he?s really coming along though??

?Two here, four green.? I heard Ricard, trying to sound like a starfighter pilot, full of confidence that wasn?t there.

?Relax Ricard? you have nothing to worry about.?

The holographic cockpit lit up with artificial representations of space.

I checked my sensors and saw the IFF info of two interceptors. They were a distance away so I had time to watch and read.

?Set S-foils to attack position.? I said to Ricard. A double click over the com told me that he understood and did so. I saw letters where the pilot name instead of a full name. WA and TC? who were they? Then I realized they were going to fast compared to normal interceptors. They were in range and juking to avoid being hit.

?Have shields at full power and set them at bow.? I yelled at Ricard, but it was too late. We got shot at hard, but Ricard?s shields couldn?t take it, collapsing, and he blew up into a fireball.

?Cac?? I said to myself. I pulled to my port, with WA on my tail, putting my shields to my rear.

?Dad, I?m gonna need something complicated here?? Dad was my R4 unit. I had him for the longest time; he was given to me by my father when I started to work for him as an intern. I never had anything against droids like most people, but I quickly grew attached to him, calling him Dad because he often acted like my father, being cautious and reminding me to do my work.

I thought quickly whilst having to juke constantly. ?Dad, on one, turn off the port engines and set a torpedo to detonate at two seconds; one two, set engines on normal.? I dialed the internal compensator up to full, fearing being knocked out due to the G-forces. ?ONE!? I turned one half turn and fired a torpedo at two incoming interceptors. ?TWO!? I corckskrewed back, seeing the explosing and the two interceptors arching away. I instantly switched to lasers and dialed the compensator to ninety-five percent.

I completed my curve, taking an opportunistic shot at TC, shooting a wing off, causing him to fly off for a bit, but Interceptors didn?t fly with their wings.

I was in between the two, I switched over to torpedos, shot on at TC, and turned to port. I knew that TC was too smart for that. I instantly turned right. I knew WA was behind me, but I went for TC. With a shot of my lasers, I shot him down, but I realized that was too easy, because WA shot me down.

The simulator opened up and Wes Janson helped me out, ith a bottle of water witing for me.

?No, something stronger? I want a Dr. Zanka.? I said. I then relized that I was sweating.

?Good job! Got a kill.? He said, smiling.

?Yeah, but I got shot down.? I wipped sweat off my forehead and chugged down the water. ?That couldn?t be standard difficulty?? I said, panting from the water.

?No, it wasn?t the computer. I heard from the door.

?Wedge!? I then realized that Wedge was WA, Wedge Antilles. I ran over and hugged him. ?Whattayah doing here??

?I had some leave time that was forced upon me so I used it. I don?t have much of a life and Wes told me what you were doing.?

?Where?s Tycho??? I asked, still surprised.

?So you noticed. He?s washing up.? Wedge paused to smile. ?Nice trick, somewhat, kinda rough, but it worked, to an effect. I think you need a smaller, faster, and more maneuverable starfighter.?

?Yeah, X-Wings are great, but they don?t turn quickly enough for me.? I walked with Wedge to the Officers Club. ?But I did good??

?Considering you even got a shot off at Tycho, a TIE natural; you did the best, although Lieutenant Lieussink did very well.?

My interest was drawn for some reason. ?What did she do??

Wedge mentally paused for a moment. ?Basically made her X-Wing an A-Wing, as much as it could? We arrived at the Officers Club, where Tycho was waiting for us. He stood up, greeting me, hair still wet from his shower.

?James, nice to see you again.? We shook hands as we spoke, ?Did good out there.?

?Thank you. I said, feeling like a child amongst adults.

?I was just telling him about Lieussink.? Wedge said.

?Oh yes. Good fighter,? Tycho said, ?She was once in my A-Wing squadron.?

?Really?? I inquired.

?Yes, great A-Wing pilot. Her first battle was the Battle of the Rebel Fleet, your first battle among the stars as well, if I remember.? He ordered a drink. ?Not a single drop of fear in her.? The bartender placed a drink in front of him, which Tycho took a sip from. ?Keep an eye on her.?

?I already am??

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