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The Republic Rangers - The Beginning - Act Two, Scene Two

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Dramatis Personae

Major James Brehm

2nd Lieutenant Claire Lieussink

I stood, looking out a viewport at the nighttime traffic of Ostia, the city of Fondor that we were stationed at the moment. I was standing in the Officers Club of the local Army base, the quiet section that was frequented by people who wanted sleep or to be left alone by memories.

?Hello sir.? I saw Claire Lieussink out of the corner of my eye: her small and deceptively delicate body was holding a small tumbler of an amber liquor.

?Unless in the presence of a non-Ranger officer or when formalities are required, it?s James,? I said, still staring out at the passing traffic.

?Yes si--? Claire awkwardly pausing, ?James.? She moved up to stand beside me. ?So, what do you do here?? She asked.

?I watch traffic. I find it minorly interesting?? I said. I paused for a minute to have a deep breath. ?People take refuge in pastoral scenes? valleys? rolling hills? well,, my home planet of Naboo; but I hate stillness, quiet, nature to extent.?

I saw her look around. ?In the darkness???

?Yes? in the darkness.? I smiled. ?I?m not big on light? it?s usually too bright?? I smiled. ?The soft glow of terminals and datapads is more than enough?? I turned to look at her. ?And why are you here Claire???

?A bunch of rowdy army officers?? Nah. I?ve been hit on enough for the day?? She paused to take a sip of her drink. ?Plus the darkness is soothing.? She then inhaled deeply, inadvertently causing me to glance toward her chest, even if I tried to avoid a glance in that area. Her eyes were closed, allowing my glance to go unnoticed.

Then my legs started to protest against their usage. I walked to a chair not too far from the viewport, and motioned for Claire to join me at a chair to my close right. She graced into the chair.

?So Claire, tell me about yourself?? I said.

Claire was silent for a moment. ?I was born on Alderaan a year after the proclamation of the New Order. My mother was a musician, she taught me everything I knew?? She paused and took another sip of her drink. ?In another life, I could have been a famous performer??

?What did you play?? I asked, turning to look at her, seeing stunning deep blue eyes that slightly made me lose my train of thought.

?The Amati and the Cristofori?? She took another sip. ?My father owned a vineyard, so we were acceptably well off. He made truly amazing wine. So we were well cultured and intelligent. Naturally, we were very anti-Imperial, but we were private about it.

?Then, one day, my father decided that we should leave? It was just a feeling that my father got. Those feelings helped him in business, deciding what and where to lay down vines, how to make it and such? well, he sold the vineyard at an extremely low price, urging the buyer to get off the planet, which the buyer laughed, thinking my father was crazy.

?We sold most of our positions or gave them away. Most of my stuff wasn?t sold, they were little trinkets and such, and my father bought a SoroSuub Luxury transport. I was a bit sad about it, but I trusted my father. A day before we left, we sold my Cristofori.? She paused, looking down. I walked over and crouched in front of her, putting my right hand on her shoulder. She instinctively grabbed it, resting her head on it. She tried to speak, but instead let a out a small sob. I saw a tear fall down her face, which I caught with my free hand.

?I loved that Cristofori.? She whispered, trying to hold back the tears. ?My mother pushed the Amati, the instrument she grew up with, and I learned and perfected it with ease, but?? She paused again, lifting her head and looking at me. ?When I hear Beehowen?s Cristofori Sonata number twenty-three, it changed me.? She started to compose herself, still holding my hand, but away from her shoulder. ?Have you heard it??

?Yes?? I said, thinking about it. ?The overly emotional piece? It just grabs you and refuses to let go??

?Yes!? Claire said. ?I loved it and from then on wanted to learn the Cristofori. My mother wouldn?t hear of it, so I begged my father.? She smiled, looking away into the distance, still holding my hand.? ?He wanted me to learn; my mother objected, saying that it was the instrument of a man and the Amati is perfect for a nice girl. I fought against it, my mother saw it as turning away from any chance to get married to a rich and handsome man while my father wanted me to be happy. They had me choose.? She then turned her blue eyes toward me. ?I chose to learn the Cristofori, but I continued to play the Amati to keep my mother happy. ? She smiled at me, casuing myself to smile without any thought. ?So when I was forced to sell our Steyisway & Bros., I asked to play one last piece.?

?The twenty-third.? I replied.

?You already know me?? She smiled, saying this. Her eyes sparkled with either happiness or tears ready to flow. ?I played it, more passionately than anyone ever did. The buyer was there and was stunned at my ability, saying that I should be on a concert tour or something? When I finished playing, two strings broke? Yes! Two strings!? She put her tumbler on a table and put two fingers up. ?My father was somewhat dismayed by it, but the buyer was glad it had good sound, even paying more than asked.? She smiled, putting both hands on the hand I lent to her, putting it in her lap to my discomfort.

?Two months after we left Alderaan, poof?? She noticeably saddened. ?The next day, I joined the Rebellion.? She paused again, reaching for her drink. I rested on my knees. ?Now that I told you my story, I insist on yours!?

I stood up and looked out at the traffic of Ostia, which had lessened over our talk. I turned to grab my fizzy drink in a dramatic manner, as if anguished and tormented by my past. I returned to my dramatic stance look out at the city.

?Actually? my own life isn?t as dramatic as I show? I was born on Naboo but spent most of life on Coruscant. My own childhood was uneventful, but I do remember several times, men in black coming to my house several times when I was a child. My father often yelled at them, I heard him, but they went away?

?When I graduated from secondary school, I wanted to go into politics like my father. So I was an intern for my father for two years. During that time, I got to know the Imperial Court.

?I became annoyed with politics, I realized that there was nothing that I could do to help the galaxy and the oppression of the Empire, so I decided to go to the Imperial Academy, and I was lucky enough to get into the Acadmy on Cardia.

?Yes, I meet Biggs and Hobbie there, they were friends, but they were in the Navy classes, so we didn?t get to know each other too well.

?So I went through the Academy and had my post graduation leave. I visited my dad and I went to see Palpatine. I still don?t know why he wanted to see me? but none the less? I faced him? nothing happened? my father talked with him about political topics, so I kind of just stood there? and when I left? I defected.

?My father ?disowned? me publically, but he was proud of me. My mother, who spent most of her time baking; now? don?t ask me why? but she did, she rarely cooked, she focused on baking? My father never told me why? My mother was constantly worrying, sending me baked goods. Then after the Death Star was destroyed, my parents disappeared. Palpatine must have been angry over it? because they were taken somewhere, I think.

?I always heard of peole disappearing? but now I felt it.? There was a long pause. I looked down at my knees. It was Claire?s turn to put her hand on my shoulder. My stomach started to feel all funny. ?Like I said, it?s not as bad.? I looked up and smiled.

?What do you mean not as bad? It?s worse!?

She leaned over, hugging me tight. ?It?s far worse! At least I still have my parents!?

I should have told her the truth, of how I don?t feel as sad as she expected me to be. I continued to let her hug me. It may be weird and creapy, but I enjoyed it. It was here, I started to really fall for her.

Then the door opened and Tom stumbled in. Claire pulled away instantly, gasping.

?Don?t worry.? I whispered. ?He does this a few times a month. It?s what he does instead of having a mental breakdown.?

?Get drunk?? Claire asked.

?Nah, never. He just crashes on a couch and takes a really long nap.? My chrono beeped. ?My turn to fly.?

?Good luck.? Claire said.

?Thank you.? I turned and walked out the door, I felt her eyes still on me, but when I turned, I saw her hair shimmer from the light. I walked out the door and toward the simulation room.

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Other than a couple of cosmetic mechanical touch-ups, this was really good! It's not too sad, but you definitely lighten it up in the end, which I LOVE by the way! Hee hee. I can just see Tom stumble in, flop down on a couch face-down, and pass out. Meanwhile Claire is staring at him like, "Does he need help?" And James is .... whatever. He's okay.

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OTHER than mechanical items, which is my weakpoint, Thank you.

But when I finish this "opera", I'm gonna make sure it'll be nice and gramatically pretty and fix anything that needs to be fixed... the Definative "The Beginning"!

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