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The Republic Rangers - The Beginning - Act One

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Dramatis Personae

Major James Brehm

Captain Thomas Anderson

?So Tom, how exciting is this?? I asked the man walking behind me. I turned around as we entered what was to become our office.

?Let?s see?? Tom paused, rubbing his chin in suspenseful thought. ?Not really, considering that I have to keep you in check.? Which he then sighed.

I clapped my hands in excitement. I looked around the sparse office on Commenor. There were two desks, one facing the door and another on its left. ?I call the left desk.?

?Uh? why?? Tom asked, looking skeptical.

?When people come in, looking for me, they?ll go to you, because a real commander would face the door, and when people come in to talk to me or whatever, they talk to you and you point at me and we all laugh.? I said, smiling.

?So you?re saying that you?re not a real commander?? Tom said, repeating the same smile that was on me.

I gave Tom a withering look that didn?t get to him. ?Anyway, I?d rather they face each other, so that way we have this giant desk for both of us. Then I could throw pieces of flimsi at you.?

?Really? Whom have I offended to get this punishment??

?Duh, Mon Mothma!? I said, ?You shouldn?t have hit on her.?

?Unlike you, I haven?t met her? and unlike you, I haven?t hit on her.?

?I never said I hit on her, I just said I complemented her hair.?

?You complement any women that?s brunette?? Tom said, walking around his desk, inspecting it as if it were a puzzle.

?What? Is it going to explode??

?I don?t like it. It?s too simple. No drawers, no shelves, just a slab of durasteel on legs.? The door opened and a knock on the wall sounded.

?Sirs, where do you want your stuff?? A young man said, pulling a trolley with boxes.

?Come on! About time this stuff caught up with me!? Tom looked at me with question. The young private pulled the trolley in. I lunged for one of boxes on the bottom, moving boxes and putting it on Toms desk, which collapsed.

?See.? He said in a matter of fact tone. I got another box and dropped it on my desk, which stood to a testament against Tom. ?Thank you Private, you?re dismissed.? He saluted and we returned the salute. I picked up a one of the long short boxes.

?What?s that?? Tom asked like a child.

?Oh? one of my Beauties.? I opened the box, showing a long hard case with two latches and a handle. ?This is my DC-15A.? I opened the box. There was my rifle, outrageously huge; it was the weapon I carried during every major battle up to that point.

?Not this again?? Tom said.

?This is a perfectly useful rifle that?s FAR better than anything that?s made today.? I stood it against a corner and started to collect boxes from my stuff while Tom started to look at his broken table.

I pulled out my personal mementos; a piece of the two Death Stars, the first which I was lucky to even find, a hologram of my father sitting at his desk in his Senate office, a hologram with my father and the original Ranger battalion, and a picture of my mother and father.

Once Tom finished unpacking, we sat down and looked around, wondering what to do. ?What do we do??

?We have to start interviewing people and shifting through applications to join the unit.? Tom said, pulling up the information on a Datapad. ?Our first interview starts in an hour.?

?Fun?? I said. ?Are any here yet??

?I believe I saw some waiting for us.? He started for the door. ?I?ll go check.? And so he did.

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Dramatis Personae

Major James Brehm

Captain Thomas Anderson

Sergenant Corin Drayton

?We?re in luck? One guy is here two hours early.? Tom said, entering the office.

?Good! I was bored just sitting here.? I looked around. ?Wanna start??

?I?ll get him.? Tom walked out to the door and waved the man in. As the man walked in.

?Sergeant Corbin Drayton, at your service,? the man said, walking in, at attention. He was my height, maybe a few millimeters taller. A stocky man with a defined chin and dark eyes, he would have been the dream of any girl, and would have made it in the holovid business, but he stood right before me.

?Sergeant, your service record is outstanding. Serving at major conflicts, and usually getting shot in the butt.?

?You know how the Stormies aim, aim for the chest or head, and you hit the buttocks.? Corbin said, rubbing his bottom.

?Wouldn?t know, never been shot.?

? Lucky you, three times.? Corbin said, shaking his head.

?Anyway, let?s look at your service record.? I paused to look through his service record, showing a great deal of activity. ?You joined the Rebellion after Yavin.? Corbin nodded. ?Yeah, lots of people joined after Yavin; showed everyone that the Empire wasn?t invincible.? I paused. ?Not in any major conflicts until you were stationed at Ralltiir? you served them well, even taking down an AT-ST on your own. You were awarded the Crescent of Valor for that. Tom got one of those at Hoth, remember Tom??

?You mean that solemn ceremony on Home One?? Tom replied.

?Yeah! I recommended it for you, and everyone was all depressed after Hoth, so I thought we deserved a nice party.?

?You should be thankful that Ackbar didn?t kill you. I?m sure he would have if you didn?t have good intentions.? Tom countered.

?Anyway, back to you Corbin.? I turned to look at him. ?You?re well versed in several hundred weapons and you were eligible to join the Starfighter corps ? but you chose not to, why??

?No particular reason sir. I just prefer having my feet on the ground, and even then...?

?I understand.? I continued, looking through his profile. ?Do you drink Sergeant??

?Um? yes sir, but only on leave.?

?Near excessively??

?Sometimes, depending on whom I?m with and such, why sir??

?No reason, being a Ranger calls for being ready for everything at every time. Just becareful sarge.? I looked at Tom. ?Any questions??

?Yes actually.? Tom looked at Corbin. ?Do you prefer support roles, like using an e-web or sniper rifles or do you prefer being in the actual front lines; that is right where the action is??

?Front and center.?

?That?s great?? I said. ?Well, as long as you can prove you can be a Ranger, you'll be a great addition to the Rangers!? Corin smiled.

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Dramatis Personae:

Major James Brehm

Captain Thomas Anderson

Second Lieutenant Claire Lieussink

?He'll last,? Tom said. ?He?ll fly right through training.?

?Pity we?re only allowed twelve soldiers.? I added. ?Who?s the next individual??

?A Lieutenant Claire Lieussink, Second Lieutenant that is, from Alderaan.?

I nodded. Tom went to the hall to get her, returning after a few moments. A woman of normal height, around one point six metres, she didn?t walk in, no, walking is for mere mortals, for lack of a better word exists in Basic, she graced in, moving with extreme grace, to the center. As she entered the room, she reminded me of a red-haired woman I saw lurking in the shadows of the Imperial Palace when I accompanied my father during a visit with Emperor Palpatine, right after my graduation from the Academy. She then centered herself in the room and saluted.

?Second Lieutenant Claire Lieussink, born on Alderaan, age twenty-seven, served a total of four years. Correct?? Tom said, sitting down at his desk.

At that moment, a small device started buzzing on my desk silently.

?Forgive me,just a reminder.? Claire nodded as I reached to turn it off. I looked up sheepishly, smiling.

?Anyway, you originally served for three years in Starfighter Command, flying in one of the first A-Wings; flying one at Endor.?

?It was a great experience, easy to fly,? Claire responded.

?You are also rated to fly X-Wings and B-Wings.?

?Yes, but usually if I divert energy to the engines rather than to the shields.?

?So you work best with speed?? I asked.

?Yes sir. People see the A-Wing as a weak yet fast fighter. Something to strike and run away, but ifloaded with the right weapon, it can be a powerhouse, espically if the Imperials aren?t smart enough to shoot a fast target like the A-Wing.?

Tom and I nodded. ?You are also rated as a sniper with several rifles and a marksman with the DH-17.?

?Yes sir, I?m good with just about any weapon you can give me.? I turned to my corner of the room and pulled out my sniper rifle, the DC-15x and handed it to her. ?Wow, now that?s old,? she inspected the rifle ?I can use it, not that hard? plasma, correct??

?Yes, I believe I have it set to high power, twenty five shots per magazine.?

?It?s beautiful?? she whispered.

?Yes it is?? I looked at her. ?Anything else??

?No.? He simply added.

?Thank you for applying Lieutenant. You?ll be accepted into the unit providing you pass our training course that you?ll take with the trest of the group.?

?Thank you sirs.? She walked up to our desks shaking our hands, forcing us to look into her deep blue eyes as the shined with happiness.

She then returned my rifle. ?Thank you again.? I tried to speak, but I was lost for words as she glided out of the room.

?What in the kriffiling world was that?? Tom asked.

?What??? I asked, still somewhat dazed.

?The little reminding device and that handshake? wait? first the little thing??

?She?s strong with the Force. It?s a device that can detect individuals that are strong with the Force.?

?How?? You are?? I held up my hand.

?Yes, but it is allowable for a person to tune themselves out, as Palpatine had too??

?Ok? but what about those Bantha eyes you have her??

?Nothing? I swear??

?Better not James. I?d hate to see you go?? He paused for a moment. ?However, she does have that air of destiny that few have??

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Dramatis Personae

Major James Brehm

Captain Thomas Anderson

1st Lieutenant Ricard Winters

?One last man, Ricard Winters, First Lieutenant,? Tom said as he walked into the office. As he sat down, a tall red-haired man with a long, almost constantly tired face entered, saluting both of us.

?Ricard Winters, at your service.? He said. We saluted back.

?You have not been tested or certified with any starfighters.? Tom said.

?No sir.?

?And you know that this unit will require you to be knowledgeable in starfighters and space combat, correct?? Tom said.

?Yes sir.? Ricard responded, at attention, with no expression from his long face.

?Then how do you expect to be accepted into the Republic Rangers?? I asked.

?Other than willingness to learn how to fly, I don?t.?

Tom and I paused for a moment. ?Please step outside for a moment.?

Ricard saluted, did a perfect about face, and walked out the door with extreme precision.

?I want him.? I said, directly.

?No surprised, because I say no.?


?Because everyone here is trained and certified to fly a X-Wing, they only choose to be in the Army. Lieussink left Starfighter Command for the Army, despite whatever romance you may be entertaining yourself with, she is what we need in our Junior Officers??

?But look at Ricards file? he was at Derra IV! He has great leadership skills, serving at major disasters and still getting his men out of there? His commander loves him to death?!?

?He may, but he needs starfighter experience??

?How about his main training will be with the X-Wings? And if he flies well, then we?ll keep him.?

?OK? but only because he was a Katarn Commando??

?Thank you.? Tom pressed a button on his desk, causing the door to open. Ricard marched in.

?You?ll be accepted Lieutenant.? Tom said, Ricards face looking a bit relax. ?However, your training will involve X-Wing training rather than any form of infantry training.? Ricard nodded.

?You?re dismissed Lieutenant.? I said. Ricard saluted, se saluted back, and he left in his crisp military style. ?Well, that was fun!?

?By the end of this venture, whether it?s in a few months or the Galaxy turns ofd, I?ll kill you for putting me through this trouble?? Tom said.

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?Well? we have forty people for ten or twelve spots?? Tom said.

?I wonder if we could do a full platoon?? I started.

?Well, you can ask. Kre?fey is hailing us??

?Good, bring him up!? I said. Tom pushed a compule buttons and a large white furred Bothan head appeared with the common blue tint.

?Greetings men.? He said. We stood at attention. ?At ease men?? he smiled. Laryn Kre?fey was our commanding officer, an albino Bothan. ?How has the interviewing process benn?

?Great, many great men and women and one Bothan.?

?Really?? He asked, somewhat amazed.

?Yes? a Arnaz Ver'eth. He, providing he passes our training, which I have no doubt, will serve as our demolitions guy.? Tom said.

?That?s great!?

?It?s a pity there aren?t more non-humans, because I don?t want to be labeled as a pro-human individual.? I said.

?It?s understandable, major, but the Army is a very human organization. One, the Army is not a very glamorous vocation; who will remember a single squad at a select battle? Everyone knows ship captains and starfighter squadrons. Two, humans are very flexable? A Mon Cal would die in heat, but a Mustfarian would flounder in the unusual cool of water.

?Uh?? Tom groaned, looking as if he wanted to disagree.

?Anyway, have you decided on a starfighter??? Kre?fay asked with a curiosity on his face.

?Uh?? I said.


?Have you decided what starfighter to use?? Tom asked. Tom was working on the paperwork and I had my head down on my desk, resting my eyes. I groaned. ?Well?? Tom pressed.

?Let?s let Future James and Future Tom worry about it.? I said. I opened my eyes and saw Tom who looked annoyed.


?What do you think?? I asked.

?Well, I?m partial to X-Wings.? Tom replied.

?So? I guess A-Wings??


?You?re right. We should go Y-Wings.?Tom sighed.


?X-Wings??? Kre?fey paused. ?You?re sounding more and more like a real starfighter squadron rather than a commando unit??

?I want them to do everything; and sometimes we just need a bit more firepower.? I paused for effect.? I paused for effect. ?And let?s not forget that sometimes we might need to get out of a place when we?re on our own.?

?On your own? You expect to be on your own???

?Yes sir. But we?ll see how we perform; I assure you that we?re up to Ranger quality.?

?Good! Before I leave you be to have fun with your new recruits, I have good news, which is the main reason for my calling on you.? Kre?fey smiled a toothy grin. ?I?ve been able to secure Wes Jansen to help train your people. I know you got off great with him and had a history, so I got him for your people. By then, those who aren?t up to it should be out? That?s basically it. Have a good day gentlemen.? And his face disappeared.

?Well, that was nice of him.?

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