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The Republic Rangers - The Beginning - Act Two, Scene One

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I walked into a room that served as a temporary meeting hall for the Ranger candidates. It was currently full of people, talking amongst themselves.

Sitting closest to the door was Ricard Winters and a his friend that we accepted for the S-1 Personal position, Louie Nixon, pronounced Nix-On, talking to each other. In the middle of the front, I saw the stunning Claire Lieussink being chatted up by Wes Janson, obviously shooting down his advances.

Everyone realized I entered and jumped up, saluting me, including Wes, who saluted out of respect despite the different services we were in. I walked toward him and shook his hand, returning the salute of the rest.

?You think the way she shot me down that she was Wedge or Tycho?? he said, jokingly.

?She?s an A-Wing Ace actually?? Tom said. ?So I?m sure she?s used to the typical fighter-jock, and their ego, hitting on her??

?How dare you insult me in such a manner!? Wes yelled. The entire room was watching him. ?I?ll just?. Yeah?? And Wes walked behind Tom and me.

?Greetings soldiers of the New Republic.? I said to the small crowd. I leaned over to Tom and Wes, whispering, ?I?ve always wanted to do that.? I heard Tom sigh in mild and joking contempt.

?It?s a clich? to say you?ll be part of a grand experiment or experience, but you are. This unit will attempt to be like the Katarn Commandos, like Rogue Squadron, like the Republic Rangers of Old, but naturally without all the Intelligence skills training that makes them so special.

?Many of you are great fighters on the ground, receiving many accolades, but we?re going to be the best anywhere we must be, on the ground, in the air, or in space itself.

?Think of us as a combination of the Katarn Commandos, high skill in ground combat, and Rouge Squadron, still using star fighters as a part of our job description, but if things go well, we shouldn?t see too much time in space.

"Anyway, I didn?t plan to say much, so I?ll just let you go so you can experience Lieutenant Janson?s slaughtering?? I paused to laugh, ?I mean, pilot evaluation??

Janson them moved forward, ushering the soldiers as if they were nerfs going to slaughter. He occasionally had a stylist out to poke people who were slow, like a nerf-prod.

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This is a good, short scene. Short though it is, it really helps to paint a clearer picture of the relationship your main characters have.

And might I say.... Wes is positively hilarious.

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