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The Republic Rangers - The Beginning - Overture

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This is just the beginning of my epic series, the Republic Rangers. Comments welcome. (Note: I know that it won't make sense, this is just a snipit of what is to be a far larger transcript... maybe)

The Republic Rangers


Dramatis Personae

James Brehm ? CO of the Republic Ranger Army


Interviewer - How did the Republic Rangers come into being?

James Brehm ? My father created the Republic Rangers after the Battle of Geonosis; roughly based on the Clone Commandos that were famous for their roles in the same battle, but particularly for their skill and bravery.

He was lucky to get a command. Before, he was once a Jedi; a year after the Invasion of Naboo, he left the order of what were perceived heresies. He thought the Jedi should be allowed to marry and have possessions, believeing that a true Jedi would do what is necessary for the welfare of the Republic.

He also refused to believe in the Dark Side. He saw the Force as neutral, favoring neither good nor bad, serving as a life force, for lack of better words. He always said that the light and dark is within us and determines our actions as we allow them. Just because someone uses the Force as a raw source of power doesn?t mean that that?s the Dark Side, it?s just uncontrolled power, which tends to be used for the wrong reasons.

Back to the main story; after a few months of training with the Commandos, one battalion of regular citizens went off to face the worst of the Confederation.

They were trained to do more than just fight on the ground; they were trained to do everything. Snipe, farther than the rifles are able to; fly, better than the droids, even near Jedi level; shoot, experts with any weapon that they picked up; fight, if the Commandos were jealous, they didn?t show it.

They were good, respected, and minorly famous. My father disbanded the Raners after the proclamation of the new Galactic Empire, meant to spread peace and justice.

*laugh* Peace and justice, ironic. My father fought for that in the Republic and did his best during the Empire.

I ? How did he fight?

JB ? He did his best to fight for non-humans in the Senate. But his most important contribution was the ?buying up? of several businesses owned by non-humans, being owner in name. He did this to allow non-humans to keep their companies and always gave his board room votes to random board members or the previous heads. When he ?disappeared? after the Battle of Yavin, those stocks and ownerships were passed to me. I still possess those stocks, but I handed ownership once they were no longer under Imperial oppression.

Anyway, back to the main story.

I served in every important place during the Rebellion up until the year after Endor. I always tried to create the Rangers, even if it wasn?t under my command, bugging my brigade commander.

Apparently, my word got up to the inner circle of the Rebel Alliance, by then the New Republic. They asked if I could do what my father did without the training of Commandos. I said sure, if I could borrow someone from the Katarn Commandos and/or a member of Rogue Squadron. They gave me both. I got Wes Janson and a Katarn Commando whose name he refused to give.

We started small, just two people. Tom and I. Wes and the Commando taught us and we continued from there. The only difference was that I used a possession of my fathers, a Jedi Interceptor, while Tom used the standard X-Wing. Mercy? I love my Interceptor.

I ? So, tell us?

Transcript from

The Oral History of The Galactic Civil War, Vol. 66

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