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Destiny's Circle

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Hi, guys! I've been busy writing a few more fics, and I think I'm getting better. The first one I'll introduce you to is Destiny's Circle, one of my biggest fics yet.

In 989ABY, the Jedi have separated from the Republic. They have moved to Ossus, into a Temple made entirely by the Force. The Jedi numbers have grown considerably, now an army to be reckoned with. Kalanese Jedi Grand Master Vieux is the leader of these Jedi, the sole ruler. He shares some of his power with the fellow Council Members. Everything in the Ossus Jedi Enclave is going smoothly. Relashionships with the Republic are still good; the Jedi still hold the same respect in the hearts and minds of the galaxy; the Tradition is still going.

Long ago, Jaina Solo bore a baby boy with fellow Jedi Zekk. Using the Force to accelerate her pregnancy, she gave birth a few months before she faced her twin brother, Jacen Solo. She managed to kill him, but the whiplash of his death shocked her so much that she didn't see Jacen, with a last burst of energy, come at her with a knife. They died at the same moment, and both of their bodies were recovered by Luke Skywalker and Saba Sebeytyne.

Zekk took the baby to Leia and Han. Then and there, Leia decided to keep Nait out of the Order. Zekk didn't want him to grow up without being taught, and therefor left the Order alltogether. Luke, Saba, Jagged Fel, and other members of the Jedi Council came to see and train him. Leia and Han raised Nait in secret, until they died.

When Han died, Leia called Nait to her deathbed to reveal to him his ancestry. Zekk had gone on one final mission out of a favor for Luke, and was not there to comfort his son. Leia told him to do the same with his own children, and they with their's. Nobody must know that the Solo's had a descendant.

Nait agreed, and was true to his word. The Solos were wiped out of existence. The galaxy grieved and memorials were held all over different planets, but soon they forgot about them except in the history books.

Years later, Cade Skywalker returned to the Light Side of the Force. Wolf Sazan informed him of his distant, widowed relative, Jade, who worked on the planet of Talravin as a cantina waitress. She already knew who she was, and was dead set on carrying on the family tradition of telling her children when they were ready. Cade found her on Talravin, and convinced her to come to the Temple with her two children.

Soon after she had graduated to Padawan under Wold Sazan, Cade and his wife were expecting a baby. After many fights and arguments, he and his wife let the child go to another family. They would follow the Solo tradition themselves. The Sith were like bloodhounds on the Skywalker/Solo scent. It would do best to protect their child, Aumren, from their mutual enemies.

Soon, Jade gave up one of her children to her best friend on Talravin. With she died, her child in the Temple was told of the Tradition. An envoy was sent to Talravin, but her other child had mysteriously disappeared.

Years and years later, the Jedi are still continuing the tradition. The Grand Master was always tasked to mentor both Skywalker and Solo descendants, along with two normal Padawans. This is what is happening now. Vieux is following the tradition, also. Jean Anek, Jaing Ghetto, Devin Ramon, and Evlyn Grent are his Padawans. Everything seemed to be running smoothly.

The Rogan Strife came. He made enough trouble for the Chief of State to request Vieux himself track him down. Vieux, a living legend by then, did as he was asked. He tracked him all the way to Harrun Kal, where he captured the HawkBat leader. His pride got the best of him, however, and Strife escaped by stealing Vieux's own ship and his lightsaber, earning a deep rivalry between the two.

Now Strife is the prime suspect in the attempted destruction of the Jedi Enclave on Ossus. Auron Kae, an eleven-year-old Padawan, joins Council Member Sanji Taban and Evlyn Grent on their search for a lead to his operations on Phaeda. Vieux and Jaing Ghetto search Talravin, Rogan's homeworld, for answers. The mercinary that had tried to blow up the Enclave is placed into the protective custody of Padawans Devin and Jean.

There is something deeper going on in this mystery. Something that needs to be solved. Follow our new characters through their own development, death, betrayal, heartbreak, romance, yaddah yaddah... The question of ancestry goes deep into the plot, and they may not come out alive.


And there's the plot of the story. I have them all hosted on FanFiction.net for easier reading purposes. ;) Hope you guys like it!

Destiny's Circle:


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

So, tell me what you think. ;)

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Sounds interesting. : )

I should put mine up there, too.... so it's easier.

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