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Where the Hell is Where the Hell Am I?

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First post:

Starts in deep space in the SW galaxy. Obi-wan, Yoda, Mace, Quinlan Vos, Aayla, Bail, Padme, and Mon Mothma are fleeing the Emperor's clone army, led by Anakin in a search to capture them for sedition (and kidnapping Padme, so he assumes). The conflict ends when a vortex of blue gas appears between the ships (the characters were traveling separately), sucking them into it and disabling everything but their lightsabers. All but Yoda go unconscious from oxygen loss and wake up on Earth, where they meet our Earth characters.

Obi-wan is with Donny in Tishamingo, MS. (Yes that is really the name of a town).

Mace is with Lorelei in Kentucky.

Anakin and Padme are with Arron in Kidderminster (UK).

Bail is with Amber in Maryland (Camp David).

Quin and Aayla are with Alexander in Glasgow.

Yoda is with Ned in Sydney.

Mon Mothma is with Chelsea in Michigan.

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Okay, here's the latest:

Obi-wan is going by the name Ben and is about to sit down to dinner with Donny and his mama.

Mace is now hosed off and in the car with Lorelei on their way to town. Which town, however, no one has yet to specify.

Padme was rushed to the hospital with false labor pains. Anakin killed a Coke machine.

Bail is learning to play video games, and Amber has pulled a mystery object out of the closet.

Quinlan and Aayla are running from the police.

Yoda threatened to steal Ned's cat if he didn't take him to the Embassy. What Yoday wants with a cat, I have no clue.

Mon Mothma has just discovered Bud Lite and Chelsea's drinking problem.

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