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Bloody Skies

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Gonna steal Drake and Rogue's "post whenever I feel like it" method.

Note: I know this may seem like a rip off of Air Force One, and I apologize.


Ingeniero Ambrosio L.V. Taravella International Airport

C?rdoba, Argentina

0814 12 January 2008

Everardo Gabriel Munoz Ortega passed through two glass doors into the airport. As he made his way to the ticket desk, the duffel bag in his hand seemed to grow heavier. Not heavier with weight, but with importance. Today, a fourteen year old wound would finally heal, and Everardo's mind could finnally be at peace.

He recieved his reservation tickets and made his way to the correct concourse, stopping before the metal detector. Innocently, he placed the bag onto the conveyer next to it, and walked through. No beep. The bag reached the end of the conveyer belt. The guard seized the bag, unzipped it, shoved a few articles of clothing aside, and peered into the bag. Everardo knew that the guard was now looking at a Heckler & Koch MP5K submachine gun, extra magazines, and a fragmentation grenade.

The guard replaced the clothing, handed him back the bag and smiled.

"Have a nice flight, sir," he said, and then in a whisper "Good luck, my brother."

Everardo recieved the bag and turned to board the plane.

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