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Dramatis Personae

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List your characters here. If you have two characters, please put both in the same post. Leave your deceased pilots in there too.

Also, when filling in your rank, please leave it as "Flight Officer." When I need Lieutenants, I'll ask you personally.

One character limit. Those that have two already have been dealt with.

Currently needing a heavy weapons specialist, chief mechanic and quartermaster. (The latter two would be good for anyone that wants to contribute, but doesn't have a lot of time to RP.)

Revenant Squadron

Flight One:

Revenant 1 Captain Aeric Tunon, CO (Chickenman)

Revenant 2 Flight Officer Arlan Vaar, Droid Programming (Furday)

Revenant 3 Flight Officer Layla Nasrin, Insertion Specialist (Rogue)

Revenant 4 Flight Officer Atuarre, Sniper (JM)

Flight Two:

Revenant 5 Lieutenant Nat Riamor, XO (Rogue)

Revenant 6 Flight Officer Aston Kendall, Slicer (Beeurd)

Revenant 7 Flight Officer Jya Orson, Hand-To-Hand Combat and Demolitions (Furday)

Revenant 8 Flight Officer Nima Secura, Medic (Princess)

Flight Three:

Revenant 9 Lieutenant Takeshi Beskar (Drake)

Revenant 10 Flight Officer Szen Brǽnen, Communications Officer (Smurfette)

Revenant 11 Flight Officer Kaden Staal, Ace (Mara)

Revenant 12 Flight Officer Jaim Adarra, Vehicle Specialist (Janson)

Support Personnel:

Sena, Mechanic (Rubezsia)

R2-X5, "Sexy," Layla's astromech

"Ven," Nat's astromech

R3-??, "Bucket," Aston's astromech

R3-D4 "Artie", Kaden's astromech

R2-7D "Hilts," Jaim's astromech

"Hal," Arlan's astromech

R6-A1 "Sixxa," Takeshi's astromech

"Teroch," Takeshi's droid


Flight Officer Atzena Meling, Communications Officer (Chickenman) KIA

Lieutenant Jareth Daragon, Weapons Specialist (Beeurd) KIA

Screaming Mynock Squadron

Lead: Captain Slade (m)

XO: Lieutenant Sadro Rath (m) KIA

- Flight Officer Jor (either first or last name) (m)

- Flight Officer Kaydi Zell (f)

- Flight Officer Vorrin (either first or last name) (m)

New Republic Military

Admiral Besav

Captain Brier Fae, Intelligence Officer (Vergere)



Deign Argos

Cale Sano



Ithyari mission aliases:

Tak: Kruger Jast, Arms Dealer

Jaim: Mat T'Ora, Man of Leisure

Layla: Imana Proul, Merchant Extraordinaire

Szen: Kilee Amalun, Dancer

Brier: Raya Tsal, Professional Gambler

Aston: Kenzie Brannon, Network Systems Engineer

Jya: Vina Drask, Explosives Engineer


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Name: Aeric "Trick" Tunon

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Homeworld: Tharix Prime

Age: 26 (Born 17 BBY)

Rank: Captain

Role: Commanding Officer

Physical Description: Tall, athletic, blue eyes, brunette hair

Personality: Has a bit of a dual nature. Can be jovial and merry one moment, but very distant and often depressed the next. Somewhat cold, but a brilliant tactician and fighter pilot. As an officer, he tries to keep his real emotions and thoughts to himself. At the same time, he loves a good joke and has a great sense of humor. There is a reason for this dual nature, and hopefully some digging around in his past will uncover it.

Bio: Born on Tharix Prime, an Imperial world on the Mid Rim. His father abandoned the family when Aeric was very young, also leaving behind Aeric's mother and brother, and taking all of the family's money with him. Still, the family persevered under the leadership of Aeric's ridiculously strong-willed mother. With neither the grades nor the money for college, Aeric joined the Alliance as a soldier. He became a crack commando, but transferred to Starfighter Command, and to this day refuses to explain why. While he had been a good commando, he excelled as a pilot. However, something happened to him lately that has changed him. He refuses to talk about this as well though one can sense something terrible has scarred him.


Name: Atzena Meling - DECEASED

Gender: Female

Species: Cantrosian

Homeworld: Cantros 7

Age: 22 (Born 13 BBY)

Rank: Flight Officer

Role: Communications Officer

Physical Description: Short, blue eyed with golden fur

Personality: Carefree, sociable and fun loving.

Bio: As a Cantrosian, Atzena participated in the Battle of Cantros when she was 18, in which two groups allied to the Alliance were manipulated by the Nagai into a civil war, thinking they were fighting a group allied with the Imperials instead. Atzena's first kill was in that battle, and because of the manipulation it was, in essence, friendly fire. This hit Atzena even harder than it did most other Cantrosians, and she sunk into a deep depression. She found happiness through flying at insane speeds. Over time, she evolved from a depressed teenager to a carefree, fun loving young adult. She joined the New Republic Defense Force, as she theorized that only military starfighters could reach the speeds she craved. Her jovial manner won over her squadron mates, and she enjoyed her time on the team. Atzena sacrificed herself when the squadron was ambushed by a warlord's fleet. Her ship damaged beyond repair, she flew it into the side of an Interdictor cruiser, knocking out its shields and giving the Revenants a chance to capture it and escape. She died saving the life of every member of the squadron.


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Name: Layla Nasrin

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Species: Zeltron

Homeworld: Zeltros

Rank: Flight Officer

Role: Insertion Specialist

Physical description: Layla has the pink skin and fiery red hair of her species. She is very fit, like the rest of her species, in part due to an extremely fast metabolism, that her creator wishes she possessed. She stands about 5'6".

Personality: Nasrin is a very laid back person, and is usually very upbeat. She doesn't talk about her problems, and does not usually involve herself in other people's personal problems unnecessarily. However, she is heavily affected by the mood of those around her, and actively seeks to improve it most of the time. She can be fiery at times, and there is little that she fears.


Layla was born on Zeltros in 16 BBY. She traveled the galaxy in her youth, and gained an in depth knowledge of how the galaxy works. She has a textbook knowledge of underground organizations, as well as retaining a number of underground contacts. She does not unnecessarily share the details of her past, feeling that the past is better left behind her, and is therefore quite mysterious. She does however hold a deep-set grudge against the Imperials which led to her joining the New Republic Starfighter Command in the first place.

She moved to Tyrena City, Corellia when she was seventeen. She fell in love with a man named Deign Argos and worked within an underground organization known as Archaic with him for three years. Things went foul when the Empire started firming it's hold on Corellia, paying local organizations such as Archaic to do their dirty work for them. With one hand in an Imperial pocketbook, Deign freaked out when he discovered Layla was pregnant, and tried to eliminate any proof of his sympathy towards non-humans. Layla barely escaped the fire meant to kill her, stealing a ship to get herself and his sister Sena offworld.

She returned home to Zeltros to have her child, shortly before the Nagai-Tof invasion. She was there, helping to quell the invasion in her own ways. She then took her family to Coruscant, enlisting in Starfighter Command, hoping to use her skills to take the fight back to the Empire, which had been the cause of her troubles.

Update! Layla is known by some to be hiding both Sena Argos and her own daughter, Ayana Nasrin. Archaic Member Deign Argos is still known to be looking for her, holding several high priced bounties on her head. Lay has also developed an ironic friendship with Takeshi Beskar, who was brought into the squadron initially to replace her. Their relationship is rapidly blossoming into something more, which could turn bad for both of them within Star Command.

Talents: Layla makes an ideal insertion specialist. Her pheromones allow her to both read and alter the moods of those around her, an ability which can be useful in several important ways. She also has a detailed knowledge of imperial proceedure, as well as posessing a textbook knowledge of underground organizations, as well as retaining a number of underground contacts.


Name: Nat Riamor

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Species: Twi'lek

Homeworld: Ryloth

Rank: Lieutennant

Role: Executive Officer

Physical Description: Nat has Dark blue skin, just a few shades lighter than black, and piercing yellow eyes. He's about six feet tall.

Personality: Rigid and by-the book, many question if Nat even knows how to have fun. He can be quite intimidating, and stouborn at times, but he believes that his actions are for the greater good. He also has a slight obsessive compulsive disorder regarding rules and regulations.

Background: Born on Ryloth, Riamor saw all the hardships that came with being an alien under the Empire. Angry at the way things worked, Nat bartered passage to Corellia. He signed with the Rebellion in Doaba Guerfel, and served with the ground troops for a couple years. When the New Republic took Coruscant, Nat went to Coruscant where he was trained as a pilot in the New Republic's accademy, graduating in the top percentage in his class. He was taken into a starfighter squadron upon graduation, and gained valuable field experience. With news of a new Wraith Squadron forming, Nat earnestly sought the position of Executive Officer, hoping to prove his true value to the New Republic.

Update! Nat has formed an unlikely friendship with fellow Twi'lek pilot Nima Secura, who's clan has a grief of some sort against the Riamor Clan.

Talents: Good shot with a blaster, excellent pilot.


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Name: Aston Kendall

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Homeworld: Coruscant

Age: 19 (born 11 BY)

Rank: Flight Officer

Role: Slicer

Physical Description: Aston is a nineteen year-old human, and is five foot seven inches tall, with longish black brown hair that is usually kept remains untidy. He weighs about 130 pounds.

Personality: He is often shy, but his caring and always likes to help out. Although he can be nervous and clumsy he can always be counted on to try his best.

Bio: Aston grew up in less than ideal situations, and from an early age began fiddling with computers. When he was 15 (4 AY), his parents were killed during a riot that broke out after Stormtroopers tried to subdue the crowds celebrating the Emperor's demise. After that Aston become even more determined to fight the Empire, and used his slicing abilities to help a group of freedom fighters operating within Imperial City. In 7AY the Lusankya blasted its way out of Coruscant, destroying Aston's home. He then signed up to the New Republic armed forces, initially as an X-wing pilot, but he was often called upon for his excellent slicer powers of uberness.

Weapon: Some kind of blaster pistol.

Name: "Bucket" (R3-??)

Gender: R3 astromech droid, male personality

Homeworld: (data missing)

Age: (data missing)

Physical Description:


Personality: Bucket likes to take charge, and dislikes being subordinate to other droids, but will follow orders if required. He has a dislike for "inferior" units, and on observation appears to be xenophobic towards other droids in general.

Bio: At some point Bucket reprogrammed himself, hiding his identification number resulting in his designation appearing as R3-?? in most records. The droid's history is mostly unknown, and he appears to select his masters. He was formerly owned by Lt. Jareth Daragon, and on his death he formed a bond with the slicer, Aston Kendall. No further information is currently available.


Name: Jareth Daragon

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Homeworld: Garos IV

Age: 37 (born 29 BY)

Rank: Flight Officer

Role: General weapons knowledgeble person.

Physical Description: Jareth is six foot tall, weighs about 165 pounds, has short light brown hair, and is quite muscular and rough-looking.

Personality: Despite his tough-looks he is actually an easy-going guy, until you get him angry. When he is annoyed he has a terrible temper, which has earned him the nickname "Jay the Dragon". He hates being stuck in one place for too long.

Bio: Jareth had been a weapons dealer in the past. He previously spent his life travelling the galaxy, but eventually figured a change of pace was in order when the Empire finally caught up with him. He is highly knowledgeable about blasters and similar weapons in general. He is usually accompanied by his personal R3 unit, who likes to call itself "Bucket".

Weapon: DT-57 "Annihilator" heavy blaster pistol, A280 blaster rifle.

(subject to change)

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Radioactive Isotope

question: are we allowing Jedi/Force sensitives into this mix?

Name: Atuarre (at-too-ar-ay)

Gender: female

Age: 26 (Born 18 BBY)

Species: Trianii

Physical Features: just under 2m tall, dappled brown fur with a black patch that covers her right eye and ear, retractable claws, prehensile tail

Homeworld: Trian

Rank: Flight Officer

Role: Sniper

Personality: a little stoic and a little sarcastic. enjoys a good prank and good times, but also knows when to be serious and focused. since the Trianii are a female-dominated society, she tends to look down on males and often considers them useless.

Bio: Daughter of one of the yu'nar (tribal council) and was expected to take her mother's place. However, Atuarre didn't have a taste for politics and instead joined the Trianii Rangers at 17. While in the Rangers, she was trained as a sniper and became exceptionally good at it. But that didn't hold her interest for long, and when she heard of a new fighter squadron being formed, she jumped at the chance and signed up.


Source Material:

TF.N info on Trianii

Wookieepedia entry

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Name: Jaim Adarra

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Homeworld: Corellia

Age: 22

Rank: Flight Officer

Role: "Ground Vehicle Specialist" (Stupid sounding name... why can't it just be "speeder-jacker?")

Physical Description: 6'2, on the thin side, green eyes, medium black hair

Personality: Jaim's known in Coronet City as a bit of a loose cannon, unpredictable and, for those he doesn't like, dangerous. Aside from this, he's a very loose and relaxed guy. He's also not one for discipline, or repression of any sort. To that end, he's gotten himself into trouble with the authorities on several worlds, assisting in anti-government actions on some.


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Name: Kaden Staal

Age: 27 (born 18 years BBY)

Gender: male

Species: human

Homeworld/birth planet: Coruscant

Rank: Flight Officer

Role: TBE

Specialty: Can fly anything. Knows a variety of languages including Ithorian, Bothan, Rodian and Huttese.

Appearance: He has black close-cropped hair, dark green eyes, lightish olive/tan skin and a fairly developed but lean physique. Some may think he has a slightly exotic looking face. He stands at about 6'3" (about 1.9 meters) and weighs around 190 pounds.

[Think Keanu Reeves from Speed...ish with a bit of Dwayne Johnson, Adam Rodriguez and Bear Grylls mixed in for good measure].

Background: He?s a descendant of Jedi Rhen Staal who served the Old Republic 200-300 years before the rise of Palpatine, Anakin/Vader and the rest of the Empire. Because of this, his parents wanted to get him trained in the ways of the Jedi, even though he showed no aptitude for the Force.

However, because he was born just a year or so after the beginning of Order 66 and the Jedi Purges, his parents had to bring him to a hidden Jedi stronghold in order to complete this measure for Kaden. The Jedi tested him and realized he had no Force leanings at all. But before he could be transported back home, the Jedi found out about a plot from the Empire to come to their secret base and so they left for another taking the young boy with them. Kaden?s parents arrived to visit him, not knowing about the attack and were killed for Jedi and Rebel supporters.

Because of such, the Jedi raised Kaden for a few months until they found a suitable refugee camp for him to live in with some fellow Rebels. He went back and forth between different camps because the Rebels were always on the move. A man on Dantoooine taught Kaden how to fly after he showed an interest. Later on when he was sixteen, a Rebel captain saw how adept Kaden seemed with flying and took him with him to train with the Rebel fighters.

He learned to fly all the various types of fighters but was still in training during the battle of Yavin. Later during the battle of Endor he was in a mish-mash fighter squadron called Fuse whose purpose was to be able to fly whatever ship they needed to depending on what their mission was. Later on after moving to an X-wing squadron when Fuse sqadron was disbanded, he was promoted to lieutenant after one highly profitable battle he was in. He was given command of the second flight of a new Y-wing squadron: the Golden Eagles.

His last previous mission before being called up to Revenant was a routine weapons facility destruction on Vadrov Prime. It turned out to be a ?successful disaster.? They completed the mission, but Redemption Squadron, who was along with the Eagles, took mass casualties while the Golden Eagles lost only one. Kaden was demoted back to flight officer and put on leave of absence/administrative leave/civilian with military pay/forced vacation/etc./etc. for an indeterminate time following certain actions he took during and after the battle. If it wasn't for the sympathy of a commanding officer, Kaden would have probably been taken out of Starfighter Command and the NR military permanently.

Surprised to get the call to a new squadron (his captain must have pulled some strings), he is looking forward to getting back into an X-wing again, to take his mind off of his Vadrov Prime mission and to help in cleaning up the filth of the Empire with this new squadron, continuing what his parents could no longer do.

Other: His astromech, R3-D4 (Artie) has been with him since he started training with the Rebels and then New Republic.

Race Bannon, Kaden's wingmate in the Golden Eagles.

Tashi, ???

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Bad furday

Jya Orson

eyes: dark brown

hair: chestnut

homeworld: Commenor

species: human female

skills: hand-to-hand combat, demolitions

Jya has the appearance of about 29 standard years old. She can?t remember her birthdate (or so she tells us), so her exact age is uncertain. Over the years she has worked in smuggling organizations serving both the Rebellion and the Empire. Jya admits to working for whomever will cut her the best deal, no matter who gets hurt in the process.

Despite her checkered past, Jya was accepted into the Republic?s armed forces, much to her surprise. She considers this her best shot at starting anew. Though adept at flying, Jya excels in hand to hand combat, as well as explosives/demolitions.

Jya isn?t really a people person, seeming distant and aloof during periods of prolonged contact with a few people, as well as in large crowds. However, she insists that she?s ?really nice once you get to know? her. So, take the time to work on relationships, and you will be rewarded. With much of her past memories lost, Jya is a complex character whose true self may slip out at moments, only to be reigned in. She harbors a secret that could challenge not only how she is percieved by others, but could also work against her. Jya says that when the time is right, you will find out what it is...but to do so, you must read the story.


Arlan Vaar

eyes: golden

hair: black

homeworld: Corellia

species: human male

skills: droid programming/interraction

Arlan says that there is absolutely no conincidence that he and Bad furday look similar. Absolutely none!

Roughly 24 standard years old, Arlan is pleased to be the first member in his family to join Republic Intelligence. His area of expertise is droids, and getting them to communicate more smoothly with humans, as well as making them spill their secrets when necesary.

During his stay at Intelligence, a friend of his agreed to give him flying lessons. Apparently, Arlan is ?An ok pilot...providing the ship is still parked!? Arlan hopes that with proper training, he will become as skilled with a ship as he is with droids.

Arlan has a slightly sadistical sense of humor, and offers humor when it might be inappropriate. He is a bit akward when meeting new people for the first time. However, once the group starts to get to know each other, Arlan allows his sense of humor to shine through. He most enjoys when he can make people laugh.

Edited by Bad furday

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Nima Secura

Eyes: Green

Skin: Purple

Homeworld: Ryloth

Species: Twi-lek

Skill: Physician

Nima Secura's life started out like most attractive Twi'lek females. At an early ge her grace and beauty got her caught by slavers while making a trip back to Ryloth from school to attend a wedding of her clansmen. She was sold as a dancer but had gifts and skills when it came to healing and helped take care of her fellow slaves after the brutal punishments often inflicted upon them by their master. She was able to escape but the experience left her cynical and jaded. She finished her degree and then proceeded onto medical school on Coruscant. Nima is an excellent physician, if lacking a little in bedside manner. She enjoys kicking back and relaxing with her friends but is rather distrustful of strangers. Her former somewhat bubbly personality does show through when she lets her guard down. Hoping to get a chance to get even with slavers Nima decided to join the New Republic Armed Forces and showed that she could handle an X-Wing with ease.


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Name: Takeshi Beskar

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Homeworld: Fondor

Age: 27 (Born 19 BBY)

Rank: Flight Officer

Role: That's up for debate right now. He used to work black ops for the New Republic.

Specialties: Martial arts, infiltration, assassination

Physical Description: 6'3, lean, muscular, short brown hair

Personality: Witty and sarcastic around friends and comrades.

Bio: From his New Republic personal file...

Takeshi Beskar hails from Fondor. He and his family grew up under the heel of the Empire. Beskar eventually joined the Rebel Alliance as a starfighter pilot. He has served with distinction and honour in the field of battle. Beskar has performed notable service at the Battles of Ton-Falk, Rhen Var, Telos IV, Hoth, Goff, Geonosis, Fondor, Endor, Bakura as well as commendations for his role in the Siege of Ank Ki'Shor, and Operation Skyhook.



Name: Takeshi Skirata

Gender: Male

Species: Mandalorian

Homeworld: Kuar

Age: 27 (Born 19 BBY)

Rank: Flight Officer

Role: That's up for debate right now. He used to work black ops for the New Republic.

Specialties: Martial arts, infiltration, assassination

Physical Description: Tall, lean, muscular, short brown hair

Personality: He hides a secret past. He has a strong sense of honour borne from his Mandalorian heritage.


Born and raised as a Mandalorian on the harsh planet Kuar, Takeshi Skirata grew up into a formidable warrior under the strict tutelage of members from his clan. His ability to learn quickly allowed him to learn many forms of martials art and weapon combat including bladed weapons, blasters and slug guns. When Palpatine and the Empire took over Kuar, Takeshi's family was killed. He fought and was nearly killed himself, but managed to escape.

He roamed the galaxy, seeking revenge for the deaths of his brothers and sisters on Kuar. He soon joined the organization that would best help him in his quest for vengeance: the Rebel Alliance. Takeshi created false identification and entered as a starfighter pilot. When the New Republic took over, he got into black ops in order to infiltrate the last Imperial strongholds and assassinate or capture their leaders. When the Empire eventually grew weak enough that his skills in assassination capture were no longer as high of a priority to the New Republic, he was reassigned to a new project.

His previous skills as a fighter pilot for the Rebellion made the transition from black ops Intel to the Starfighter Corps much easier. Despite taking a rank and pay cut, Takeshi agreed to join the new project, which would put him in a squadron of pilots whose missions would take them behind enemy lines and into dangerous battles in space and on land.

Family Tree:

Takeshi Skirata was the son of Falco Skirata who was, in turn the son of Munin Skirata. Munin was the adoptive father to Kal Skirata, one of the 75 Mandalorians who trained the Clone Commandos. Kal took on the Null ARC troopers and a number of clone commandos as his "sons" which makes Takeshi the adoptive cousin to a good number of clones.


- BlasTech DL-44 heavy blaster pistol

- Merr-Sonn J1 palm blaster

- T-6 "Thunderer" superheavy blaster pistol

- Mandalorian Ripper customizable slug pistol

- Assorted daggers and vibroblades

- Two vibro-katanas

- His fists and rugged good looks



Name: Teroch

Gender: Originally male

Species: Droid

Homeworld: Unknown...possibly Mandalore

Age: Unknown

Role: Droid companion

Specialties: Infiltration, assassination, hyjacking droids

Physical Description: Spider-like

Personality: coming soon

Bio: coming soon


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Name: Sena

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Species: Human

Homeworld: ???

Rank: ???

Role: ???

Physical description: Sena has bright purple eyes and long dark black hair. She stays in shape, is very beautiful and has a soft jawline. She stands about 5'5".

Personality: Sena is a very comforting person around people she trusts, she's usually very untrusting due to the incident. She doesn't talk about her problems, and loves to be asked for advice for other people's personal problems. However, she very moody herself, and likes to be around Layla because Sena trusts her. She believes she is the best at most things and if she sees that someone is better than her she asks for help as often as she can. She can be fiery at times, and there is little that she fears.

Background: ???

Talents: Sena is an expert slicer as you may know, and she is pretty well rounded because Layla taught her pretty much a little of everything. She is incredible at sneaking around and finding information because of her career in Archaic. She is also VERY talented at pissing people off.


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Name: Szen Brǽnen, new Communications Officer

Height: 5? 6?

Age: 25

Sex: Female

Other looking stuff: athletic, black hair, brown eyes, darker tan skin (I guess it qualifies Asian...)

Homeworld/last known residence: Coruscant

Demeanor: Serious

Bio: Szen has been in flight since birth, literally. Born in a starship without a father, her mother, a mechanic on the starship, couldn?t always keep her eye on Szen. She would often be found hanging around the off duty pilots (those of the fighters and the starship itself), who gave her the nickname (and her eventual call sign) ?Spin.? Szen was eventually allowed to attend a flight academy, where she didn?t exactly excel at first. It wasn?t until her good humor was snapped by her mother?s death that she shaped up. A bit of a greenhorn when it comes to actual flight in combat situations, but she?s confident she?ll prove her worth quickly. She had managed to avoid combat by offering her services at the academy while a few of the teachers were in and out of combat situations.


edit (appearance)

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Name: Brier Fae

Age: 32 (24 BBY)

Gender: Female

Species: Arkanian

Occupation: New Republic Intelligence Officer

Rank: Captain

Background: Having grown up as a smuggler, she developed a knack for blending in to whatever planet she was on and for all intents and purposes looking and acting like a local. Fiercely loyal, she has a hot temper and a sharp wit, sometimes giving the impression that she's cold towards others, but can, if she desires, put on any face or mask of emotion she desires, having had several years of training with the New Republic Intelligence. However, she still enjoys a good prank now and then, and usually has a shy smile on her features, betraying her continual amusement about life and relatively easy-going nature. She is able to keep secrets, and often listens more than she speaks, an emotional resounding board for those who need someone to talk to and won't think poorly of them.

She joined the New Republic Intelligence when the new Republic was deemed as a true government and not just a Rebellion, and was deemed highly proficient in languages and making people feel at ease around her. She had been working with the 'Rebels' as they had been known when she was a smuggler. Several of the people who helped form the government knew her from her less-than-legal transactions, and were more than happy to help give her a legit job as an agent, using her knowledge of the black market and smuggling to put her on less-than-pleasant jobs that most people refused. Brier, however, loved getting down into the lower levels of society, and was perfectly at ease among smugglers, theives, and bounty hunters. She has close to a holographic memory, but it more from years and years of practice and growing up in a smuggling community where everything needed to be stored to memory in case of theft, including the names and faces of those you dealt with and what pertinent information needed to be remembered. With good humor, sharp wit, and a sly smile, she can be both fun to be around and incredibly hard to read, enjoying keeping people on their toes.

Age has been modified to better suit Brier, her rank, and future storylines. As has a line of background. Thank you.


Edited by Tyche

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Name: Deign Argos

Affiliation: Leader of Archaic, a blackmarket underground mafia/gang kind of deal that is based out of Tyrena, Corellia and reports to the Imperial-placed Diktat.

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Homeworld: Corellia

Age: 29 (Born 22 BBY)

Physical Appearance: Muscular and tall, about 6?2?. Short, precisely clipped, blond hair, violet eyes. Smooth features, except for a scar on his neck; not entirely unattractive.

Personality: Deign is a passionate person that doesn?t like to take ?no? for an answer. He is always in pursuit of the next greatest endeavor: job, payout, whatever. He is very much motivated by money and pride, and does not take personal offences well.

Biography: Deign Argos was born and raised in Tyrena City, Corellia, by two loving parents named Jaxon and Tera. His father, Jaxon Argos worked for much of Deign?s childhood in the shipyards until an accident left him paralyzed and unable to work. The small compensatory income Jaxon received from this has left the family nowhere near wealthy, forcing Tera?a stay-at-home mom of five children including Deign, the eldest?to earn a pittance doing domestic odd-jobs. Deign?s parents always tried to raise their children to be goal-driven and demonstrate a good work ethic. In an attempt to end his family?s financial strife, Deign struck in with Archaic when he was 20, intending to leave as soon as some better opportunity presented itself. When he was 22 he met and fell in love with Layla Nasrin.

A ?better? opportunity did finally present itself with the Empire. When Deign was faced with the choice of financial and literal destruction versus aiding the Empire, he chose to do what he had to do in order to keep his family alive. His relationship with Layla became strained as the Imperial mindset began to take hold of Deign, and came to a violent end when he learned that Layla was not only carrying his child, but hiding his own sister Sena Argos from him after Sena intentionally fouled up an assignment.

His attempt to kill Layla failed, and he consequently issued several tempting bounties for her capture and return to him?alive. Deign will stop at nothing to find justice for the crimes Layla and Sena committed against him and Archaic.


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Name: Cale Sano

Height: 1.72 Metres

Born: 24 BBY (27)

Homeword: Corellia

Physical Description: Short brown hair, cut in a military style, with matching brown eyes. He is a thin man who fancies himself with fine clothing to impress the ladies. He has an odd obsession with blood red, blue, and black clothing, thinking he looks good with it.

Personality: An individual who usually keeps to himself but often has the mask of an actor. As a teenager, his family life was falling apart, so he joined the school drama class, learning to become a fine actor. Often he is outgoing but inside, he beats himself up for acting so. He has a strong sense of honor, which conflicts with his own situation. How he got there, sometimes he forgets. However, despite this, he remains loyal to those who saved him in his worst time. He is precise in his speech when not acting and is even more precise in his work, striving to do as much with as little.



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