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The Sith Era Part II

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This is the second part of the story I posted earlier, it was schedualed for two parts, but I decided to make three. Sorry about the lateness of this post, I couldnt write for sometime. A bit of writers block. But It's all done now, PLEASE post your comments and PM for the word version.


On a planet in the far outer rim, a Sith Lord was dying. Qook?, Master to Zathura, felt his grip on life loosen as the seconds went by, he clung to life like a buoy far out at sea, desperate to survive this terrible ordeal. The pain that he was experiencing was indescribable. Shooting pains became regular as the hole in his stomach flared from the injury he had received moments earlier. Zathura turned his head, and saw the little green alien dis-ignite his lightsaber, and return it to his belt strap. His head stung with the pain of what had just happened.

My Master, on the brink of death. How? How can this be? Impossible. It cannot happen, he is my Master, he will die of old age. Not now ? please, please not now.

?Zathura, my apprentice: Sith have no fear.? Every word that escaped Qook??s mouth cost him precious amounts of energy to say, but he said it because he must. No Sith should let death stand in the way of life.

?Master, hold on ? we?re nearly back at the landing pad,? Zathura breathed out, gunning the engines harder on the air taxi, making several sirens wail and red lights flash. Irrespective of this, Zathura kept pushing more fuel into the SubEngines to reach the landing pad faster.

Qook? leaned upright, and gazed at the docking bay which grew ever closer, when a vague thought crossed his mind: You know, maybe you can make it after all? He once again looked down to his wound and applied some bacta to it; the pain ebbed slightly, but the ghastly sight still remained.

Zathura pulled the taxi into a hard one hundred and eighty degree spin, and pressed the ?Full Throttle? button. The effect of this was instantaneous; the ship was pulled into a pendulum swing resulting in the passengers being hurled up into the air. As Zathura flew up, fully in control, he force pulled his Master to his arms, and with a force nudge; his reserve cable launcher flew from a metal band located on his wrist, which firmly anchored him to the roof of the docking bay and left the on looking civilians below stunned.

He held his Master up in his arms and ran to the Independence where the Mimbane President blocked his path and hurled questions at him. Zathura heard only a dull buzz, and looked up at the President through his bloodshot eyes, daring him to continue blocking his way. Sadly for the President he didn?t get the hint, and as a result of this he received a large dose of pure energy concentrated in a tight beam of lightning rendering him dead. Finally! He really was getting on my nerves? the filthy primate. How could he even think for one moment that he was more important than my Master?s life? How could he even think he mattered at all?

The other leaders decided not to press the issue on how successful the Siths mission had been, and wisely, in Zathura?s opinion: decided to retreat.

Once onboard the Independence Zathura placed his Master gently onto the MedBench, and let the Droids take care of him. He then proceeded to the cockpit and contacted the Sith Temple on the InterComm:

[independence]: ?Hello? This Is The Independence on Frequency QZ3.1 Craz?ik, are you there??

[sith Docking Bay]: ?Yes, Hello Zathura. How can I help??

[independence]: ?Please inform the council exactly what I am about to say please Craz?ik. The mission was a success; I managed to get my Lightsaber Crystal and we made a? sort of peace with the local population. However, my Master was almost killed by a, well; I don?t really know what it was. It was small, green, and immensely powerful with the force. When I come back to Korriban in approximately ten hours, I will need the best Medical Droids the temple has to offer, Qook? will need the best help possible to survive this.?

[sith Docking Bay]: ?Understood Zathura, I will meet all those requests. In the mean time, just make sure Qook? is comfortable and that the ship is operating at its top speed. See you in ten hours, over and out.?

Zathura headed back to the Medical section of the Independence and made sure that Qook? was resting well. He lifted up the top section of the covers of the quilt and saw the gaping hole in his Master?s stomach. How in the name of god is he surviving this?

The hole was nearly all the way through his Master?s body, with only bits of loose skin and flesh holding it together, the flesh inside his body was red raw and the expression upon his Master?s face was contort with pain. He replaced the covers down after notifying the droids to awaken him if his Master?s condition changed: for better or worse.

Zathura decided to go to sleep after a terribly eventful day. He walked over to his sleep couch when he felt a sudden, sharp pain in his chest. He quickly examined it, and learnt that this pain wasn?t in his chest, or any physical part of him: this pain was in the force?

The Existence Of The Jedi

As the Green Alien watched the Air Taxi zip back off to wherever it had originated from, a few thoughts crossed its mind.

Hmm, the death of another Sith Lord I sense. Qook?, was it? The information the Locals gave me, good it was. For now, head back to my ship, I must.

A sudden blip, or beep notified this thing that someone wanted to speak with him.

He opened his ComLink, and a fountain of blue lasers made an image of a Council Member: Jedi Master Quizzik. The image began to speak to him:

[Quizzik]: ?Hello Master Yoda, I trust your mission was a success??

[Yoda]: ?Know this yet, I do not. Assume I do that the Sith Lord is dead.?

[Quizzik]: ?Very good, report back to the Temple immediately for your formal report to the Council. We have some news we wish to share with you.?

[Yoda]: ?Understood, report back to the Temple I will.?

The newly identified Yoda hailed down an Air Taxi and, hiding his Lightsaber climbed in.

?Driver, to the Starport take me,? requested Yoda.

And the Air Taxi Driver replied with the gunning of his taxis engines to full, as the speeder tore away through the countryside.

Yoda thanked the Driver and paid him the little amount of Credits he had. He chose to walk up the high street, observing the Mimbane way of life: it seemed relaxed, but efficient. Many people were smiling, and greeted him.

Hmm, relaxed the people are. Interesting this is, war there will inevitably be, but still of a calm mind they are. A report on their behaviour I must also give to the council.

Feeling into the Force, Yoda felt only sincerity and honesty: the people were genuinely happy. For so long now, there was the inevitability of war between the ever growing order of both the Sith and Jedi. Yoda was only fifty-five, incredibly young for a person of his species, but was already a Jedi Knight in the Order Of the Jedi on Coruscant: the rising force in Galactic Stability. The Sith?s reign of corruption and terror was coming to an end and every force user could feel it, apart from the Sith.

Yoda reached the Starport where his ship, from the planet Rutan, was waiting for him to board. Its sleek design integrated the Rutan way of life perfectly; a collection of metals entwined into a mosaic allowing aerodynamic perfection along with a beautifully crafted interior design. This transport was a Royal Skiff of King Frane The 2nd who had recently been born into the Royal Family; with high hopes form his Father and Mother to set a dynasty for the planet to be in awe of.

Yoda?s mission there was to protect the young Prince Frane, as a Sith Lord: Z?akata Nerotha had been given the mission to go and kill him. The Frane?s were in support of the Jedi?s way of a non violent, diplomatic solution to problems, rather than all out violence favoured by the Sith who at this moment ruled the galaxy with an iron grip.

Eventually Yoda?s mission led him to Z?akata Nerotha on a Mag-Train, where they duelled above the escaping Royal Family. Yoda was fighting for the family to live in peace, whereas the Sith were fighting for the annihilation of the Royal Families heir to the throne to keep the Sith Rule. The young Yoda found it no problem to dispose of

the Elderly Sith Lord, and he recalled with some pain the final statement of him:

?One Day, someone like me, will destroy you, and your whole Jedi Order!?

At that point, Yoda felt that the Lord was talking nonsense, and decided to end the life of the Sith Lord. The Frane?s felt eternally in debt of the young Jedi Knight, and so gave him one of their nicest ships. The Nebula was a small, comfortable ship: a high class apartment in space, according to King Frane, and was a gift to the Supreme Chancellor.

Yoda approached the dock holder with a smile on his face, the man asked for twelve credits, for the reason Yoda had asked him to take special care of his ship. He didn?t fancy any local gangs defacing this newly acquired ship of the Republic. As Yoda walked aboard he noticed the signs of elegance, patience and love that softly resided inside this ship: The young King Frane The 2nd was truly loved, and in the force it was obvious. The same joy that flooded Yoda when he triumphed over the oppression of the Sith returned to him when he felt the love and care inside the Nebula.

He walked to the controls at the front of the ship and made sure that the engines were perfectly warm and ready before he began to take off.

Once he punched through the atmosphere of the planet he pushed a few buttons on his NaviComputer display, and a world what appeared to be full of lights was shown on the screen: Coruscant; home to the new Jedi Order. By pushing a few more buttons, he engaged his engines, and blasted off into hyperspace.

Once safely in hyperspace, Yoda flicked out his personal comm, and set it to silent as he was in need of some rest.

Report On Korriban

The Independence flicked out of hyperspace and back into reality with a shock that surprised Zathura, who was sitting at the controls of the old ship.

?Easy old girl, come on... not much further to go now...? He whispered under his breath, reassuring himself that his Master was going to be alright and gunned the engines to as fast as he dared, whilst the rattling from them: ever more present in the ears of Zathura - increased. Several warning lights flashed up on the screen of the ships console, and Zathura heard a dull grunt from his Master, being stirred from the sound of the engines groaning under the strain Zathura was putting them through.

I suppose now would be a good chance to show off my skills as a pilot?

Great, no-one around to see me, just my luck.

The same familiar terrain sprang up around Zathura as he piloted lower ? far lower than usual to the planets surface, as a result of the near engine failure. Zathura once again surged more power to the engines, and boosted the repulsor lift motors to maximum creating more red sirens and white-blue flames to roar from the belly of the old craft melting some of the surface rock beneath the ship. But this was not enough to stop the ship from grinding against the hard rock of the cliff. A sharp ear-splitting sound of metal-on-rock screeched through the ship and made Qook? quickly wake up.

?What in blazes is going on up there?? He bellowed up through the corridors of his ship, ?Zathura! I like this ship as it is thanks, no suicidal missions! I?d prefer it if we stayed alive long enough to get me treated for this blasted wound!?

?Sorry Master,? Zathura called back, ?but the ship ? its not working properly, those pirates must have sabotaged it somehow.?

?Never mind that,? said Qook?, who had now walked to the front of the ship and took the main controls from Zathura, and sunk deep into the force: ?now, sit down, comm the temple and inform them of our landing? well, errr, what is going to hopefully be a landing?.

Zathura rushed to the Comm Link situated just next to the door of the cockpit and tuned into the frequency used by the Sith Temple:

[independence]: ?Craz?ik, Do you copy? This is Zathura.

[sith Docking Bay 6]: ?Yes, we copy Zathura, continue with your message.?

[independence]: ?We are flying towards the hanger bay now at maximum speed. The ship is critically damaged due to unknown causes, we shall be landing? or rather sliding along the deck of the docking bay shortly, make sure the DuraSteel is buffed by the laser protection coating.?

[sith Docking Bay 6]: ?We copy that Zathura, just try and land that hunk of junk as best you can. And by the way, the council are calling a meeting straight after their review of your mission. It will be held in the Temple Gardens. Craz?ik, over and out.?

Zathura jumped back into his seat in the cockpit and stared out at what his Master was about to attempt:

The Impossible.

No way could anyone do this flight. There was still a large mountain range to be crossed, and an infinitely long valley to descend into. Not to mention the fact that their ship was on it?s lest energy cells and the pilot of the ship was critically wounded.

Zathura could only stare at his Masters work.

Right, thought Qook?, I had better get this right? I don?t want to end up a bloody mess on those rocks. I?m already in a bad state as it is.

Qook? brought down the power of the main engines and flared the port jets along with the repulsor lifts to beyond maximum to avoid hitting a large, jagged rock coming out of the ground. The repulsor lifts snarled from under the immense amount of gas waste they had to push out under such a short space of time, and the port jets, once they had managed to propel the ship just over the rock: they gave up and died out from sheer frustration; this ship was not designed to turn quickly.

The ships main engines now came back on to a roar of disgust but obeyed the control yoke found in Qook??s hand, whilst the repulsor lifts went back to normal, the gases they emitted went back to being colourless.

After accessing the manual over-ride system for the ship, Qook? instructed Zathura to press what buttons he said on the graphic display of the ships engines. As the craft continued to go up the side of the mountain range, the ship once again started to fail. More sirens went off and red lights flashed, but both Sith ignored them.

Qook? instructed Zathura to push all repulsor lift power to the front five engines and let the main rear engines act as the repulsor lift for the back of the ship. As Zathura complied and entered in the commands and altered the display settings, Qook? yanked on the yoke of the craft and it quickly sped upwards gaining speed and height rapidly.

Both Sith could now see over the tops of the mountain range and the small temple just over the valley.

?Now hold on,? stated Qook?, ?this isn?t going to be nice.? With a mixture of horror and the look of a child expecting to receive the birthday present he always wanted on his face.

Qook? sucked up every little bit of power left on the ship, and fed it directly to the forward thrusters forcing the ship to drop dramatically into what would have seemed like a lose-lose situation for the Sith. The ship sped down towards the planet and the valley, with a large amount of heat scorching the paintwork off the ship. The ship disappeared down into the valley with enormous amounts of speed and a great roar from the engines as they screamed out in protest as the ship hurtled to its death down at the bottom of the valley?

Suddenly, as fast as the ship had vanished it quickly reappeared and poked its nose into the entrance of the docking bay and with one final cry of protest the forward thrusters gave one more blast of intense heat to propel the ship another thirty metres into the hanger bay, and with one quick flick of a switch, the engines died out and the legs of the ship descended quickly as The Independence smashed onto the laser reinforced DuraSteel plated floor loudly. The laser after taking the initial damage from the ships impact faded away to leave the DuraSteel to hold onto the ships legs alone.

The exit ramp to the ship extended down to the floor and Zathura ran out towards Craz?ik who greeted him quickly.

?Zathura, we have to get Qook? out of here as fast as possible, the medical team are just outside the hall.?

?Ok, let?s get him,? Zathura said whilst ushering Craz?ik into the ship, ?he passed out just before we landed.?

The two ran into the ship and quickly lifted Qook??s body onto a stretcher and carried him down the exit ramp quickly to the medical droids outside the hanger bay.

They placed him down next to the Surgical Droids and asked them if he would be alright.

?Sir, the chances of his survival is 76%, the hole in his stomach may prove fatal, but the chances are he will survive. We shall report back to you when the surgery is complete,? stated the droid in a monotonic voice.

Zathura thanked the droid and Craz?ik and headed for his dormitory. He walked through the healing rooms and the gardens then he reached his room. As he walked inside he noticed several things: The miniature starfighters flying around the lamp on the ceiling of his room; the old training lightsaber hung up on his wall with several carvings engraved into it he made when he was young; the training robes he used everyday for his life in the temple hung next to his lightsaber on the wall. There were so many memories in this room, and if Qook? died, it would all be worthless. He had taught him everything he knew. It would be as if his father had died, not some mentor. Zathura idolised his Master more than anyone else he knew: more than the infamous duellist Z?akata Nerotha, more than the leader of the order, F?loori Deppoa.

As he lay on his bed he felt deep into the force willing his Master to live, when suddenly his comm signalled him from a sound on his belt.

?Yes?? Answered Zathura, not knowing who it was.

?Zathura,? came a voice, ?It?s Craz?ik, Qook? is ok, he?s recovering now but he will be up and walking in no time.?

?Ok, where do you want me to go?? Asked Zathura

?Head to the Gardens, the council have decided that the current state of affairs are much more important than the mission you undertook. I informed them that it was a success, and they believe that?s all the matters for the time being. I?ll see you and Qook? at the meeting.? Craz?ik informed Zathura.

?Right, ok Craz?ik see you soon,? replied Zathura as he put on his over robe.

He turned off the light and the starfighter?s powered down then landed on the rim of the lampshade. Zathura walked down the corridor and joined in with the younger students who were heading to the gardens. Many of them quizzed Zathura on his latest mission, and with some hesitance Zathura reviled his story from his mission. All of the younger boys and girls listening to his story were entranced at the fact that he had been off the planet, and had been in a daring mission where his Master came back in a worse state than he was. Some even dared to say that he was more powerful than even his master.

When they arrived at the gardens, Zathura felt an inner warmth flood through him calming his nerves: his master was sitting down on a chair, clutching his side, other than that he seemed to be in a reasonably good shape. The gardens fans located in the roof of the building began to spin and cause a gentle, refreshing breeze. Zathura headed over to his Master and began to question him on how he was.

?Master, are you ok? Surly you should be in bed ? resting?? Asked Zathura respectfully.

?Thank you for your concern Zathura,? Qook? replied, ?but I feel a lot better than I look.? He flashed a smile and continued, ?Anyway, we should stop speaking now. The remainder of the council is here and I must head to the front. I will speak to you after the meeting.?

Zathura watched as his Master gingerly walked up to the council, of which he belonged, and saw him engage in a conversation with F?loori Deppoa, who looked over at Zathura and nodded as Qook? talked to him. F?loori Deppoa motioned for everyone to sit down and become silent. Everyone sat down and concentrated on F?loori as he stood up and began to pace in front of the council members, then turned to face the younger members of the Order and took in a deep breath.

?A crisis faces our existence,? he began, ?We believed that we, the Sith, were the prime rulers of this galaxy. However, after new evidence coming to light, we have discovered otherwise.? He began to look around at the inside of the Orders walls, as if it were the last time he could ever see them. He concentrated his gaze back over the Orders students and continued his speech.

?The Jedi was founded over twenty-four thousand years ago, by a man named Kaja Sinis; he was supposed to have found out how to control the force, manipulating it without any formal training. He constructed an Order, named: The Jedi Bendu Knights. This Order, supposedly bought peace to the Galaxy. Eventually, a Jedi was exiled from this order, and was stripped of his title. Sickened by this, he trained himself deeply in what is now the Dark side of the force. It is due to this man, who we owe our lives to. He bought us to understand the true power of the Force. But alas, some time later, inevitably there was a conflict between these two force users. The Jedi, and the Dark Jedi. Of course, the Jedi won purely because of superior numbers, but a member of the Dark Jedi survived. He continued to pass down the legacy of the Dark side. It is this that I am most afraid will disappear very soon if we do not act now.? He looked at the expressions on the students faces and confronted them with his most serious, and stern face he could conjure.

?The very existence of our Order is at stake here, not to mention our lives,? he turned and faced Qook?, then beckoned him forwards. ?Lord Qook?, along with his apprentice Zathura, travelled, as I am sure you all know to the planet Mimban. I will let Qook? inform you of the details later, but for now I will sketch them to you. Upon this planet, was a legendary crystal: The Kaiburr crystal. Its powers in lightsaber construction were unknown; however the rumours are now confirmed that it is immensely powerful. No doubt this original rumour is what gave the initial attraction for Zathura to use it in his lightsaber. Once inside the cave, on the Koazkiii Mountains, they saw the crystal sat on a pedestal. After removing it, both Qook? and Zathura felt a disturbance in the force. They travelled to the foot of the mountain when the felt it again. Moments later, a small green alien attacked them. Now I have spoken with Qook? and he confirms that he detected no use of the dark side by the thing to fight him. Now we have two choices. Either, it was a force user, untamed by the dark side, a freelance if you will also going for the crystal, or it was a Jedi.?

After these words were spoken, a ripple of discussion went through the gardens. F?loori let the words sink into the Students, and let the silence resume after a while.

He drew in another long breath and continued:

?I can understand now the enormity of the task at hand. If that was a Jedi as I, and many others suspect then we face a crisis as well as an answer to it. Aside of this, it is now my belief that Z?akata Nerotha was killed by a Jedi, the same most probably.

The crisis is of course, what to do about this Jedi, and also, his or her order: if there is one. I believe that there is an Order, and there are many Jedi restabilising themselves as the ?peace keepers? in this Galaxy. This Jedi threat must, and should be stamped out as soon as possible. We cannot risk a full scale war with the Republic as of yet.? As soon as his words came out of his mouth, a warrior walked out from behind a large bush and was greeted by F?loori.

?This man is Zwain Kio. He is a Mandalorian. As I am sure many of you will not know what a Mandalorian is, or what one does, I will let Zwain explain for you.?

He bowed to Zwain, and proceeded backwards as he gave the stage to him.

The man in the armour stared through his helmet and began in a rough, voice:

?I am a Mandalorian. For those of you who do not know what one is I shall explain for you:

Mandalorians have always been the most brutal, and powerful soldiers this galaxy will ever see. We take pride from our wars, and claim trophies from the people we kill.? He removed his helmet to show a heavily scared face, ?I have come here for two reasons: to establish a peace that should be with our natural ally: The Sith, and also on behalf of my Mandalore, or to you my leader to offer you our services in the battle that F?loori has told us about. We would be honoured to win this war with you.? He walked back, and shook hands with F?loori Deppoa.

The Jedi Order On Coruscant

Yoda?s ship flashed back into reality and a maze of intricate webs of lights faced him as well as several ships screeching by his cockpit bordering on light speed. He stared further down at the planet in front of him to see even more city, with lights spanning the distance of the planets whole surface. There were many high altitude speeders, busses and trains that appeared to be bees buzzing around a planet size bee hive. He looked at his Navi computer, where a picture of the planet with a label of Coruscant flashed up on the screen. He pulled the crafts controls to his hand and flew down towards the planet navigating the ever constant traffic that engulfed it.

Every now and then, he would hear a dull ?whunk-whunk? where an enormous gun fired gigantic amounts of compressed garbage into Coruscant?s sun where it was vaporized.

Yoda stealthy navigated the luxurious craft into one of Coruscant?s many busy traffic lanes amidst a storm of horns blasting their noise towards him in disgust as their drivers were moved back a place in the busy line of traffic.

As Yoda flew, he noticed many landmarks on his way to the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic?s private landing pad: The Jedi Temple, which he would be returning to soon; the giant mushroom shaped dome that was the Senate and the famously expensive senatorial apartments.

He gracefully pulled this ship into a landing, and looked through the cockpit once more to see the Chancellor, accompanied by the Lord speaker and four ?red-robes? for protection. Yoda pressed the exit ramp button and heard the hiss of air that was the exit ramp opening. He proceeded to the exit but stole one last gaze at the ship: it truly was beautiful. After walking down and out through the exit he bowed to the Chancellor.

?Greetings your Lord Ship,? began Yoda, ?My mission to Mimban assume successful it was, I do. Discover the Sith, I believe I have. A token from the Frane?s also, I have.?

?Thank you Master Yoda,? the Chancellor stated, ?The Republic is indebted to you, as are the Frane?s I believe as well. I can assume that you will need to speak to your council about the problems that face the Republic? One more thing Master Jedi, do you think it will really come to war??

Yoda grimaced at the word ?war? and knelt his head solemnly. The Chancellor understood and continued to quiz him.

?Master Yoda, if I may. Surly with the protection of the Jedi and the backing of the Republic?s army, surly we will win this war, if there is to be one??

?Hmm, harder to see the future has now become. War there may be, if to be one there is, sure I am that the Sith are prepared.?

He bowed his head finally to the Chancellor and hailed an Air Taxi.

?Master Yoda!? Shouted the Chancellor as Yoda turned, ?Speak with me once you decide on the situation!?

Yoda climbed into the Air Taxi and spoke to the Driver,

?To the Jedi Order, take me.?

The driver flipped the craft quickly over and plummeted towards the planets surface, only to pull up and screech off joining a traffic lane that went by the Jedi Temple. After a few intense minutes of flying, they reached the Jedi Temple, where Yoda thanked the Taxi driver and began the walk from the base of the huge structure to the doors where he would enter the temple.

Climbing the steps, Yoda was making the report that he would present to the temple in his mind. He decided that he would inform the council of the truth firstly and that was the Mimban way of life. He would tell them about his apparent defeat of one Sith Lord, and the definite defeat of another. As he had finalised his report in his mind, he turned his attention to the large stone carvings of famous Jedi from the past with their gigantic stone lightsabers acting as symbolic shields for the Order?s many students who resided within its walls.

After reaching the top of the stone stairway, he walked into the order and greeted the Padawan who stood guard at the Order?s entrance, who promptly stood aside and let him in. Yoda turned to thank him, but as the Padawan smiled at Yoda, he knew that he didn?t need to. Once he had walked into the Order, a sense of belonging and a wave of the force smoothly entered Yoda?s body as he began to ?recharge? himself. He walked to the Turbo lifts after consulting with the Council over a HoloComm. As he stepped inside he pressed a button at the top of the lift which stated ?Council Room?. Once he pressed it, the lift shot up the tube with tremendous pace. Yoda stared down at his lightsaber hilt, and vaguely remembered what the Sith Lord had told him before his death; One day, someone like me, will kill you and your whole Order! After this thought, his mind suddenly went and he saw the inside of the senate arena: there was an old man, standing on a floating pod throwing other pods down at someone with a green lightsaber much like his. The man appeared to be winning, and when he saw the green lightsabers owners face he realized it was himself.

Yoda suddenly came around and continued walking to the Council room, and shook the, what he perceived to be, memory-of-the-future from his head and concentrated on the present. He pressed a button which turned red, letting the Council know that someone wished to enter, and the doors swished open revealing all ten Jedi Masters were present and sitting in a circle around exterior of the circular room.

The head of Council: Jedi Master Quizzik briefly smiled at Yoda and motioned him to begin his report.

?Master Quizzik, and the other members of this council, state my happiness first to see you I must.? Yoda bowed to them all, and continued his report: ?first, must I tell you of the Mimbane way of life. Seem happy on the surface they do, also genuine are there emotions below. Disturbed they are not about the apparent war I sense. To report also, a Sith Lord: Z?akata Nerotha dead, he is. Killed him personally I did. Of another Sith Lord, know his fate I do not, but believe he is dead I do. Failed I did to retrieve the Kaiburr crystal.?

Master Quizzik nodded as he heard Yoda?s report, and said ?Yoda the council is most pleased with your mission. Killing, a Sith Lord, by yourself is astonishing. Not to mention you took on another Sith Lord, with his apprentice as well is quite frankly astonishing. As for making a Peace with the Mimban as well, I can say I am struck for words to praise your efforts, and as a result of this, the council has decided to grant you the rank of Jedi Master, and invite you to take a seat on this council.?

On his face, Yoda made no change in expression and in his words were of expectance and gratefulness, inside he felt astonished.

Impossible this is, too young am I to be given a responsibility this large. Do my best, I must.

?Thank you I must Master Quizzik, and the Council members for this responsibility and privilege.?

?Master Yoda, please, take a seat? as Quizzik pointed at the chair next to him and continued, ?The council has chosen to rise its number from ten council members to twelve, with one Grand Master Of The Jedi to be elected, and one Senior Member of the Council also, to be elected. The council, once complete will vote upon this after the matter at hand. This I am sure you know, is to do with the Sith, and how we are going to deal with them.?

The Council all stared at each other, thinking of a way to best resolve this immense problem that now faced the existence of the Jedi.

Eventually, Yoda spoke up with his idea.

?Know there are Sith, we do. No doubt by now, the Sith know Jedi there are. Planning a course of action, they will do. Spoke to the Chancellor I did, earlier today. He assures me that the Republic can defend itself.?

Another member of the Council spoke up, ?The Jedi do not attack: we defend. We should think more about this before jumping into a war. Surly there is a diplomatic way to resolve this issue??

Quizzik quickly answered, ?Master Siisen, you know as well as everyone else in this room that the Jedi and the Sith cannot come to a diplomatic solution on this issue. Throughout our history there has never been one occasion where we have met and not fought.?

An aged looking Council Member spoke, and with his every voice rang years of experience and the gentle understanding of the situation at hand:

?It appears then, that there will be a war. There is no way around it. The Sith have obviously been re-grouping and forming under an Order on some world which we have yet to find out. We should ask for the help of the Republic, and the Jedi temple on Dantooine. If we rally our support here, then we can attract the Siths attention as apposed to having the Dantooine Academy wiped out and loosing a valuable strategic station in the Galaxy.

No doubt, the Sith have asked someone for their help. But I think we can safely rule out any living being, I feel that they could only use droids to help them in their course as I feel no other living being would help a case so ruthless and oppressive?.unless.. They somehow managed to find out where the Mandalorians home world was once again, and re-established a peace with them, but this seems unlikely. I would favour that they purchased some Krath War Droids.?

Quizzik spoke up once again, and spoke: ?I feel Master Ivant has seen to the heart of the issue, just like he always does,? he flashed him a quick smile, which was returned, ?If the Sith are to be found anywhere in this Galaxy it is to be on their home world of Korriban. They would never re-establish themselves at another planet. We should send a Republic Scout Droid there immediately,? he commed someone:

[Quizzik]: ?Jazo, get the Chancellor to send a Scout Droid to Korriban right away, make sure it?s a Lightning Razor, I want some reports in within an hour.?

[Jazo]: ?Yes Master Quizzik, I?m on my way.?

?Jazo should get that done quickly, so we should meet back here in an hour to see the results the droid reports back with.? He motioned to the council, and stood. ?Thank you for your time, we shall meet back here in on hour.?

To War

A droid sped through space faster than any ship could possible achieve, with one mission.

{LOCATE: Korriban}

{MISSION: Scout Terrain Mark ? [338,8921]}

{ETA: 29 seconds? 28 seconds...}

{STATUS: Optimal }

The droid started slowing down, and in front of its head sensor was a planet named Korriban. It punched through the atmosphere, and continued at a blistering pace to take photos of anything out of the ordinary and relay them hyper fast back to the Jedi Council?s holopad which stored the data, ready for the Council to view it at any time.

It slowed down and began taking photos of a large building with many heat signatures inside it. There were also many signs of high end technology. All of this was being captured and relayed back to Coruscant as soon as the images had been taken. The droid then started to take a video of its surroundings, and a dull ?whunk-whunk? was present, and as the droid turned around two large, red blaster bolts hit its screen and it fell to the floor. With one last bit of power, surging from its reactor core, it caught one last image: A Sith Lord with a Red lightsaber slashing down at it, destroying the droid.

Qook?, after destroying the Droid, noticed the familiar markings of the Republic?s Crest on the side of it. He spat on it in disgust and walked back to his speeder and sped off back to the Temple.

He parked his speeder in the garage, and ran to his fellow council member who he found in the council chambers, in deep conversation with Zwain Kio.

?F?loori, bad news I am afraid. The Republic knows we are here. I saw a Scout Droid outside with the Republic?s markings on its side. What do you propose we do??

F?loori for one moment looked concerned, and then turned to Zwain. ?Commander Zwain, call in the Mandalorians. As for you Qook? assemble the Order for conflict.? His eyes shone with excitement and courage: ?We?re going to war.?

Trillions of miles away, the Jedi Council had met in the Council Chamber, and were watching the droid progress through the Galaxy.

?The droid appears to be slowing down now,? Master Quizzik stated, ?I think there is a one hour time difference for the droid to receive the images and then transmit them here? as he pointed down to the holopad. ?We should be getting some crystal clear images of what Korriban has to offer.?

They watched as photos of things like, footprints in the sand, abandoned speeders were left near caves appeared in front of their eyes. Then, to everyone in the council?s dismay a large building appeared in front of them holographically: The Sith Order.

Quizzik began saying: ?I would say our fears have been correct Masters, it appears that ?? when was cut off from the life size image had appeared in front of them: two blaster bolts fired towards the droid, and it fell to the floor. The room went back, and with the sudden whirring of the droid trying to reactivate, a man stood over it with a Red lightsaber in his hand, and then this man slashed at the droid, and the recording ended.

?Know who that man is, I do.? Spoke up Yoda. ?Qook? his name, thought I killed him I believed: apparently not.?

Quizzik said ?Then I suppose we have no choice then,? he then added in dismay ?Yoda, tell the Chancellor to rally his troops and get the fleet ready. Master Ivant, ready the Order. We?re going to war.?

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