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The Red Baron

Episode II Story Rewrite.

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The Red Baron

This is my version of Episode II. Please read it and tell me what you think. Episode III and scripts are forthcoming.

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The Red Baron


A Story by Adam Redsell. Based on ?Attack of the Clones? by George Lucas.

Act I Scene 1?? ? Republic Blockade

The Republic Navy, with fleets of prototype Star Destroyers, Nebulon-A Frigates, and Assault Gunboats, lie in wait on the Republic border. Battalions of Republic soldiers have been deployed on the outer systems of the Republic to defend its borders from the growing Separatist threat. AT-walker variants patrol the grasslands of Dantooine. A Republic officer keeps watch from the patrol tower.

Act I Scene 2?? ? Anakin?s Premonition

Obi-wan and Anakin are training in the Meditation Chamber. Anakin uses the Force to lift large objects in the room, but he momentarily loses concentration and drops everything. Obi-wan admonishes him, reminding him that he must learn control. Obi-wan realises that something is wrong, and asks Anakin what it is. He says that he thinks Padm? is in danger, and they both run towards her chamber.

Act I Scene 3?? ? Assassination Attempt

Anakin runs into the chamber, drags Padm? out of bed. Padm? is still groggy and has no idea what?s going on. Anakin runs, carrying Padm?, and Obi-wan follows. They jump as the chamber explodes behind them. The explosion floors Anakin, and he lands on his back. Padm? lands straddled on Anakin, creating an awkward situation. Obi-wan hits the wall on the other side of the corridor. He observes Anakin and Padm??s embarrassing situation. Padm? and Anakin stare at each other for a few seconds until they realise their embarrassment. Padm? rolls away from Anakin, and then asks what is going on in a rather dazed tone. Anakin, exhausted, replies (in between breaths) that he thinks someone is trying to kill her.

Act I Scene 4?? ? Severing Ties

Palpatine sits in his chair, gazing out the window at the cityscape, until Obi-wan, Anakin, and Queen Amidala enter his bureau. Palpatine turns his chair around, and rises to greet them. They bow towards each other. He expresses his relief at the Queen?s safety, and praises Anakin for his swift and heroic action. Anakin is flattered, but tries to retain a humble disposition. Palpatine tells them to take a seat, and the discussion of security matters begins. Palpatine informs them that the attack was no doubt perpetrated by one of General Grievous? assassins. Obi-wan asks why Grievous would still consider the Queen to be a threat, and Palpatine explains that she is still the recognised leader of Onderon, and as long as she remains so, Onderon is officially a Republican system. Palpatine adds that Queen Amidala has become a symbol of the Republic, and that Grievous would love nothing more than to completely sever Onderon?s ties with the Republic. He emphasises the seriousness of the situation, and considers it an act of war. He proposes that the Queen be taken to another system to lay low until the danger subsides, and that she be assigned a Jedi Guardian to protect her. He recommends Anakin for the job. Obi-wan considers this, but informs the Chancellor that the decision will ultimately lie with the Council. Padm? objects to the idea, as it will take her away from the Senate meetings. Palpatine tells her that he knows it is difficult, but that her safety is the most important concern at this time. He says that he will deliver an ultimatum to General Grievous in the next Senate meeting, and that for her own safety, he cannot know that she is still alive. Padm? admits that he is right, but is at a loss as to what she should do. Palpatine tells her that she will need to arrange for a delegate to take her place. Padm? is unsure as to who should take her place. Palpatine mentions that perhaps one of the regional governors, like Moff Tarkin, may be suitable. Padm? says that she trusts in Palpatine?s judgement, and so agrees to delegate Governor Tarkin. Palpatine says that he will contact the governor immediately. He tells her that she can confer with Tarkin ? assuming he accepts the responsibility ? via commlink at any time, but she must be discreet. The matter is settled. The three of them rise, bow, thank Palpatine for his counsel, and leave with his warmest blessings.

Act I Scene 5?? ? Separate Paths

Obi-wan and Anakin stand before the Jedi Council to report on their meeting with the Chancellor. The Masters ask how the meeting went. Obi-wan tells them that they believe the attack to be perpetrated by one of Grievous? assassins. He adds that the Chancellor recommended that the Queen be assigned a Jedi Guardian and taken to another system until the danger subsides. He adds that Palpatine recommended Anakin in particular. Master Windu agrees that Anakin is most suited to the task, on account of his initial premonition of her danger, and his friendship with her. Yoda concurs, and charges Anakin with the protection of the Queen. He tells Anakin to take the Queen to Alderaan and to remain there until notified. Anakin bows and accepts his mandate. Master Windu tells Obi-wan that he is to go to the moon of Dxun to investigate the disappearance of a group of Jedi Knights. Yoda explains that Khameir Sarin led a Jedi force there to disarm the Mandalorians, and that later it was discovered that the Separatist clone army had already landed for an invasion. Obi-wan asks why they helped the Separatists, and Mace says that they had come to aid the neighbouring systems, and were unaware of the Separatist movement or their cloning activities. Yoda adds that as far as they knew, they were still fighting for the Republic. Mace says that the mission was a disaster, as the Mandalorians were annihilated and the Jedi force has not returned. Obi-wan bows and accepts the mission. The Council wish them both well; they bow, and leave the chamber.

Act I Scene 6?? ? Anakin?s Departure

The two Jedi walk through the Temple corridor towards the docking bay. Obi-wan looks at Anakin for a while and smiles, until Anakin asks him what he?s smiling about. Obi-wan tells him how much he?s grown, and congratulates him on his first mission alone. Anakin jokingly asks him if he thinks he can?t take care of himself, much less anyone else, and Obi-wan places his hands on his shoulders as a sign of trust. He tells him sternly not to do anything unless the Council instructs him. Anakin shrugs off his concern but acknowledges him nonetheless. They wish each other well as Anakin walks over to meet Padm?. Obi-wan stops, turns around, and calls out to Anakin. Anakin rolls his eyes back, turns around, and asks him what he wants this time. He tells him to take care, and Anakin jokingly tells him to get out of there; he?s got a mission to accomplish. Anakin boards the transport with Padm? and sets course for Alderaan.

Act I Scene 7?? ? Palpatine?s Ultimatum

Meanwhile, in the Senate, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine delivers an ultimatum to General Grievous via holotransmission: stand down, or be forcibly removed. General Grievous laughs at Palpatine?s threats, declaring them to be idle in the face of his military might. The holotransmission ends. Palpatine swears to the Senate that General Grievous will be overthrown, Onderon will be liberated, and Queen Amidala will reclaim her throne. He motions for military action in Onderon, which is passed by a majority vote.

Act I Scene 8?? ? Flight to Alderaan

Anakin is flying a transport ship to Alderaan. Padm? and Anakin discuss all the events that transpired. Padm? asks Anakin how he knew there was a bomb in her chamber. He explains that he didn?t, he just had a vision that she was in danger. She asks him how often he has visions. Anakin replies that this was the first vision he?s had since he left home. Padm? asks about his homeworld, and he describes the deserts and bustling merchant centres of Tatooine to her in vivid detail. She asks him if he misses Tatooine, and he says he does sometimes, but he doesn?t miss its roughness, or its criminal activity. She asks him if he misses his family, and he tells her that he missed his family long before he became a Jedi. She asks how this can be and he explains how he never knew his father, and his mother was captured by slave-traders years ago. He says that it?s just as well in a way, as a Jedi must free himself of all attachments. She asks if that means he is not allowed to love. He says that the Jedi are sworn to act out of compassion, but that attachment is frowned upon by the Order. She says that that must be a difficult thing to do. She asks him if he knows where the slave-traders had taken his mother, and he says he doesn?t know. He adds that when Obi-wan found him, he told him that on the path to becoming a Jedi, the answers may reveal themselves.

Act I Scene 9?? ? Separatist Scheme

General Grievous meets with other Separatist leaders on a secluded moon. Grievous informs his allies that the Republic intends to invade Onderon. The Separatist leaders report that their cloning facilities are fully operational and that their clone army production is on schedule. The Separatists agree that an invasion of Onderon would be an act of war. They decide to deploy their clone armies on multiple fronts across the Republic border following the Republic landing on Onderon, as they believe that the Republic does not have the resources to defend itself during the invasion. They also agree that their ?Jedi? warriors should lead the attacks.

Act I Scene 10?? ? Grievous? Request

General Grievous enters his quarters and kneels before the holotransmitter. The image of the Dark Lord emerges. Grievous requests Sith warriors to lead his clone armies on the Republic borders. Sidious grants Grievous? wish, but tells him that his apprentice Darth Maul and his followers have other matters to attend to.

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The Red Baron

Act II Scene 1?? ? The Mandalorian Ruins

Obi-wan lands safely in the smouldering ruins of the Mandalorian Base Camp. The remains of countless Mandalorian warriors and clone troopers are strewn across the camp. Smoke rises from the burning grasslands, ruined Basilisks, and collapsing structures. Obi-wan explores the ruins, and enters into a room with a telemetry computer in it. He checks all arrivals and departures in the past standard year, and finds that the Slave One is the only ship that escaped during the Separatist attack. He traces its path to the Kamino system, which puzzles him greatly. He searches the ruins again, and finds a group of footprints leading outside of the camp?

Act II Scene 2?? ? Attack on Onderon

Republic dropships land outside of Iziz?s city walls. Republic soldiers run out of the dropship hangars and take their positions. An army of clone troopers, led by General Grievous, awaits them. Grievous orders his Separatist comrades to commence the attack via commlink. Blaster fire erupts and battle ensues in the canyon of Iziz.

Act II Scene 3?? ? The Beauty of Alderaan

It is daytime, and Anakin and Padm? are sharing a meal together out in the fields of Alderaan. The field is decorated with willows and lotuses of every colour. There are crystal blue mountains in the distance. A river cuts through the mountains, and from the cliff-face a waterfall showers the lilies in the lake below. Anakin shows off with a Force trick that makes the fruit disappear. He says that Obi-wan would kill him if he found out he was doing this, but Padm? applauds his antics regardless. He uses the Force to cut fruit into pieces and feed it to her. Padm? is falling in love with Anakin. Padm? admires the beauty of the landscape, but Anakin gets restless and excited as he has never even set eyes upon a planet like Alderaan before. He stands up and takes Padm??s hand. She asks him what he?s doing, and he helps her up with a wry grin. He says that he wants to see it all, so he runs towards the transport, leading her by the hand. Padm? smiles; she is attracted to his wide-eyed innocence and sense of adventure.

Act II Scene 4?? ? Joyride

They jump in the transport and take off. Anakin pulls all manner of crazy manoeuvres: flying close to the ground in the fields (leaving a flurry of lotus petals), and flying through the mist of the waterfall while narrowly averting the cliff-face. He allows Padm? to take the controls, and then puts his hand on hers to guide her. The craft does a loop-de-loop. Anakin lands the craft among the willows beside the lake. They get out of the transport and walk along the lake back to their quarters. Once they get to Padm??s door, they stand in front of it for a while. Padm? thanks Anakin for a wonderful time, and Anakin jokingly says that it?s all in the interests of protecting her. Their faces draw close as they are about to kiss, but Anakin abruptly breaks contact and bids her goodnight.

Act II Scene 5?? ? Separatist Invasion

The Separatists charge through the Republic blockade with assault transports firing missiles and Ion cannons into the Republic Fleet. The prototype Star Destroyers take down some of the assault transports, which crash and explode on the surface of nearby planets. Patrol officers witness the invasion through electrobinoculars. Battalions of clone troopers deploy on Dantooine, Kashyyyk, Mon Calamari, Ryloth, Sriluur, Sullust, Ithor, Kinyen, Rodia, Duro, Ando, and a host of other Republican systems. Dark Jedi Generals lead the charge against the Republic, red lightsabers bared.

Act II Scene 6?? ? Anakin?s Nightmare

Anakin moves restlessly from side to side in his bed and wakes up bolt upright in a cold sweat. He walks out onto the balcony and watches the sunrise. Padm? walks up behind him and puts her hands on his shoulders. She asks him what is wrong, and he says that he had a nightmare. Padm? says that she thought Jedi didn?t have nightmares, and he says that that?s the problem. He says that he saw his mother suffering in the spice mines of Kessel. He says that he knows he will be violating his mandate to protect her, but that he has to go. Padm? says that she understands, and that she will go with him. He tells her that she should stay here with the Republican Guard, but she insists that she will be safer with him, so he concedes. They board the transport and set course for Kessel.

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The Red Baron

Act III Scene 1?? ? Kessel Landing

As Anakin enters Kessel?s atmosphere, they receive a transmission from the spice mining authority, asking him for his clearance code. Anakin replies that he has no clearance code; that he is there on Jedi business. The authority replies that the Jedi have no business there, and the patrol craft fires on their transport from behind. Anakin doubles back and shoots it down. He lands the craft on a secluded cliff, overlooking the spice mines. Anakin tells Padm? to stay back on the ship, and sets out on his own.

Act III Scene 2?? ? Jedi Trail

It is night, and Obi-wan treks through the Dxun jungle. He walks past a Jedi dropship, overgrown with vines and grass. He follows the tracks until he finds the remains of two Mandalorian warriors. He inspects the bodies and notices that their armour is clearly singed with lightsaber marks. Obi-wan gazes across the vastness of the grasslands and sees the monolithic tomb far off in the distance. He walks towards it.

Act III Scene 3?? ? Anakin?s Revenge

Anakin peers over the cliff and sees the slaves digging for spice in the mining caverns. There is a walkway leading out of the caverns, where slaves carry the spice containers back and forth from the mines. He spots an old lady, struggling to carry her container, and recognises her as his mother. She collapses under the heavy load and drops the container on the ground. The slavers immediately run over to reprimand her. They whip her repeatedly and she cries out in pain. Anakin leaps down with a cry and knocks them both flying with his fist and elbow. The slaves drop their containers and run. He holds his mother in his arms. She opens her eyes and asks if he is Anakin. He says it is him and that everything will be okay. She admires how strong and handsome he?s grown. He says that he is a Jedi and that he?s come to save her. She says that he already has. She says that she?s very proud of him. As she fades away, Anakin begs her not to leave him. With her last dying breath, she says she loves him. Anakin closes his eyes and lowers his head, crying for the loss of his mother. He wells up with anger and ignites his lightsaber. He slaughters the slavers mercilessly, even as they beg for their lives. He marches out of the caves, with the slaves marching behind him. A spirit of revenge is in the air. The slaves take up arms and riot against their oppressors. Anakin stoops down and picks up his mother?s corpse, climbing back up the cliff-face.

Act III Scene 4?? ? Local Uprising

Local species (Wookies, Mon Calamari, Quarrens, Twi?leks, Sullustians, Ithorians, Gran, Rodians, Weequays, Duros and Aqualish respectively) rally alongside Republic soldiers to defend their homeworlds from the Separatist invasion, but are on the back foot already, given the surprise attack, as well as the clone troopers? greater numbers and superior firepower. The legendary beast-riders of Onderon rally from the caves to help liberate their planet from the tyranny of General Grievous.

Act III Scene 5?? ? Padm? Comforts Anakin

Padm? looks down the loading ramp and sees Anakin carrying his mother?s corpse. He lays her down, and falls to his knees, sobbing uncontrollably. Padm? tries to comfort him, embracing him and running her hands down his face. Anakin gets up, turns around, and holds Padm? close to him. In a whirlwind of emotion, they kiss each other passionately.

Act III Scene 6?? ? Return to Tatooine: The Funeral

[Anakin and Padm? return to Tatooine and bury Anakin?s mother]. Anakin stands before the grave of his mother, with his arm around Padm?. Owen Lars is there with them. He tells Anakin that his mother was a kind, generous woman. Anakin says that he couldn?t save her. Owen says that he did all he could; that no-one even expected to see her again, and that his mother would be proud of him.

Act III Scene 7?? ? Tomb Entrance

Obi-wan reaches the bottom of the tomb entrance and looks up at the apex of the tomb. He ascends the stairs very warily. Once he reaches the entrance, he studies the wall markings, hieroglyphs, and statues. He tries to contact the Jedi Council via commlink, but they?re out of range. He tries to pick up a signal from Anakin, and he is astonished to find Anakin?s signal coming from Tatooine. Obi-wan tries to contact Anakin on the commlink.

Act III Scene 8?? ? Patch Bay

Anakin finally answers, and Obi-wan asks him what the blazes he is doing on Tatooine. Anakin tries to explain, but Obi-wan gives up, and instructs him to patch him through to the Jedi Council urgently. Anakin tells the Jedi Council that he?s patching Obi-wan through on the commlink, and the Council receive him.

Act III Scene 9?? ? Sith History

Obi-wan asks the Jedi Masters if they know anyone of historic importance who may have been buried on Dxun. They think about it for a moment, and no one seems to come to mind. They ask him why he needs to know. He tells them that he may have found a tomb; an extremely large one. He tells them that he?ll investigate further, and asks them to contact him if they have more information. Yoda tells him to wait, as he has an idea of who might be buried there. Yoda sounds disturbed and ominous, so Obi-wan becomes anxious to know what it is. Yoda recalls that a Sith Lord by the name of Freedon Nadd was once a ruler over Onderon. Mace Windu tells Obi-wan to leave the tomb immediately, as he is in grave danger.

Act III Scene 10?? ? The Sith Lord Revealed/ Obi-wan?s Abduction

Obi-wan turns around to see a dark, cloaked figure with two of the Jedi behind him. Obi-wan asks the cloaked figure where they?ve been. The cloaked figure replies that they?ve been training. Obi-wan asks him what happened to the other Jedi Knights. The cloaked figure replied that some of them are away on important missions, but the rest weren?t strong enough to complete their training. Obi-wan asks which one of them is the Jedi known as Khameir Sarin. The figure takes off his hood to reveal his tattooed scalp, and steps into the light. The figure says that the Jedi he refers to as Khameir Sarin is dead. Obi-wan, astonished, realises that he is a Sith Lord. They both brandish their lightsabers and duel. The other Dark Jedi look onward. Obi-wan and Darth Maul circle until they?re facing the opposite way. Obi-wan asks Maul what seduced him to fall away. The duellists lock blades, and Maul replies that he was a Sith all along, then forces Obi-wan flying down the stairs. Maul tells Obi-wan that he will join him either by choice or by force. Obi-wan tells him that he will never join him, and Maul says ?very well?. Maul parries Obi-wan?s blade and pushes Obi-wan against a rock wall with the Force, with the aid of his two followers. Obi-wan falls unconscious, dropping his lightsaber. The Dark Jedi bind him and take him away.

Act III Scene 11?? ? The Rescue Team

Obi-wan?s commlink transmission goes static, and Master Windu tries to communicate to no avail. Windu says that they?ve lost communication, but they can still pick up his signal. He tells Anakin to stay put with the Queen, and that they will send a team of Jedi to rescue Obi-wan. Windu continues to call out to Anakin, but Anakin ignores him and turns off the commlink, and walks toward the transport. Mace loses contact and can only hope that Anakin will do the right thing. The Council are concerned for the safety of Obi-wan, and astonished by revelations of Sarin?s dark alignment. They can?t believe that a Sith Lord was in their midst undetected for so long, and wonder how his alignment could have been hidden from them. Yoda says that he will assemble a rescue team for Obi-wan. He excuses himself and leaves the chamber.

Act III Scene 12?? ? Owen?s Plea

Anakin is frustrated that his friend is in danger and he?s been ordered to do nothing about it. Owen tells him that he can live in peace on Tatooine again now that he?s found his mother. Anakin says that he can?t stay. Owen says that there?s a crazy war going on. Anakin says that his friend?s out there in it. Anakin walks over to the flight control panel. Padm? asks Anakin what he?s doing, and he replies that he?s going to save Obi-wan. She insists that she will go with him. Anakin says that he has to go alone this time. Padm? reminds him that he has a mandate to protect her. Anakin agrees with her, and tells her that he?ll only be placing her in danger if he allows her to come. He tells her to stay back on Tatooine with Owen because the Separatists have no presence there. She accepts his decision and kisses him. He tells her that he will return for her. Anakin checks the radar to track Obi-wan?s signal, and sets course accordingly.

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The Red Baron

Act IV Scene 1?? ? The Jedi Take Action

Mace Windu reconvenes the meeting and informs the Council that they have received a request from the Senate to dispatch Jedi forces on the battlefronts. He informs them that Republic soldiers and local militias are being overwhelmed, and that the Separatist clone armies are reportedly being led by Sith warriors. The Jedi concur that they must defend the Republic now that the true enemy has revealed itself. The Council agrees to send the Jedi Knights to the Republic border. They are concerned; however, that Khameir Sarin?s warnings have come to fruition. Mace Windu declares that he will lead the Jedi Knights on Onderon and face General Grievous. He stands up and leaves the chamber.

The Jedi Knights run down the Temple corridors to the docking bay. They board dropships en masse. Dropships filled to capacity close their hangars and make the jump into hyperspace.

Act IV Scene 2?? ? Emergency Powers/ Army for the Republic

Supreme Chancellor Palpatine calls an emergency meeting of the Senate. The Senate is in disorder over the Separatist invasion, but the Chancellor calls them to order. He informs the representatives that the Separatist clone armies are overwhelming Republic soldiers and the local militias and that it won?t be long before these systems fall. He says that the Jedi Knights will be dispatched on each battlefront to aid their soldiers, but he believes that the Jedi alone will not be enough to defend the Republic from the ever-increasing Separatist army. He concludes that any further actions on his part are limited by Republic law. The rabble continues as anxiety grows among the representatives, until acting Senator Tarkin rises and motions that Emergency Powers be given to the wartime Chancellor. The motion is passed by a majority vote, and Palpatine rises again to give a speech. He declares his love of democracy and the Republic and promises that he will lay down the power he has been given once the crisis has abated. The Senate applauds his speech, and he motions for the construction of an Army for the Republic.

Act IV Scene 3?? ? Obi-wan?s Torture

Obi-wan Kenobi regains consciousness aboard a Separatist Cruiser. He looks down at his hands and realises that he is bound. Darth Maul stands before him, and Kenobi tells him that he won?t get away with this. Maul notes that he has spirit, and that he could use it to increase his power. Obi-wan tells him that he will not turn, and Maul laughs, calling him a slave to his own Code. Maul says that Obi-wan has had his chance, and that he has chosen the hard way. He uses the Force to torture Obi-wan, sending shockwaves through his body. Obi-wan cries out in pain, but refuses to give in. Maul tells him that he could be free if only he would embrace his anger. Maul shakes his head in disappointment and walks away. He turns around at the last second and shocks him one last time.

Act IV Scene 4?? ? Aerial Dogfight

Anakin approaches the cruiser in remote space. A group of Separatist fighters patrol the vicinity of the cruiser. Anakin takes out the leader, and his two wingmen double back to counter-attack. Anakin maximises shield output to the rear and brilliantly evades their cannon fire. The enemy fighters fire proton torpedoes at him. Anakin performs a barrel-roll, and then releases the garbage chute. The torpedoes lock onto the space garbage and explode. The wingmen, assuming their target to be destroyed, wait for the smoke to clear. Anakin flies back through the smoke towards them, firing rapidly upon them. They both take critical hits and nosedive. Anakin quickly flies the transport into the cruiser?s hangar.

Act IV Scene 5?? ? Intruder Alert

An officer alerts Darth Maul that a hostile transport has boarded the cruiser. Maul tells his officer to offer them no resistance; that he will deal with them himself. He calls upon his two apprentices. They come and bow before him. He orders them to find the intruder and silence him. As they are about to leave, he warns them not to underestimate him. The Force is strong with this one.

Anakin cloaks himself and bolts down the corridor, running along the walls.

Act IV Scene 6?? ? Reinforcements

The Jedi Knights on Onderon deflect barrages of blaster fire from Separatist clone troopers, using the Force to push them over. A strong wind blows above them, so Mace Windu turns around and looks up. A squadron of dropships hover above the surface of Onderon. Their hangars open up, and cables lower down, as thousands upon thousands of Republic storm troopers slide down. Reinforcements have arrived. Republic soldiers raise their blaster rifles and native beast-riders rally with a great cry as they charge into battle once again. The tide of the battle has turned?

Act IV Scene 7?? ? Dark Confrontation

Anakin stops, lowers his head, and ignites his lightsaber, as he feels the presence of two Dark Jedi. They too, ignite their lightsabers as they drop down from the ceiling. A frenetic melee ensues. Anakin holds his own against his opponents. He asks them what they have done with his master. They reply that he is being taught about the true nature of the Force. Anakin asserts that he has nothing to learn from traitors such as them. One of the Dark Jedi challenges his assertion and uses the Force to lift Anakin and choke him. Anakin?s grips his throat with his other hand, desperately trying to counter its effects. His eyes widen as his enemy laughs. Suddenly, Anakin throws his lightsaber like a boomerang, cutting his laughing opponent in half. The other Dark Jedi somersaults towards Skywalker, who is unarmed. At the last second, Anakin uses the Force to pull both lightsabers towards him and fights on. Finally, Anakin disarms his opponent, and without thought of remorse, beheads him with both lightsabers. Anakin continues running down the corridor.

Act IV Scene 8?? ? Anakin Frees Obi-wan

Anakin finds Obi-wan bound in the control tower of the Cruiser. Obi-wan struggles, yelling at Anakin to run; that it is a trap. Anakin ignores Obi-wan and runs over to free him. He uses the Force to break the energy binders on Obi-wan?s hands and feet. Obi-wan tells Anakin that he shouldn?t have come. Anakin replies that he had to come. Anakin tells Obi-wan to take his lightsaber, and throws it to him. Obi-wan is puzzled by Anakin?s abundance of lightsabers, but accepts it nonetheless. He ignites the lightsaber and inspects it for a moment.

Act IV Scene 9?? ? Anakin?s Defeat

Darth Maul laughs evilly as he enters the room. He is impressed that Anakin disposed of his followers. Anakin tells him that he will pay for all the Jedi he has killed and ignites the Sith lightsaber. Darth Maul tells him that he shouldn?t have come. Now he will have two new apprentices instead of one. Obi-wan tells Anakin not to listen to his Sith lies. He says that they will never join him. Darth Maul says that Jedi beliefs always have been self-destructive; and with a sigh, concedes that he?ll have to kill them instead. Maul ignites his lightsaber. Obi-wan and Anakin take on Darth Maul in a stunning lightsaber battle. Maul holds his own against the two Jedi, ripping objects off the walls to hurl at them. Anakin swings his lightsaber at the foreign objects while Obi-wan uses the Force to put them to rest. Maul unbolts a platform above Obi-wan, which crumbles and falls.

Obi-wan?s legs are trapped underneath the debris, but he manages to pass the lightsaber back to Anakin. Maul laughs mockingly again. He tells Anakin that his master cannot save him now. Anakin asserts that he can defeat him alone. Maul replies that such arrogance is the downfall of every Jedi. Anakin runs towards him and continues fighting furiously with dual lightsabers. He performs stunning feats of swordsmanship, but ultimately, Maul is his better. Maul takes out Anakin?s Sith lightsaber, but Anakin keeps fighting. Maul taunts Anakin again, asking him if that?s all he can do. Anakin replies that he?ll find he is full of surprises. He uses the Force to throw his lightsaber at him and misses. Then he leaps at Maul, stretching out his hand. He tries to push him back with the Force, but Maul flings Anakin into the wall. Anakin raises his arms, using the Force to pull objects off the wall and throw them at him at incredible speed. Darth Maul stops them in mid-air, and then sends them back at Anakin. Anakin?s body is pounded by a barrage of foreign objects. He falls to his knees. Darth Maul tells him that it is finished. Anakin, exhausted, warns Maul not to underestimate him, for his ally is the Force. He musters up all the strength left in his body, uses the Force to pick up his lightsaber, ignites it, and rushes at his opponent. Anakin performs a furious flurry, but leaves himself open to attack. Darth Maul cuts Anakin?s hand off, and his body is thrown back, sliding across the floor. He cries out in anguish and holds his wound.

Act IV Scene 10?? ? Republic Advance

Mace Windu leads the charge of storm troopers, beast-riders and Republic soldiers through the Iziz palace gates. Storm troopers march onward, blasting down ranks of clone troopers. Mace Windu leaps into the thick of battle, cutting down his opponents, and using the Force to pummel all clone troopers in his vicinity. The Republic forces have pushed the Separatists back considerably. General Grievous orders his clone trooper commander to pull back, and to prepare his shuttle.

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The Red Baron

Act V Scene 1?? ? Yoda vs. Darth Maul

Darth Maul has his lightsaber pointed at Anakin?s throat, ready to finish him off. He raises his lightsaber above his head with both hands, and tells the Jedi that now he will die. The entire Cruiser shakes just before Maul is about to strike, and he stumbles backwards. Anakin crawls away, using his one hand to pull himself across the floor. He looks up and sees Master Yoda standing before him. Obi-wan is surprised and relieved to see his Master again. Yoda shakes his head in disappointment, and walks towards Darth Maul with his walking stick. Maul asks Yoda if he?s come to join the ranks of crippled Jedi. Yoda says he?s sorry they failed him. Maul laughs at what he calls typical Jedi ignorance. Obi-wan warns Yoda that he?s been a Sith all along. Yoda says that he sees there is no turning him, and so the battle begins. Darth Maul puts away his lightsaber, and tries to send a bolt of lightning at Yoda with the Force. Yoda absorbs the bolt with the Force, much to the frustration of Darth Maul. Maul resorts to sending both bolts from both hands, but Yoda absorbs them also. Maul sees that Yoda?s command of the Force is superior to his own, and in a last ditch effort, rips a power generator out of the wall and hurls it at them. He uses this opportunity to flee in an escape pod. Yoda stops the generator in the air, calmly and gently laying it aside. He then concentrates on lifting the platform to free Obi-wan from the debris. Without the main power generator, the Cruiser rapidly loses altitude. The rescue team rush in to carry off Obi-wan and Anakin, and run back towards the hangar bay with Yoda.

They board the Corellian Corvette and leave the Separatist Cruiser plummeting. A group of Separatist fighters from Onderon fire upon the Corvette as it flies away. The rear cannons fire at the fighters as the Corvette makes the jump into hyperspace.

Act V Scene 2?? ? Grievous? Crash

General Grievous fires at several storm troopers with incredible accuracy as he backs up the ramp to his shuttle. One of his officers pilots the shuttle and flies it out of the palace walls. General Grievous asks his second-in-charge via holotransmission if the reinforcements are ready. His second-in-charge replies that they are ready for deployment, which Grievous thinks is excellent. He orders them to flank the Republic army on both sides. He says that they?ll push them in through the palace gates. Republic cannon fire takes out the vertical wing of Grievous? shuttle, which loses control and crashes into the wilderness.

Act V Scene 3?? ? Medical Attention

Anakin and Obi-wan receive medical attention from the droid surgeons on board the Corellian Corvette. Obi-wan is not harmed badly, while Anakin is equipped with a black cybernetic hand. Anakin looks at his new hand for a while and moves it around. Obi-wan tells him to let it be a reminder to him. He tells him that he was told on numerous occasions to stay where he was, and he deliberately disobeyed his mandate to protect the Queen. Anakin apologises to Obi-wan, citing that he lost his mother and he didn?t want to lose a friend as well. Obi-wan places his hand on Anakin?s shoulder. He tells him that his feelings do him credit, but he must be more mindful of his actions.

Act V Scene 4?? ? War Montage

The Clone Wars rage on across the Republican border, on land and in space, as the two sides struggle to a stalemate. The Republic forces on Onderon are flanked on both sides by Separatist reinforcements, pushing them through the palace gates.

Act V Scene 5 ? No More Adventures

No sooner than they have arrived on Coruscant, Anakin prepares to leave again. Obi-wan asks him where he?s off to this time. Anakin makes the obvious point that Queen Amidala is still on Tatooine and he has to go back and collect her. Obi-wan rolls his eyes back and tells him that he?s not to go on any more adventures. Anakin agrees heartily as he boards his Jedi Starfighter and leaves. Chancellor Palpatine greets Obi-wan and Yoda warmly, expressing his relief that they are alright. He asks where young Anakin is going and Obi-wan replies that he had some things he needed to take care of?

Act V Scene 6 ? The Secret Marriage

Anakin and Padm? have a secret marriage on Tatooine. They kiss each other under the moonlight. Anakin puts his arm around Padm? as they look into space and the credits roll.


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